NCIS – Recap & Review – Squall

photo: cbs

photo: cbs


Original Air Date: Mar 26, 2013

Maria – Associate Staff Writer

Worse things happen at sea, and the death of Navy Doctor Brian Haber is one of them. He’s found dead onboard the USS Borealis during that storm, but that does not look to be the cause of death. He was murdered!

Meanwhile, McGee is running late due to his responsibilities as a “Big Brother” looking after a geeky awesome little boy called Adam.

The investigation is met by a familiar and supportive face, Agent afloat Stan Burley, who is described as being Agent DiNozzo before Agent DiNozzo, Gibbs’ second in command. It’s good to see him again. A hindrance to the investigation though is the Admiral of the ship, Admiral McGee.

We don’t even get to meet the Admiral at first. It’s his aide, Carlton Mane who is sent to run interference. That gives you an idea of the kind of man Admiral McGee is. He’s the kind of man who tells Director Vance that he sees Timothy McGee as an overpaid paper pusher. I almost want him to be guilty of Doctor Haber’s murder, except that would hurt McGee and I never want that.

Agent Burley is also able to reveal that there was something of a drug problem on the boat, and it was possible that Dr. Haber was killed in order to cover it up. However, Ducky determines the cause of death to be an injection to the carotid artery. Petty Officer Wyeth is the main suspect as he seems to be running a drug scheme, but his body has taken the toll of drug abuse and his hands are shaking. Wyeth may be a drug addict, but he’s not a killer.

Adam has taken a bus to the Navy Yard instead of where McGee dropped him off. There was a bully at the camp, and McGee delivers an awesome speech about how bullies are often cowards and that there is nothing wrong with being who you are, even if others see you as a nerd. Oh Timmy, why won’t you listen to your own words of wisdom?

Tim’s thinking of giving up the whole “big brother” thing, because he thinks it would be best for both of them. No doubt it’s because the Admiral has made him question his abilities. How can Tim be a positive male role model with his absentee father putting doubts in his mind? But that’s exactly what makes him such a good role model. He’s not his father, but that doesn’t make him weak. I think it’s one of his greatest strengths.

Back to the case and the next suspect is Petty Officer Graves since surveillance footage shows him wiping data from Haber’s laptop, but he seems to have been a patsy, paid off, just as someone was paid to steal a tablet which contains a list of patients. It’s the age of the geek, baby, and McGee is able to track the tablet. The list has one name that wasn’t on the ship records. A pseudonym, but McGee recognizes it as his father’s favorite poet. It seems Admiral McGee and Doctor Haber had some secret business.

McGee pleads with Agent Gibbs not to do it, but the Admiral is brought into interrogation. The Admiral admits that he has stage four cancer, and the Doctor diagnosed him. The Doctor was helping him, he had no reason to kill him. Behind the glass, Timothy McGee is silently crying.

Doctor Habner was killed to cover up the Admiral’s illness, but Gibbs can tell from the interrogation that it was not the Admiral who did it. Nope. Emails to his aide, Carlton Mane, highlight the promotion he would receive if the Admiral accepted a cabinet position. That position would not be available if the Admiral’s illness was known. Carlton Mane killed to protect his career. He was ruthless, like the Admiral taught him. The Admiral admits he was “wrong.”

Timothy decides to continue being a big brother to Adam, as if there was any doubt. Timothy is a good man, and Gibbs tells him that Adam’s a lucky kid. The Admiral seems to have learned a lesson from Timothy too, and calls him. They meet, and whilst it’s clear they still have differing attitudes, they seem to have earned a mutual respect.

Tiva also reared its head this episode. Tony was worried Agent Burley was hitting on Ziva, but Burley revealed that he’s engaged. He’s only been in a handful of eps since the show started but even still, his character evolves and develops when not on screen. I love that.

I love McGee, always have, always will. The Admiral has become something of a mythical figure, yet this episode delivered on that. He makes the NCIS team (including Vance) somewhat protective over Tim, yet not coddling so, perhaps appreciative is more the word. I’m all for McGee appreciation.

It is lampshaded that pretty much everybody at NCIS has father issues, and I sometimes question if that’s because the writers don’t really know how to write women, but I don’t care. I find McGee and Ziva the most well-adjusted characters of the show. McGee is my role model, regardless of gender. Meeting his father just made me respect him more.

Did you suspect the Admiral’s aide was really the killer? What are your thoughts on the Admiral? Do you think Timothy makes a good big brother, a good agent, and a good asset? Please, leave a comment with your TwoCents.


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2 Responses to NCIS – Recap & Review – Squall

  1. Colleen says:

    I never thought that the Admiral was the killer – he may of been a not so nice guy, but not a killer. It was evident right from the start why Tim really doesn’t care for his father. Although, given the fact that Admiral McGee is sick with Cancer, I hope they can mend things before it is too late.

    At first, I thought it was the drug addict that killed Dr. Haber, but it became evident that there was no way. Seeing it was Carlton who killed Dr. Haber really made me angry. It shows that all he can think of is himself and his own rise to the top.

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