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TheTwoCents Top 20 Reader’s Favorites of 2012/2013 Season

The 2012/2013 Television Season has come and gone. Looking back, we checked to see what shows TheTwoCents’ readers clamored to. Without much further ado – here are the Top 20 Fan Favorite Shows of the 2012/2013 Season! #20 SouthLAnd TNT … Continue reading

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What Are Your Guilty Pleasure Shows?

We know you have them! It’s OK to admit it – we will too! You know what we’re talking about. Those shows that you quickly turn on when the girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, friends, family pet aren’t around to judge you… … Continue reading

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What’s Your Favorite Realty Show Of All Time?

The losers are the biggest. The races are amazing. The idols are american. The bachelors are, well, usually still bachelors. Reality TV is a huge part of the Television landscape, and although we here at TheTwoCents.com don’t dedicate a ton … Continue reading

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TV’s ALL-Time Favorite Couples – Readers’ Picks

Ok, the staff of TheTwoCents revealed our top 10 list of favorite TV Couples and in celebration of Valentines Day – here is the list that was generated from fan feedback! Look for more Reader input lists throughout 2010! The … Continue reading

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TV’s ALL-Time Favorite Couples – TheTwoCents Staff Picks

Valentines Day – candy hearts, cardboard cards and an ocean-full of chocolates and roses. The day brings thoughts of love, marriage, and even longing for someone you never got. For some others – it’s a day we’d all just as … Continue reading

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