Graceland – Recap & Review – King’s Castle

photo: usa

photo: usa

King’s Castle

Original Air Date: Aug 22, 2013

Jules – Senior News Editor

The residents of Graceland are a mess with too many secrets and lies running a muck. This week we begin to hit the peak of this insanity and it doesn’t look to be getting any better.

We open a year and a half ago, the Graceland crew is out drinking and Briggs tells Johnny that an agent can only kill in the field in self-defense and can’t be under any influences because then the story would be less credible. Cut to Briggs back on the beach – drunk and having just killed Juan.

Briggs takes off the bandana to see who he killed and realizes it’s just “some guy,” not the monster. So what to do? Cover it up, duh. He drives out into the desert to bury the body, leaving behind Juan’s car and a radio tracking his moves.

Charlie’s watching Bello be negotiated on. Tough Bello doesn’t want to take any plea bargain or talk about Odin or the cartel without some kind of immunity, especially for his wife and kid (wait, Bello is married?!) Charlie soon busts in making threats on Bello, which he just shoves off.

Charlie meets with Rafael Cortes – the Federale, aka Jangles at the diner to talk about Bello and Jangles. She tells him they have no leverage on Bello and no information on Odin or the cartel, which makes Cortes a bit disappointed. He does say that there’s always a way to break a man.

After the meet, Charlie gets an idea on how to best get Odin and it involves Mike going to prison and back undercover. Since his cover was never blown, it’s doable and Charlie hopes to use Mike as leverage to get Bello to spill on Odin. Briggs tries to talk Charlie out of it, but it’s not up to him. Mike, still recovering from stabbing and stitches, is totally into it. Any way to get out of the house and away from Paige I guess.

Mike goes to prison. He looks a little worse for wear, but he’s standing upright. Bello sees him and they two catch up with Mike saying the feds asked him to give up Odin, but he never would have since he’s in the dark.

Elsewhere in a rather odd subplot to the night, it’s Jakes’ birthday and Johnny insists on throwing a surprise bash – similar to last year (even though Jakes wasn’t a fan), but better with a bouncy house and strippers. I liked when Jakes found Johnny’s bouncy house order and canceled it.

Charlie tells Briggs he’s going to see Mike in prison the next day (bringing him his meds). Charlie also snoops a bit in Mike’s room and finds the ripped photo. Briggs soon calls for a visitation for Jeremiah Bello. Wow, we finally learn his first name, right? Regardless, it was a calculated move to get Bello in the visitation room the same time Mike’s with Charlie. Since Bello knows Charlie is a fed, Bello freaks out and attacks Mike for being a fed, too. Cover blown. Thanks, Briggs. Charlie freaks out, too.

The two come home and Charlie’s already railing to Briggs saying Odin must have done something. Next thing you know though, Mike’s being called into FBI headquarters. Mike and gang think he might be getting a commendation for getting Bello, but it’s far from it. The agent tells Mike that Juan’s missing and they think Briggs has something to do with it. They know Juan had a wire, but his car hasn’t been found and they got nothing and want Mike to find out.

Back at the house, Johnny’s put a bouncy house inside the house and is ready for Jakes to come home to be surprised, but no one is into it. Charlie’s perusing all the call records to analyze who made the call to see Bello. Paige does call Jakes to get him to come home, but he’s at a bar, while Johnny is watching a bunch of strippers enjoy the bouncy house.

Mike gets home and Paige follows him to ask why he’s been so buddy, buddy to Briggs and (love that Johnny and Briggs think they are having a lover’s quarrel) Mike’s not in the mood to be questioned and spills all the beans to Paige. He tells her that Briggs is an addict (she doesn’t believe him at first) and then that his supervising agent is missing and that they think Briggs is involved. Paige has no way of not believing Mike now.

Jakes continues to drown his sorrows at the bar when he’s joined by his ex’s new man, who is having some rough relationship times, but says if you don’t fight for what you want, you end up alone. So Jakes leaves to go confront his ex in the middle of the night and all drunk. She’s not happy or impressed and gets more upset when Jakes lets it slip that he’s been talking to her current partner.

Back in Graceland, Briggs continues to get Charlie to stop analyzing the phone records and Johnny’s trying to get everyone’s spirits back on track, but the party’s a total bust. Soon Jakes finally arrives home and only Johnny is down there with one stripper. Jakes is not in a mood and punches Johnny in the face. The two get into a tussle and then Johnny gives one hell of a monologue to all the housemates, all still awake in the house, about not appreciating each other, since they are all each other have in this house. Oh Johnny, the voice of reason, trying to bring some levity to the jobs they’re doing every day.

Bello calls Mike from prison to meet with him and Mike goes. Bello says he still sees Eddie in his dreams and reminds Mike of what he’s done. “The difference between you and me. I will pay for my sins,” says Bello. Mike better be careful!

After meeting Bello, Mike tells Briggs that he’s been investigating him and that all he found was the addiction and tells Briggs how Juan is now missing. Briggs barely blinks since he doesn’t know who Juan is. Mike asks Briggs for help finding Juan’s car, but Briggs declines, worrying it might look like a cover up. Mike then says he’s sorry.

Charlie meets with Federale to tell him that she thinks Odin is an FBI agent, her evidence being the bug in the smoke alarm. Cortes asks for a name, but Charlie says she doesn’t have one.

Mike tells Paige how he told Briggs everything because he wanted to see Briggs’ reaction to the name Juan Badillo. Since it peaked his interest, Briggs looks up the name and realizes for the first time that he just killed a FBI agent.

So besides the random surprise party bit (minus the ending, because Johnny was awesome in that), this episode finally started letting some of the secrets out, while the house is still all split up. Briggs is on his own, but maybe now he’ll go find Juan’s car. Mike can maybe semi-trust Paige again, while Charlie is trudging down a dangerous path with Cortes. Will Cortes start digging into Graceland? Will Charlie tell anyone the truth into what she finds? Two more episodes left for the summer. Share your TwoCents below!

In two weeks: Happy Endings

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2 Responses to Graceland – Recap & Review – King’s Castle

  1. Debra says:

    i agree, johnny was brilliant in this epi, i think he really spoke the truth to them tonight, that whether they want to accept it or not, they are a sort of family. this show just keeps getting better and better every week, i’m very impressed. i really hope there is a season two, i feel the potential for more stories is there.
    i’m really hoping that charlie is on to cortez and suspects him of at least not being who she says he is.
    i’m still team briggs, i can absolutely understand is conflict and his demons and daniel sunjata has been doing an amazing job portraying all of his emotions and struggles.
    downside: 2 weeks??!! boo! 🙂

    • jules says:

      I think the last meeting with Charlie and Cortes shows that she’s holding something back maybe? She didn’t tell him how she figured Odin might be a FBI agent, and he never questioned her about it, just that he wanted to know his name. Charlie’s smart, I think she might be seeing right through him.

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