TheTwoCents is now!


When TwoCents was started by KP back in 2007, it was a site for opinions on anything – movies, music, comics, world views, television and more.

Over the past 5+ years, the dedicated family of volunteers behind TwoCents has focused only on the news, reviews, interviews and more about the world of Television.

Gearing up for Fall TV 2013-2014, it is my great pleasure to launch! The same great coverage – just at a new home with a new name and a new look.

Please head on over there and check out our new ‘address’. Of course, we’re always VERY interested in what you have on your mind – so, share your TwoCents about it with us.

This current page will remain live as our archive database.

Thank you to all our readers for the years here at TheTwoCents, we know we’ll make you even more happy over at!

All my best,
Founder, TwoCentsTV

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