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photo: usa

photo: usa

Covert Affairs
Crackity Jones

Original Air Date: Aug 27, 2013

Brianna – TwoCents Reviewer

Helen’s risen from the dead and has offered her help to Annie. But, she’s also brought to light some longstanding issues for Annie and Auggie to deal with and ends with some heartbreaking results.

Things get tense (total understatement) as Auggie and Annie begin to deal with this new reality, his ex-girlfriend or wife, depending on who you ask, is still alive and working with Arthur.

Once Annie confronts Auggie and tells him what she knows now and who Helen’s working with, Auggie tells her of his last mission with Helen. Turns out, Arthur was the one who told Auggie that she died and when they go to confront him about the truth they now know that this Theresa is actually Auggie’s ex, he lets his fists loose on Arthur.

The things we find out about how one-sided this relationship was kind of just makes you feel bad for Auggie, especially when Helen, who creepily broke into his home, says that it was an agency cover and that’s it.

Things continue to be kind of uncomfortable as Helen and Annie have a very frank “discussion” about what they think of each other; Helen believes Annie is emotionally compromised and Annie can’t figure out what Helen’s deal was and how she could do what she did. They are both fierce in their beliefs and Annie continues to fight for the people she cares about.

Calder is looking for holes in Annie’s story, just waiting for her to slip up. And, frustratingly enough, he finds out. Curse your great relationship with that agent in Austria, Calder!

Annie and Helen follow a lead that Arthur has about where the missing five missiles went and how Henry paid someone to make those disappear. Things seem to go well until, Henry shows up and you can almost feel the moment when it becomes clear that he senses something is up. This hitch in the plans brings Helen to the safe house to tell Annie they’re leaving immediately. Of course, Annie won’t leave without recouping the missiles and getting that much closer to bringing down Henry.

All of this offers Helen the opportunity to tell Annie (again) how she’s emotionally compromised. She also tells her side of the story of her last mission before “going dark”; about how her emotions got clouded and compromised her cover, explaining why she faked her own death. And, with Annie being Annie, not even the story Helen tells deters her from getting the missile launchers and trying to finish Henry.

While Annie’s on mission, Auggie’s still going through the data they found on Newman’s thumb drive. With a little visual help, they find in the many pixels what looks like Henry meeting someone. Are we getting that much closer to finally getting one step ahead of this man?

After meeting up with Laurone  and finding that he never had the missiles to begin with, they attribute this to Henry getting a jump on the team. When Helen and Annie finally go their separate ways, she leaves her with some words of wisdom, “the most dangerous thing a spy can do is fall in love.” And it just adds to the sense of impending doom we’ve been getting all season. And, that is just what happens when Annie makes it back to the states.

After Annie tells Auggie that there are some things that they have to think about, you can almost feel the end near and it was so much closer than anticipated. With tears in both their eyes, they decide to end it and it’s just so frustrating and sad because the odds were stacked against them and it just got so difficult. And, then I am reminded of the hazards of rooting for couples working at covert agencies.

Throughout the entire episode, everyone seemed to have a genuinely maddening if not realistic opinion of their relationship and how there will be a time that they will get emotionally compromised if the relationship continues and they will eventually have to choose between the job and the other.

But, they worked so well together!

Is this really the end of Annie and Auggie? What will Calder do with the information he has? How long before he takes it to the next level? Tell us your TwoCents…

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1 Response to Covert Affairs – Recap & Review – Crackity Jones

  1. stevii says:

    Hiii.. Greetings from indonesia. I have finished the third season last month. I love it and love your recap. Poor auggie. In the end, he’s just common man that love his girlfriend. I love his optimism and positivity, but then i read some recap and found him very fragile in this season. Hope everything will be bettrr for him. I like annie, but the idea for pairing annie and him is not really good. I felt that they are siblings, not couple. Love ur recap.. Thanks.. And sorry for my grammar.. English is not my native languange h

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