CSI:NY FINALE – Recap & Review – Today is Life

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

Today is Life
Original Air Date: Feb 22, 2013
Maria – Associate Staff Writer

Possibly the last ever episode of CSI: New York and it revolves around police officer Kevin Hopkins, who shot a man whilst pursuing two jewelry shop burglars. Hopkins killed Timothy Brown, insisting the man took a shot at him first. When the possibility Brown was unarmed hits the news, groups of angry protestors gather outside the precinct.

Can our CSI:NY keep Hopkins safe whilst uncovering the truth? Time is of the essence. How will such an intense episode affect the team?

Tori Bell, Brown’ girlfriend insists that Brown is innocent, but the mob certainly isn’t as it looks like a scene from The Walking Dead. They are mindless, violent zombies out for blood who manage to storm the station once and an epic fight proceeds. At first I thought this would be your typical, over the top, sensationalized, Hollywood episode. I’m glad to report I was wrong.

Hopkins insists Brown took a shot at him, but Jo has combed the crime scene and found no gun. Sid also reports that Brown had no gunshot residue on his hands. Mac tries to be sympathetic, telling Hopkins that he believes there was no gun, he just saw a man reaching for his jacket pocket and fired. Mac states that that is understandable, he’s done nothing wrong, but he demands that Hopkins stops lying to him. Hopkins insists he’s not lying.

He wants to walk the CSIs through the crime scene, but that’s too dangerous with the mob out for his blood, so Hawkes and Adam are sent instead, wearing a camera. Hopkins is able to identify the alley in which he was shot at, and bullet impact is found, however it becomes clear Brown did not fire it.

The bullet casing is used to trace the gun, which has been linked to numerous crimes over the neighborhood but at one of the latest scenes, the burglar left behind his jacket which had a summons in the pocket. The team plan on getting Hopkins and his partner to check out the scene and see if they could identify any of the two men they were chasing. Unfortunately, the mob get hold of Hopkins so Mac has to take him to safety.

Adam has been doing some leg-work, although he looks traumatized by the mob outside, he determined that the jewelery Brown was found with was not from the robbery. It was his own, which he was pawning to get an engagement ring for Tori, roughly the same time the robbery took place nearby. He was not the burglar. He sounds a sweet young man.

Hopkins’ partner, Trey Jensen, is left to ride with Jo and the other Detectives. He identifies the men and a chase takes place. A man named Ray Griffiths is taken into custody, but the other man reaches inside a safety deposit box and Jo is forced to shoot him. It is revealed that he was indeed reaching for a gun.

The real shooter is dead, and Hopkins has to cope with the fact he shot the wrong man by accident. Mac allows Tori to secretly listen to Flack talk to Hopkins and she is reduced to tears. Hopkins followed his training, he had to make the shoot in case it was the right man. Tori tells the press and the mob that although it is the worst day of her life, of the lives of anybody who knew Timothy Brown, she also realizes it’s the worst day of Kevin Hopkins’ life too.

I was in tears at this point. I felt so sorry for Hopkins, I felt so sorry for Tori, and as the episode states, the only ones to blame for this situation were the ones who committed the robbery (although I still blame the crowd who were so quick to want Hopkins’ blood, even physically assaulting him when they got the chance.)

Usually, I’m not a big fan of voice-overs used to wrap things up, but this is mostly Mac’s journey so it’s nice to see him voice the internal conclusions and observations he’s come to. He may not be up on the roof celebrating the end of the case, but he knows his team well. Flack and Lovato are still the happy new couple, Danny and Lindsay are the old, married, happy couple, and there’s a moment I found sharing when Jo and Sid share a touch as she expresses tenderness as she knows he is living with cancer.

Mac isn’t there though, because he’s waiting for Christine. He doesn’t have a speech, he doesn’t have a ring, but he’s been so inspired by Timothy Brown’s motto of “Today is Life” that he proposes to Christine, and she accepts! Mac may finally get his happy ending.

What are your thoughts about Hopkins? What did you think of the ending? Do you think CSI:NY would or should get renewed? Please, leave a comment with your TwoCents.

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5 Responses to CSI:NY FINALE – Recap & Review – Today is Life

  1. maggie C. says:

    I hope it is renewed. I like the original CSI best, but the NY series is just as good, and with the Miami branch in syndicated re-runs, it would be sad if this one is canceled.
    The mob was ugly and looked like something that might be on the 6 O’clock news. I agree that it was well done.
    I am glad that Mac popped the question and hope that the series is renewed so we can see a wedding.

  2. Schteveo says:

    I’m with Maria, and I’m no softie, I’m a 58 y/o, grandfather, cold war veteran. I got choked up, I got tears, my chest was tight. And for more than Mac’s voice over and the gang having what might be a final beer.

    I got choked up because I couldn’t tell you the last time I saw a show where crooks were called crooks, the white cop accidentally shoots a young black man and the victims girl friend actually sided with the cops and blames the crooks for causing the entire thing, instead of blaming the cops.

    Unfortunately, this may have been Gary Sinese’ last opportunity to play out Mac’s character, and side with Conservative, law loving, Americans in a TV show. Too bad.

    For all of us.

  3. Karla Monagas says:

    To me it’s a good enough finale, not great but it does bring some closure, they should renew it to finish tying up some loose ends but I don’t think they would.

  4. hienthu127 says:

    I don’t get why so much people hate Christine. She loves Mac and always be there for him. Mac smile a lot and happy when she around. May be they prefer Mac with Stella or Jo or Peyton, then angry and hate Christine. Common on! That their chose not Mac. Stela and Jo never Mac’s love interest Peyton left Mac, when she come back, she no more Mac love interest. May be I’m one of few person like Christine. She amazing.
    I read somewhere, they want Christine killed when she kippnaped and Mac loves Jo. Or Mac died rather than love Christine. How can they think that? He looked so sad, almost cry when he said “i love that woman”, when he know that they plan kill her. Do they understand how much Mac loves Christine? How Christine meaning to him? They want Mac suffer again? He lots his wife, 10 year later he finally find the right woman and moving on. I don’t want to see he lost the one he love again.
    I just want Mac happy and moving on. I don’t mind Mac with Stela or Jo or Peyton or Christine. Mac find right woman, happy and moving on, that all I want. Christine is that woman, that fine with me.

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