Revolution – Recap & Review – Come Blow Your Horn



Come Blow Your Horn

Original Air Date: Nov 13, 2013

Vincent C. – Sr. Reviewer

And the frame-ups keep on coming. This time, Miles is framed for setting off the bomb in Willoughby from last week. Ed Truman makes an announcement to the town revealing that Stu is really Miles Matheson. Truman also says that Aaron Pittman was Miles’ accomplice in the bombing. It’s not entirely clear that the townspeople believe the accusations, since later on in the episode, nobody in town is cooperating with the Patriot troops. I’m sure “Stu” made at least some friends during this few months in Willoughby. But then again, that could be because nobody in town really knows were Miles and crew are hiding out.  Gene is seen at Truman’s side, saying that his daughter and granddaughter were innocent in the whole thing and were also duped by Miles.

Monroe and Aaron are waiting at the boatyard for Miles. It was the spot they agreed to meet. However, Miles, Rachel and Charlie are still inside Willoughby. Rachel insists they have to kill Horn in order to protect Aaron.

Tom Neville arrives at a Patriot Regional Headquarters in Glendon, North Carolina. He demands to speak with Commander Roger Allenford and has brought Joan Allenford’s wedding ring as proof that he has her. Neville tells the Commander that being the husband of a traitor makes him look like a possible traitor himself. The only reasonable thing to do now is for the Commander to capture his wife himself and turn her in. Then he looks like a loyal patriot. It seems that the only thing Neville ever does is manipulate people and mess with their head.

In Willoughby, Horn and Truman are at odds regarding how to deal with the townspeople. Horn wants to be a little bit more brutal, but Truman says they need to stick to “the plan.” Horn says the original plan was to take the country town by town. That would take years. If they can control the nanotech, they can take the country in months.

Random mother-daughter moment: Rachel gives Charlie a cereal bar. Charlie doesn’t recognize it and doesn’t deem it as real food. Hey! I love cereal bars.

Cynthia is resting inside the cabin of one of the boats. Aaron tries to talk to her. She asks Aaron if he killed Carl. She had always thought the accident was strange. Aaron admits it and Cynthia calls him a murderer and a liar. She wants to be left alone so she can think things through.

Rachel and Charlie are “cooking” a chemical bomb. When the two chemicals are mixed together, it will release a poison gas. I knew making crystal meth was sometimes referred to as cooking in slang, but never heard that term for poison gas.

Patriot soldiers arrive at the boatyard. Monroe is able to slice and dice through the first wave, but the second wave arrives and captures Aaron and Cynthia. Monroe escaped knowing the soldiers wouldn’t kill Aaron, but they would kill Monroe.

Dr. Horn injects himself with a while liquid. Flashback to 18 years before the blackout: Horn is a child, maybe a pre-teen or teen. His mother is sick and dying. Horn’s father is religious and doesn’t believe in doctors. Eventually, Horn brings his mother some pills. One of his friend’s father is a doctor. The mother dies anyway and Horn’s father blames the pills. Young Horn says that his father prayed for a miracle but there are no such things as miracles.

At Willoughby Patriot HQ, Miles watches from an adjacent rooftop as Rachel sneaks near the building. Charlie uses a dog whistle to distract the couple of guard dogs. Charlie joins Miles on the rooftop and both of them watch as Gene enters the base. Miles tries to call Rachel off, but she continues her plan to drop the two jars of chemicals into the ventilation system of the Patriot HQ. Although Charlie is upset, Miles says it’s Rachel’s call.

A horsedrawn wagon brings Aaron and Cynthia to the HQ. Searching the boatyard had been Gene’s idea. Gene asks Horn to let Cynthia go but Horn decides to keep her as a means to control Aaron. Just as Rachel is about to drop the chemical jars, Miles appears and stops her. He tells her that Aaron is inside.

In Glendon, Roger holds Tom at gunpoint. Roger seems to want to escape with his wife and run away from the Patriots. However, Tom convinces Roger that they’d never make it. Roger has “soft hands” and loves fine art. He’s not a survivor.

Miles captures Gene. Gene is surprised that the trio are still in town. He admits that he tipped off the troops about the boatyard since Horn threatened to kill Rachel and Charlie. He also tells the story about the Patriots giving him meds for the sick. When Rachel continues to be disgusted, Gene asks “You’ve never done a bad thing for a good reason?” He also looks at Miles, knowing Miles probably has. Gene then says “If keeping you alive means you hate me, then hate me. But run!”

A second later, Truman and his men have surrounded to building and Truman is demanding that Miles surrender. Gene offers to stay behind as a distraction to buy them time. He manages to do this by holding a knife to Truman’s throat. Truman soon subdues Gene, but Gene has bought Miles and Crew some time and they escape.

Horn has cut Aaron’s arm at least three times. (pictured above) The cuts immediately heal, leaving a scar. Horn talks about his father believing in an invisible power. God. Horn doesn’t believe in God. However, he believes in another invisible power, the nanotech. Horn’s hands shake. He has a brain tumor. He had lost hope until he heard about Aaron. He needs Aaron to deliver his miracle.

Tom brings Roger to see Justine. Roger is angry about the letter Justine wrote. Although he loves her, he has to be realistic. He shoots her dead.

Horn injects Aaron with something. Two soldiers drag Cynthia in. Horn wants to see if Aaron can heal someone else. Perhaps with what he deems as proper motivation. Horn leaves the room, knowing than an angry Aaron can burn people around him. One of the soldiers then stabs Cynthia as Aaron looks on in horror.

Yet another thing I didn’t think about. If Aaron can use the nanotech to heal himself, can he use it to heal others? This is becoming like a video-game with a pick your powers superhero option. I’m still anxious to see whether anyone else can do what Aaron does. Looks like we might have some answers next week.

Super-crazy thought about a possible plot twist: Ben Matheson is still alive. Similar to Aaron, the nanotech had somehow revived Ben. Ben died in the first episode. Let’s say a few hours after Charlie, Aaron, and Maggie left Sylvania Estates to head for Chicago, Ben miraculously came back to life. Only, he suffered from amnesia, kind of like Jason Bourne. The other villagers at Sylvania tried to explain the situation to him, but he didn’t really know what to believe. Then, he finds a journal tucked away in a drawer somewhere in his bedroom which contains instructions to himself to go on a mission to save the world. Hmmm…..

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