Dexter – Recap & Review – Make Your Own Kind Of Music

photo: showtime

photo: showtime

Make Your Own Kind Of Music

Original Air Date: August 25, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

After this hour, there are only three episodes remaining. And tonight, we certainly steered the show towards the confrontations, stories, and plot that will be bringing us to a close. The only question is, with all the probable outcomes, how do you think the show will come to an end?

We finally have answers about the Brain Surgeon and how it overlaps with everything we’ve seen this season. But is it too little too late? Is it contrived beyond belief? Or is it just what the season needed to give it a shot of adrenaline as we head into the final weeks?

I’m going on record with the most improbable thing we’ve probably seen in eight seasons. How on earth, has Hannah McKay, a wanted fugitive lurking about her native city, NOT DYED HER HAIR? In fact, she’s done nothing outside of hide out in hotels (and now Deb’s house) to keep her appearance hudden. No hats, no sunglasses, not even some fun make-up tricks to alter her appearance. But the hair dyeing, or at least a wig, seems like the easiest no brainer to me!

She and Dexter are busy canoodling in bed and planning a life together. Hannah needs to go visit Arlene, her pal from last season, who has been holding some “new life” money for her, to the tune of half a million dollars. But elsewhere, what I thought was a bounty hunter last week, is actually Deputy Marshall Clayton, who is now on the hunt for our fair fugitive. He queries Dexter and nearly catches up with them at Arlene’s, but Dexter lies (of course) to keep him off the track. Dexter and Hannah make plans to run away together (with Harrison) to Argentina, and in the meantime, Dexter decides the best place to stash Hannah is at Deb’s house. Seriously.

But Dexter is mightily distracted this week, as Vogel puts it, straddling his emotions and his mission to take down the Brain Surgeon. While searching Zach’s photo studio for clues, Dexter comes across some strategically placed DNA evidence that his protégée left in order to lead Dexter to his attacker. And Dexter is surprised when he tests the evidence that it a familial match to Dr. Evelyn Vogel. Vogel denies having any living family, and here is where her IQ points drop in my eyes.

While many thought that Vogel or her occasionally mentioned husband may have been the killer, it never occurred to her to mention her deceased children. Or more specifically, she never mentioned her psychopathic child (Daniel) who died in a mental hospital in England after killing her youngest child. After years of studying psychopaths and their keen intelligence, it never occurred to her that the burnt-beyond-recognition corpse could have been misidentified? Dexter takes a photo of Daniel and runs some serious age progression and notices a resemblance… to Cassie’s boyfriend, Oliver Saxon. The computer confirms the match between Saxon and the age progression. And Dexter is easily able to confirm via London death records that the real Oliver Saxon is deceased.

At the same time, Deb is considering a return to Miami Metro and helping Quinn out with Cassie’s murder. She offers up proof that Zach wasn’t the killer, and after a conversation with Jamie leads Quinn in the direction of Oliver Saxon, apparently a clingy boyfriend. Quinn and Deb pay him a visit, where Deb catches him in a lie, and he’s on the radar for Cassie’s murder. By the time Dexter goes to see him, he’s cleared out of his place, but left behind a handy-dandy soda can for DNA testing. And it’s confirmed, Oliver Saxon is Daniel Vogel is The Brain Surgeon. And everything, including the Mama Cass song, ties back to Evelyn Vogel.

And now Vogel finds herself in a bit of a quandary. Her son clearly fits the code she created for Dexter to live by, yet he’s still the child she thought lost forever. Dexter realizes that Daniel-Oliver has been one step ahead of them the entire time, and surmises that he must’ve installed spyware on her computer. You’d think a doctor of her magnitude could afford good virus software! Dexter mentions the Mama Cass song and Vogel reflects on a memory of Daniel-Oliver playing it repeatedly at a local café when he was a child. Using the hacked computer, Dexter arranges for a mother-son reunion at the café.

But when Vogel suggests that instead of killing her son, they drug him and commit him to a local mental institution, Dexter realizes he’s in this alone. I’m on Dexter’s side with this, being that it’d be awfully difficult to commit a presumed dead psychopath. So he drugs Vogel via Hannah’s favorite method and stalks Daniel-Oliver. The not-dead son sits in the café, waiting for his mother, playing the Mama Cass song repeatedly, while Dexter waits outside, clearly visible from the huge windows of the restaurant. When Daniel-Oliver finally goes to leave, Dexter follows him from a distance, only to have the killer look directly at him as he pulls out of the parking lot. He finds his car has a flat tire and realizes that Daniel-Oliver is probably headed to Vogel for retribution.

At Vogel’s, she is upset with Dexter for drugging her, and the two separate their faux-family ties, admitting their separate agendas (killing, salvation) where Daniel-Oliver is concerned. Dexter leaves, pledging to take care of the killer, while Vogel sits down to breakfast with her son, who had hid the whole time Dexter was there.

In other news, Deb is this-close to rejoining the police department (as a demoted detective), but realizes all of the knowledge she gathers from Dexter keeps her at odds with her chosen career. She’s still thinking about when Dexter drops Hannah off at her place. Over dinner, where Deb carefully selects her foods from Hannah’s cooking, Hannah points out that the two women similarly aren’t good at taking no for an answer. Deb reluctantly concurs, and I wonder will this lead to Deb sacrificing her brother for her own interests? She was also on the receiving end of a kiss from Quinn, but strongly suggested that the both forget it happened. Just like we, the viewers, already have!

You’ve got my TwoCents! Now share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below!

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1 Response to Dexter – Recap & Review – Make Your Own Kind Of Music

  1. Lyssa says:

    This season is like watching beige paint dry unfortunately. I mean this story seems just so skewed. Its been all downhill for a while. Some stuff is good but the rest is driving me nuts.On a happy note for me, Kenny Johnson was in this episode and I love him.

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