Suits – Recap & Review – The Other Time

photo: usa

photo: usa

The Other Time

Original Air Date: Aug 20, 2013

Wyner C – Associate Staff Writer

Where were you ten years ago? Me? I just started my first real job (I’m an old fart, I know). That first job was a dungeon and I was its unsuspecting prisoner – good thing I left when I saw an opening. I’m happier now, can you tell? Our little Mike a decade ago? He was just getting a taste of Black Finger Trevor – whatever that dude touch dies. I would say Mike is happier now too. Harvey? Well, I think he’s less incline to break the law but happiness still eludes the Peacock.

Ten Year Ago:

Harvey was working under Cameron in the DA’s office with Donna the Clairvoyant as his secretary. There’s definitely some flirting happening between Donna and Harvey but Red’s rule is never sleep with a colleague (thanks Bertha for that nickname!). Jessica wants Harvey back because Pearson and Hardman was about to orchestrate a coup. Harvey declines because he’s about to become Lead Litigator.

Peacock finds some evidence that wasn’t disclosed and decides to sneak it in by adding it to the fine print. Donna does Donna and acts as Harvey’s moral compass but he doesn’t relent. Pornstache goes even further – he wants the evidence to stay buried because he hid it in the first place. Harvey not only takes back the fine print idea, he signs an affidavit saying it was an honest mistake the evidence wasn’t included, discloses it and quits.

Harvey then proposes to rejoin Jessica – after her coup was a success. His selling line? He didn’t think about what he wanted to be ten years later but who he wanted to be doing it with – he chose Jessica over Cameron. Peacock sure knows the way to a woman’s heart. Also to a woman’s bed.

Before Harvey took the job with Jessica, he visited Donna to tell her he quit and since they were no longer colleagues, they had a night of fun – the X-Rated variety with whip cream. Unfortunately, Harvey took Red with him to Pearson Hardman. He really loves Donna because her salary was out of Peacock’s pocket (associates do not have their own secretaries) – she’s that special to him. Harvey would rather have a platonic relationship than lose her. She’s his moral compass, his conscience. She completes him!! (I’m in one of those moods so excuse the mushiness) She takes his job offer but they are to never to speak of “that night” again.

As for Mike, he’s killing it at school and is about to transfer to Harvard until Black Finger Trevor strikes. Black Finger convinces Mike to play poker with some Frat Douchebags. Mike is winning because he’s Rain Man with social skills. In a hand where Puffin is confident he’ll win, Trevor volunteers his money. Unfortunately, Frat Douche cheats because a deck of cards can never have five 4’s. Too bad so sad – money is lost. Even sadder? The money Trevor loaned Mike was borrowed from a drug dealer named Omar.

To get $$, Mike gives Trevor test answers to sell. We know the history – Trevor (Black Finger strikes again!) sells it to the Dean’s daughter. He’s caught but refuses to give up Mike. Puffin has a conscience and fesses up – Mike is expelled and no Harvard for him.

Present Day:

Pornstache isn’t dropping the charges against Ava because, it seems, he still has one more witness. It’s the dude that took the bribe. Pornstache wants 15 years and Harvey Lite wants Harvey to negotiate down to 5 years. What kind of closer is Harvey Lite? Harvey would never ever ask anyone to take 5 years for something they didn’t commit!!!

Lite is causing so much trouble for the Ava case and Donna + Harvey. Lite needs to go back to England and have some crumpets. Harvey finally admits to Donna it bothers him that she’s sleeping with Lite – she broke her rule. I’m telling you, these two should just throw out all rules and be together!! Donna’s reason for changing her policy for Lite? She needs to live her life. Word.

As for Pornstache? Mike pays him a visit. They know Cameron is bluffing – he doesn’t have the witness. True. Pornstache fesses up – he didn’t have the witness but now he does. Thanks to Stephen Huntley (aka Harvey Lite). Donna’s gonna have a fit…

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. Rachel had her Stanford interview. Jebus, I cannot tell you how much I don’t care. Fight with Mike, wah-wah-me, why you no support, wah-wah-me-me-me, make up. End of story.

2. You know who I would LOVE to see more of? Bertha. Bertha is a funny chick and I think we could be friends if she really exists.

