Breaking Bad – Recap & Review – Rabid Dog

photo: amc

photo: amc

Breaking Bad
Rabid Dog

Original Air Date: Sep 1, 2013

Jules – Senior News Editor

We’re at the halfway point of the second half of season five and we’re digging ourselves deeper into the end. All I know is, anything and everything is fair game and everyone should keep a good watch behind themselves.

We pick up after last week’s episode ended with Jesse dousing the White house in gasoline. Walt drives up his street and notices Jesse’s car there and knows it’s not good. So naturally, Walt sneaks into the house from the backyard, with his vending machine gun in hand. He goes through the sliding glass door that I’m surprised wasn’t locked, notices the gas can, and a gas soaked rug before even calling out for Jesse to show himself. Walt lurches down the hallway, but alas, no Jesse. Walt goes to Jesse’s car, sees the drugs, but Jesse is totally MIA.

Later, Walt’s getting the house cleaned and the door changed (but not the locks, must be the same so Skyler won’t know) and has Huell to go see if Jesse might be at the high school after Junior. Walt even gives Jesse a call, leaving a message saying he should sleep it off and then call him and be safe. Soon Walt’s unhappy to learn the gas has soaked through into the floor boards, so the smell is not going away anytime soon. New idea time!

Walt goes in the backyard, takes off his clothes and douses them in gasoline and then pours some on his car seats and I’m just so confused. But it’s soon all revealed. Walt tells a crazy lie to Skyler and Junior saying he had a total pump malfunction at the gas station. From the looks of it, Skyler so doesn’t buy it and Junior asks his dad to tell the truth. I’m at first thrown – as is Walt, but Junior’s reasoning is that his dad fainted at the pump from the cancer treatments. Walt again lies through it saying he may have been getting “fainty,” but didn’t actually faint. So since they can’t stay at the house and Junior’s suggestion of Hank and Marie are out, a hotel it is!

Later that evening, Walt meets with Saul in the parking lot. Saul and his guys have searched everywhere for Jesse, even bugging Badger and Skinny Pete. Saul asks what will happen once they do find him and Walt just says Jesse is upset about Brock’s illness and just needs to explain to Jesse why it really needed to happen. Really? That’s going to work? Saul mentions maybe an Old Yeller type situation, which I don’t get since I haven’t seen the movie, but Walt squashes it, saying “Do not float that idea again. Find him.”

Walt returns to his room with Skyler, passing his delay in difficulties getting ice, but Skyler knows he was talking to Saul. Yes, she was following him. Nothing gets past her. Oh and she knows Walt was lying about the gas. So Walt tells Skyler the truth, while leaving out some details that it was Jesse who doused their house in gasoline, but that he some how changed his mind. Skyler’s not buying it though, thinking she and family are in danger. Skyler asks if Jesse’s ever hurt anyone and Walt lies, saying no, but she sees through that, too. Walt assures her that he’ll talk to Jesse. Enjoyed this quick exchange: Skyler: Walt, you need to deal with this. Walt: How much have you had to drink? Skyler: Not nearly enough. Walt says Skyler is overreacting, saying Jesse isn’t just some “rabid dog,” he’s a person, but still a threat says Skyler! “We’ve come this far, what’s one more?” says Skyler, in reference to getting rid of newest problem Jesse. Wow, Skyler’s deep into the dark side now.

As we still process what Skyler said, we flashback to when Jesse first arrived at the house. After getting high and pouring the gasoline, Jesse’s about to light a rolled up magazine to start the fire, when Hank busts in with a gun!! Jesse tells Hank that Walt poisoned Brock and that “He can’t keep getting away with it!” Hank says if he wants to burn Walt down, let’s burn him down together. So Hank takes Jesse away just as Walt pulls up down the street. Wow, seconds.

Cut to Marie at a therapy session talking about Walt, but never mentioning his name. It’s a weird scene, so let’s get to her returning to the house to see her purple suitcases sitting in the doorway. Hank says maybe she wants to get away for a few days since some things have come up for him. He doesn’t say right away, but eventually reveals that Jesse’s here and Hank can’t write him up or put him in the system because Walt will find out. All Marie wants to know if it’s bad for Walt. Hank says yes and Marie says good and wants to stay. Hank later listens to Walt’s message to Jesse and is ready to get started. Elsewhere, Junior and Walt share a moment by the pool.

The next morning Jesse finally wakes up at the Schrader household to Hank and Gomez (so I guess he knows now) in the living room and ready to video tape his statement. Jesse questions this happening now since he has no hard proof and that it’s all his word against Walt’s. Jesse still goes on with the questioning and soon, Walt leaves a message arranging a meet in a public place to talk. Jesse’s convinced it’s a trap, but Hank says he has to go and wear a wire. Gomez tells Hank later that he agrees with Jesse, but Hank’s more about getting Walt. If he can get the evidence, who cares if something happens to Jesse? (I do!)

Hank wires up Jesse as he prepares to meet with Walt. Gomez is on watch. Jesse walks out of the truck towards Walt, but gets scared when he sees a menacing man starring at him. Gomez and Hank can’t see said man, but Jesse walks to a nearby pay phone to call Walt. “Nice try, a—hole,” says Jesse and “Next time, I’m gonna get you where you really live.” Hank’s pissed when Jesse returns, but Jesse’s not. “There’s another way, a better way.” To note, menacing guy wasn’t with Walt, he was waiting for his daughter.

Walt then calls Todd to say he might have another job for his uncle. Yikes!

Surprised that Jesse is siding with Hank? I really want to know what Jesse’s plan is especially since Jesse knows what Walt is capable of. Speaking of Walt, getting Todd’s uncle to go after Jesse (or so we assume) is pretty killer. Seeing Skyler move into the dark side was unexpected, but she is Mrs. Heisenberg. Gomey’s in the know, but what does he know? There’s my TwoCents, share yours below!

Next week: To’hajiilee

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7 Responses to Breaking Bad – Recap & Review – Rabid Dog

  1. Jett says:

    I thought that this episode was very slow. It did hold my interest, but I was expecting more from it. There were some nice developments, including Skylar ordering a hit on Jesse, otherwise nothing that I felt was earth shattering. I feel that the big showdown between Walt & Jesse will not happen as many expect it to.

    • jules says:

      I’m still holding out hope on a Walt and Jesse showdown.

      There was a lot more slower moments in this episode than any we’ve seen thus far, but I’m sure it’ll pick up with the final four episodes.

    • polarbears16 says:

      It was a place-setting episode, so it was inevitably slower. However, there were some excellent character developments in this episode, which I expanded on with my review. You can check it out, if you want. Anyway, good comment, Jett, and great post, Jules.

  2. Jett says:

    I would also have liked to see Hank explaining to Gomey the whole Walt situation. I realize that there are limited episodes remaining and loose ends need to be tied up in a hurry, but that would have been something that should have been addressed more than just casually, as it was the entire crux of Hank’s dilemma as to how, and if, he should share this with the DEA.

    • jules says:

      I wish we saw this, too. I was surprised to see Gomey in the living room with Hank, but he probably realized he needed some help, especially with Jesse. I doubt Hank has told anyone else in the DEA, but maybe we’ll get to see this play out in a flashback?

  3. holditnow says:

    Best line:”Is this bad for Walt? – Good. I’m staying. I’ll heat up lasagna.”

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