Suits – Recap & Review – She’s Mine

photo: usa

photo: usa

She’s Mine

Original Air Date: Aug 27, 2013

Wyner C – Associate Staff Writer

When you have a show about lawyers, you expect great liars. But this bunch is on another level. I’m glad I don’t work here – I’d be eaten alive! Let’s get cracking on this mind-f*ck of an episode where the real culprit of the Hessington pipeline murders is exposed, a cat custody battle gets nasty, someone gets their heart broken, and an expensive full-length mirror is shattered – this may lead to more than 7 years of bad luck (more like 30 years in the slammer).

Peacock interrupts Red and Lite’s romantic dinner to berate Stephen for single-handedly ruining Ava’s case. Lite, using his contacts, found the colonel and Cameron used this to find his star witness. They can never prove Pornstache wiretapped Lite – I mean the NSA does it all the time so it’s really not illegal anymore. Wiretapping is the norm – we shouldn’t expect privacy, right? I don’t – the government can read all of my emails, I live a boring and sad life. Anyway, Harvey warns Stephen that the next time Lite interferes, he will knock his accent back to Britain.

Harvey is upset – can you tell? Do you know who else is mad? Jessica. She’s filled with rage and disappointment – and beautiful clothes, don’t forget the clothes. She hasn’t forgiven Harvey for his deal with Darby and she’s not in a forgiving mood either. The only thing preventing Jessica from verbally stabbing Peacock in the eye is Ava’s case. If they win this case, Darby will be out of their hairs…for now.

Pornstache is gloating – as he should be: he has the colonel in his back pocket, waiting to testify that Ava ordered the murders. It doesn’t help Ava conveniently forgot a phone call she made to the colonel and now Pornstache is using this call to prove Ava ordered the hits. Eh, flimsy at best but it has Jessica and Harvey changing tactics.

Instead of trying to prove Ava didn’t order the murders, Jessica wants to use Plan B. For those of you who never watched “The Practice”, Plan B is when they blame a murder on an unsuspecting fool. The sucker this time around? Nick, the Number Two to Ava’s Number One. Peacock isn’t buying it – how can #1 not know what #2 is doing? Oops. The comment allows Jessica to segue into her betrayal rage – she didn’t know her #2 was planning to ouster her. Burn Harvey, burn. Even Mike knew Peacock was in trouble the moment those words left his pretty lips.

Mike doesn’t like to see his parents fight so he asks Jessica if her anger towards Nick is because of Harvey’s betrayal. Of course Puffin is dismissed and Jessica reminds Mike that Pornstache must have something more on Nick if he’s betraying Ava. Mike pays Cameron a visit.

Mike wants a deal that doesn’t include 30 years. Pornstache says hail-no – he gots the goods! Mike knocks down Cameron’s files in a fit but picks up the files while apologizing. Why didn’t he just stomp off? It was all a ruse. One of the files held Nick’s information and while picking up the paperwork, Mike read it, mentally scanned it and found out Nick has $ stashed away in a Swiss account. Nice way to use Mike’s photographic memory which seemed to have disappeared this season.

When Nick is confronted, he says Ava knew about the accounts – they were for bonuses. Whatever. Nick’s not guilty, he’s gullible. Apparently the colonel called Nick up for the bribe. Why that doesn’t ring any alarms in that man’s head is beyond me. Stupid doesn’t begin to describe this #2.

Stephen is schmoosing Donna while she’s photocopying. Later, she realizes the colonel’s deposition is missing – Lite swiped it from her. She breaks up with Lite and when Mike catches wind of Stephen’s deeds, he’s suspicious.

Then the truth is uncovered. Ava didn’t order the hits, Nick didn’t order the hits – Stephen ordered the hits. say? Stephen knew the colonel from college when Lite was an exchange student. They played rugby together – there’s even a photograph. Ava went to Darby for help with the pipeline and Darby went to his fixer. The fixer went to the colonel who called Nick up for the bribe. Except Hessington Oil thought it was a bribe for a pipeline, not murder.

Oh, look – after finding out, Donna is crying and apologizing to Harvey. Seeing his trusted secretary, friend and moral compass cry infuriates Peacock. He puffs out his feathers, marches to the bathroom and punches Stephen. Lite doesn’t go down without a fight but it ends when Harvey throws Stephen into a mirror. I’m upset The Pretty didn’t protect his face better!

In other firm news, Jessica had a conversation with Darby. They haven’t resolved anything but The Darbster pointed out that Harvey got what he wanted – Jessica upset at the merger. Was this Harvey’s endgame?!! Jessica and Peacock had a semi-heart-to-heart – Harvey doesn’t want managing partner and Jessica understands Harvey just wanted her to abhor the merger. Mission accomplished. I think these crazy kids might make it!!

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. Poor Donna. Harvey wasn’t that upset about Stephen until he saw Donna’s tears – then he went Hulk.

2. Louis Litt stole Nigel’s cat. I love Louis but stealing Nigel’s beloved cat after cat-sitting for a week is low. The men had a mock trial to see who will get custody of the cat. Louis had Rachel be his mock-lawyer. Nigel paraded Harold out to show Louis’ mean and unfatherly-side except Rachel points out that Harold is a screw-up. Louis covered for him, letting him fix his problem and learn. Sure Louis may call him an idiot but he was only telling the truth!! At the end, Harold knew it was tough love. Nigel lost the case so he traded – the associates for the cat.

3. Rachel got into Columbia Law School. We have to keep seeing her. Boo.

4. Mike uncovered a whole bunch of stuff. I bet Harvey is glad he kept HIS #2.

5. Louis did have a bad year. The death of his cat, losing the associates, and seeing Harvey’s name on the wall – poor Louis!! Still doesn’t excuse him for cat stealing but I understand. Also, drinking the cat’s milk was high-larious!!! Loves.

My DVR is on the fritz so no favorite quotes or exchange. Tell me yours!!! What is going to happen to Stephen now? What about Donna? She breaks her rule for this guy and he turns out to be a murderer!! Poor Donna. Were you sad she cried? Do you think Jessica and Harvey can finally move forward? Will the associates start crying again now that Louis Litt is back? Was it nice to see Harold again? (Yes) Discuss away!!!

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2 Responses to Suits – Recap & Review – She’s Mine

  1. Betty boo says:

    This would have been a 5 outta 5 if the cat trial hadn’t taken up all of the episode. It was overdone, as much as I love louis. But the ending wow. poor Donna, she let her guard down and a murderer shows up at the door. Harvey’s face when he saw Donna crying, poor Donna. She must be feeling pretty low at the moment considering she continued seeing Stephen even when Harvey hated him. But she wil know to trust Harvey’s instincts from now on. Even though Stephen was a murderer I wanted Donna to continuing seeing someone and get out of the pining for Harvey. In light of the synopsis for other episodes coming, Harvey and Donna are probably going to take the back burner for the rest of the season as he will be distracted by another lady. I would like too see development there, albeit drawn out but I want to see Harvey’s point of view this time, not Donna pining for Harvey.

  2. GoFYourself says:

    You suck at this job!

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