3. Love seeing granny!!! Even in flashback, she hates Trevor! Ha! It was a touching story how Trevor cried for a month to ask his parents to let Mike stay with them after Mike’s parents died. I just wish he didn’t grow up to be Black Finger.

4. Did I see Harvey in jeans? With his dad?!!! They seem to have such a great relationship. It’s true too – once a cheater, always a cheater.

5. Louis needing a day 10 years ago when he first met Donna when Harvey came back and present day when he saw Harvey’s name on the wall was priceless. I knew Louis’ reaction to Pearson Darby Specter was going to be good and I enjoyed the shock. Poor Louis. I also love Donna’s initial observation of Louis a decade ago – the best being Louis loves his cat more than it loves him. Ha!

6. Ten years ago, Jessica said it’s a sign of respect to start a coup in the night. She was the victor then but ten years later? Harvey told her about his deal with Darby. She was sad, hurt and angry as hell – as anyone would be. Except Harvey doesn’t want Managing Partner any more. I always thought Harvey wanted the coup to teach Jessica a lesson, more for retaliation and his ego than power – he never wanted the position. This is definitely going to widen the existing schism in their relationship.

7. Ten years ago and throughout their relationship, Donna does Donna. She just knows things and Harvey expects that from her. When she didn’t know his name was going to be on the wall – he blamed it on the Stephen distraction. I think it’s a little of jealousy and a lot of having to share Donna.

8. Before Cameron exposed himself to be an ass, his relationship with Harvey was very much like Harvey and Mike. It was nice to see Harvey look up to someone – just sad Pornstache was such a dick. I don’t think Mike would have that disappointment; Harvey has Donna as his moral compass.

9. Um, has the curse count increase in this episode or what? “Shit” and a slight variation of “motherf**ker” being thrown around. Not that I’m a nun or anything but jeesh!! Also, Omar the Drug Dealer? Not scary – just scary wrong.

10. Best Exchange of the episode:
Harvey: Bertha, what are you doing here so late?
Bertha: Don’t get all up in my business just because I interrupted you hitting on Red.
Harvey: How do you know I’m hitting on her?
Bertha: Two glasses of Scotch and you.
~ She says it like she sees it. Lady is a truthteller.

What is the can opener tradition?!! Did you like Donna’s side swipe hair? (No) Was Jessica sad it was Harvey that made the move or was she upset she might lose Managing Partner? Can Jessica and Harvey move pass Harvey’s abandoned coup? Will Donna and Harvey ever get it on again? Will Harvey recognize Donna’s loyalty, realize she’s not his mother and start the relationship they both deserve – they deserve to be happy, no? This episode was more enlightening than I thought it’d be! I was happy for it. Were you? Discuss away!!!

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3 Responses to Suits – Recap & Review – The Other Time

  1. Betty boo says:

    Um….I unfortunately disagree on some parts here. Harvey only ever wanted a platonic relationship. He does love her but not like that. He said it himself at the end, he was about to say it doesn’t mean …..I want a relationship with you..or something similar. That and the producer’s interview was really crap for Harvey Donna fans. He said that same as I am saying which bothered me as he doesn’t really appreciate where this is going. Me….I like to read it as Harvey is in Denial. Poor Donna next weeks look rough

  2. Debra says:

    first of all poor jessica (sort of). you know she feels hurt and betrayed by harvey but she made him feel that way not too long ago, so…
    i really hope rachel goes away, i like her, but lately all they have her doing is being the office gossip and arguing with mike. doesn’t she do any work anymore? i like her better when she’s actually using her brain.
    l want to be donna in my next life….’nuff said. i agree with the above poster, i don’t think she and harvey belong together, i think those two are best in the type of relationship they have now, supportive and right on the edge. anything more would be risky because if it didn’t work out, then that would be the end of them, permanently, and no one wants that.
    sick of pornstache at this point, can we just move on from him please?
    trevor really messed up mike’s life or at least had a major hand in it. but you know, i think mike found a pretty good silver lining. i do miss grandma tho..
    every epi makes me remember why i love this show so much.
    my two cents…:)

  3. KC says:

    I say “If you were ever lucky enough to have me, you wouldn’t wanna share,” was the best line of the episode.

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