TwoCents Management Staff

KP – Editor-in-Chief (@KPonTV)
Rachel – Senior Managing Editor (@RachParkBishTTC)
FK – Senior Editor (@FarrahWritesTV)
Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor
Anne Bayley – Assistant TO The Editor-in-Chief (@TTCAnne)
Ryan O – Associate Editor
Shannon – Associate Editor
Jon Gus – Senior Staff Columnist
Mike D – Senior Staff Photographer
Rhona St. Clair Moore – Staff Photographer
Kevin Greene – Graphic Design

News Staff

(Now Hiring)
Jules, Senior News Editor
Maxine, News Reporter

Writing Staff

Andrew, Reviewer
Annette, Staff Writer
Brianna, Reviewer
Caitlin, Senior Staff Writer (@Cait4TTC)
Cheryl, Reviewer
Colleen, Senior Reviewer
Dennis, Senior Reviewer (@TTCDennis)
Elizabeth, Reviewer
JD, Senior Staff Writer (@JDeckerTV)
Jeff L, Senior Staff Writer
Keith G, Senior Reviewer
Kelly, Senior Reviewer
Kym, Associate Staff Writer (@witchykym)
Lauren A, Senior Reviewer (@LaurenA_TTC)
Lyssa G, Associate Staff Writer (@Lyssa_TTC)
Maria, Staff Writer (@MariaTV101)
Patricia, Sr. Staff Writer
Valentina, Senior Reviewer (@ValentinaTTC)
Vincent, Senior Reviewer
Wyner, Associate Staff Writer

7 Responses to Staff

  1. Barb B says:

    I just love your web site, but wish that someone would write recaps for the current season of CSI. Sometimes I fall asleep near the end of a show, and I use your recaps to find out what happened while I was dozing off. I like the addition of Ted Danson to CSI this season, and would like to read a recap for when I miss something. I also like to read your recap for a TV episode that I may have missed viewing. I can get caught up with what happened with the charactrers without having to take the time to try to watch the episode online. I have recommended your web site to my friends. Keep up the good work!

  2. Barb B says:

    Could you please go back to using a black font for your web site? I have trouble reading the recaps because they are presented with a gray font which doesn’t provide a lot of contrast between the gray print and the white background. Thank you.

  3. Anne says:

    I enjoy your reviews of True Blood more than the show. But there hasn’t been a
    review of S6, episode 2 so far this week, and we’re about to embark on episode 3. Have you given up on the show? Maybe on vacation? Enquiring minds want to know…
    Thanks, Anne

    • KP says:

      Hi Anne,

      Thanks for reading! Patricia, our writer who covers True Blood, is on a short vacation. She will return next week!

  4. Rai01 says:

    Please, get back to reviewing Person of Interest! I just found your site and I think your reviews of the first season were great. People commenting also had great points. Do review again please?? πŸ™‚

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