Revenge – Recap & Review –Resurgence

photo: abc

photo: abc


Original Air Date: Nov 10 2013

Keith G – Senior Reviewer

Last Sunday presented us with a conflict filled episode. Emily and Nolan argued about Jack’s involvement with Emily’s revenge scheme. Jack and Nolan argued about Emily, both finally revealing to each other that they are part of Emily’s inner circle. Conrad and Victoria had their fortune returned to them, just as Conrad found out that Patrick had been responsible for tampering with his car, causing the accident. In order to save Patrick, Victoria sent him away.

“Resurgence” was a little tamer than last week. We start with Emily and Aiden discussing their future while taking a raft out to a buoy to plant a box of materials that, we are to presume, will be instrumental in Emily’s “end game”.

Back at the Grayson’s, Victoria writes Patrick a letter when Conrad interrupts her, inquiring about Patrick’s whereabouts. Victoria tells Conrad that she can only communicate with Patrick via letter because otherwise Conrad will hunt Patrick down. Conrad tells her that he is not currently searching for Patrick, but if Victoria does not cooperate with his plan to get the family back on track, he may send people out searching for Patrick. Conrad has hired a publicist to help him to this. Does Victoria’s comment make any sense to you? If she does not want Conrad to know where Patrick is, why would she send a letter via snail mail? There will need to be an address on the letter in order for it to be delivered! Even if Victoria is sending the letter to a post office box, Conrad could at least figure out the general vicinity of where Patrick is. Have you never heard of email, Victoria? This would certainly be safer for Patrick!

The publicist hired by Conrad, Bizzy Preston (played by the beautiful and multi-faceted Ana Ortiz of Ugly Betty fame), is going to try to rehabilitate the Grayson’s image, starting with their 4th of July party. Then, she will work on improving Emily and Victoria’s image in the press, after their blowout at the Memorial Day party.

Emily tells Nolan that Bizzy’s plan to help improve her relationship with Victoria in the press is counter-intuitive to her ultimate goal of having Victoria framed for Emily’s murder. When Nolan hears who the publicist is, he is disturbed, but empowered. When he was younger, Nolan had been dating a pop start who was married. The press caught wind of their relationship and Bizzy was hired to control the situation. She outed Nolan as gay to the press. This caused Nolan’s father to cut ties with him, and they never repaired their relationship before his father’s death. So, Nolan is more than willing to help in this plan. In fact, it kind of becomes Nolan’s revenge plan against Bizzy. He quips one of his great Nolan-isms while talking about he and Emily’s plan. “The two of us will biz mantle her, with glee”.

Daniel continues to try to repair his relationship with Sarah. He asks her to think about baking he and Emily’s wedding cake. Later, Sarah has a tasting with Emily and Daniel, who are thrilled with her cake creations. They hire her to bake the wedding cake.

Bizzy meets with Emily after getting a tip from a “blogger” that Emily had previously been married. Emily tells her that it is true, but it was when she was very young and that it had been a huge mistake. Emily asks Bizzy to keep the secret from Victoria. Bizzy agrees. While at lunch, discussing the plan to rehab the mother and daughter-in-law image, Aiden pulls Emily out of the meeting to have a discussion. Emily pretends that she is not happy to see Aiden (all part of Aiden and Emily’s plan). They have planted a bug on Bizzy’s purse and head outside with Nolan to listen to Victoria and Bizzy’s conversation. As expected, Bizzy tells Victoria about Emily’s former husband.

Jack and Margaux continue to get closer. However, when she tries to make a move beyond kissing, Jack seems to freak out. He later tells Nolan about this, and Nolan tells him that it is time to “face it”. Trying to move forward, Jack goes to Amanda’s grave, talking to “her” and telling her that it is time for him to move forward. He takes his wedding ring off. When he apologizes to Margaux for freaking out, she notices the ring has been removed.

Victoria’s Fourth of July party seems to go off without a hitch. Victoria tries to persuade Daniel that Aiden is trying to rekindle his romance, but Daniel doesn’t seem concerned. He actually seems to be distracted by Sarah, who was invited to the party by Charlotte. Charlotte does not think Emily is “the one” for Daniel, and has brought Sarah back into the picture to see if she can stop the wedding. Charlotte relays this information to Victoria who is quick to jump on the Sarah “bandwagon”, after first telling Sarah that she did not belong at the party. She later kicks Aiden out of the Grayson home, because he no longer serves a purpose. Later, Victoria visits Sarah and apologizes for her behavior, telling her that maybe they can work together towards a common goal: Daniel’s happiness. Daniel seems to fall for Charlotte’s “setup”, because during the fireworks, he tries to kiss Sarah (who pulls always from the kiss.)

At the party, Nolan cozies up to Bizzy and her husband Jack, pretending be friends. When Emily asks Buzzy what time a fundraiser is that they are to attend, Buzzy pulls out her phone, but can’t find her readers. Nolan pulls his glasses out and gives them to Bizzy. Shortly after, we see that Nolan had a camera in the glasses, so was able to see Bizzy’s phone pass code. This helps him hack into her phone and her computer network. He is able to access all of the “dirt” on Bizzy’s clients, but most of all, is able ascertain that Bizzy is having an affair. After gathering the appropriate information, Nolan heads to Bizzy’s office for the takedown. He proves to Bizzy that he has the secrets of her clients by revealing a few of them to her. He also has emailed all of her clients, telling them how sloppy she has been with her security, effectively ending her career. Nolan then tells her that he knows about her infidelity. He will not tell her husband if she ends the affair.

Emily and Nolan celebrate the takedown. They have a few tender moments, when Emily expresses how much she loves and appreciates Nolan. He tells her that she may not love him for long after he showers her video that was accidentally captured by the glasses cam. It is of Daniel and Sarah, just as Daniel goes in for the kiss. It seems that Sarah has just made herself Emily’s next target!

There was a bit less conflict in this week’s episode. I really liked that Nolan was able to take control of the majority of the “takedown” this week. It was nice to see him with the decision-making power, and Emily serving as (as she called it) his “wingman”. What did you think of that? How do you feel about Jack and Margaux’s blooming relationship? Do you trust her? I feel like she has an ulterior motive. As far as Sarah, for me, it’s too soon to tell if she has honest feelings towards Daniel or if she may have some sort of revenge plot of her own. That would be interesting, two revenge plots against the Grayson’s? Emily and Sarah working together? Jus

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