Breaking Bad – Recap & Review – Confessions

photo: amc

photo: amc

Breaking Bad

Original Air Date: Aug 25, 2013

Jules – Senior News Editor

My heart’s still racing after this episode. So much building throughout, but those final scenes really had me in a total rush and there were two big “oh my gosh, did that just happen?” moments. So let’s not waste any time in getting to the recap.

We open with Todd calling Walt to tell him that Declan is no longer in the picture, that there’s been a “change in management” and that he should know. Todd’s ready to cook again, which is good because he’s heading back to Albuquerque with his uncle.

Jesse’s in interrogation haze when Hank comes in and tells him he knows Heisenberg is Walt. Hank offers him a chance to tell him everything and work out a deal with APD. Jesse’s response? “Eat me.” Awesome! Hank then moves to get Jesse by saying Walt used him, but nothing happens and soon Saul bursts in. He heard about Jesse’s money on the news and is freaking out, but Jesse tells him to chill out, which is so not like Saul.

Walt’s on the phone with Saul, urging him to use the money he gave him to get Jesse out. Then, in a lighter moment, to cover up his bruises, Walt uses Skyler’s foundation, but is interrupted by Flynn/Walter, Jr who says he’s going to Marie’s to do some computer troubleshooting and dinner. In a panic, Walt hurries out of the bathroom just in time to catch his son and reveal that his cancer’s back and that he’s on another round of chemo. Walt says he’ll fight it and tells Jr to go on his own way, but alas, just as Walt planned, Jr doesn’t go anywhere. Sigh, Walt, he’s your own son!

Hank arrives home to tell Marie he didn’t tell Gomez or anyone at the DEA yet. She’s not happy. Back at the Whites, Skyler hits record on a video camera where Walt begins to say “This is my confession.” We don’t see the rest yet because Walt and Skyler are meeting with Hank and Marie at a restaurant!

Hank immediately asks for a confession, but Walt says there’s nothing to confess. Marie maintains how Walt Jr and Holly should be staying with them, while Walt wants them to leave their children out of it. Skyler insists everything is in the past and Walt just wants Hank and Marie to believe him. And then Marie says something shocking. “Why don’t you just kill yourself, Walt?” Woah! Marie is not holding back or waiting for Walt to die. Hank finally chimes in saying Walt can’t negotiate himself out of this and just admit what he did. At that, Walt gathers his things and says it’s time to go, but not before leaving a DVD for Hank and Marie.

Hank and Marie go home to watch the DVD and it’s indeed a confession, but also a fake out! Yes, it looks like Heisenberg in full form. Walt says if you’re watching this, I’m probably dead, murdered by my brother in law because it was Hank who is the meth kingpin! OMG! Walt then tells the story of how Hank used Walt, with his chemistry background to cook meth and that it was Hank who worked with Gus to build an empire. Walt weaves in actually events to suit his needs, even mentioning how Walt paid for Hank’s medical bills and when the Schrader’s took his children. Walt then fake breaks down saying he wanted to go to police, but was scared and too coward to kill himself. Loving this beautiful piece of acting by Cranston. Marie’s in a complete panic, but Hank knows it’s just a threat. Marie wants Hank to show it to Ramey, but Hank’s too concerned about the medical bills mention. So now the jig is up, Hank learns Marie accepted the money – she at the time thought it was gambling money – so that Hank would get the treatment he needed to walk again. “You killed me here. That’s the last nail in the coffin,” Hank says.

Saul and Jesse meet Walt in the desert where Jesse assures Walt he told nothing to Hank and that Hank hasn’t told anything to the DEA. Walt then pulls his fatherly card saying he doesn’t like to see Jesse hurting and maybe it’s time for a change and to leave all this behind and get out of town and not look back. Walt tells Jesse about Saul’s guy who can give him a new identity and maybe it’s what Jesse needs?

But in reality, Jesse’s over it, telling Walt to stop working him. His anger is in full force yelling that it’s not about him, but about Walt needing Jesse to go away to make things work out for himself. Jesse couldn’t be more right. Jesse wants Walt to admit that it’s not about him and it’s either he leaves or gets killed, just like Mike. And just as Jesse is in complete breakdown mode (and all I want to do is give Jesse a hug), Walt goes to embrace him! Jesse resists at first, but lets Walt in.

Walt tells Skyler that the video worked and that they’re fine. Are they really? At the office, Gomez asks Hank about his guys sitting in Saul Goodman’s office watching Jesse. Instead of saying anything, Hank tells Gomez to take the guys off and then leaves t office.

So after that confrontation, Jesse agrees to the new life and Saul makes the call. Jesse’s getting all excited to move to Alaska and Huell drops him off to get started. While waiting for the car to come, Jesse has a grand revelation starring at his cigarettes. Huell pick-pocketed his weed he tried to smoke earlier. So that means the ricin cigarettes probably met the same fate! Instead of getting in the van that comes up, Jesse walks right by it and marches back to Saul’s and proceeds to punch the shit out of him. OMG!

Jesse demands Saul to confirm that Walt poisoned Brock and that he helped him. Saul confesses at gunpoint and when Jesse marches out, Saul calls Walt. Walt speeds to the car wash, but stops short of storming into the offices and a suspecting Skyler. He plays it coy to “fix” the soda machines, but really retrieves a gun that’s hidden inside (another nice hiding spot!).

We see Jesse hightail it to the White household, a gas can in hand, kicking down the front door and then proceeding to douse the living room with the gasoline and then we cut to the credits. Uh oh.

All I can think after that is poor Jesse. He’s already a broken man, but after making the realization, I just feel so bad for him. Walt’s fake confession I was not expecting, but what is Hank and Marie’s next move? Are they screwed because of the money? What is Walt’s move by getting the gun? Is a confrontation with Jesse up next? Let me hear who TwoCents below!

Next week: Rabid Dog

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3 Responses to Breaking Bad – Recap & Review – Confessions

  1. Alec says:

    I have a feeling that one of the children MIGHT be inside.

  2. meimjustme says:

    I really love Jesse, but I am afraid Walt is going to kill him. Ever since the first episode of the final season.

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