Covert Affairs – Recap & Review – Space (I Believe In)

photo: usa

photo: usa

Covert Affairs
Space (I Believe In)

Original Air Date: Aug 20, 2013

Brianna – TwoCents Reviewer

Annie and Auggie race the clock as Newman’s case moves ahead and out of their own control while continuing to try and get one step ahead of Henry who makes her an offer that she…well, read on and find out.

Vincent is back, as Annie gets Joan to assign her as CIA Liaison on the Newman case while it falls into the hands of the FBI. And, it becomes Annie’s job to stop Vincent and his team from finding out that she was the one partially responsible for his death which proves difficult at every turn.

When the FBI catches a break, Annie begins to panic as the medical examiner skin under Newman’s fingernails and they fast track the DNA, speeding up the timeline. Auggie thinks he pass through FBI firewalls to try and alter the results of the DNA, adding to the level of anxiety throughout this episode.

Their second lead was at Newman’s home where they find an empty safe and a suspiciously clean house. It seems Henry went back in after  Joan went in the night it all happened only it seems, Rossabi seems determined to blame it all on the “spooks” for covering everything up.

Henry continues his efforts to entice Annie to join him offering a job opportunity at Lexington, his new venture and an advance on what she would be earning if she joins. But (of course there’s a “but) In turn, he asks for the same hard drive that she is after but the FBI has in their possession.

Annie continues this uphill battle with Rossabi and his team at the FBI as she tries to swap flash drives in order to get Newman’s original one to figure out what he was hiding. She totally gets blocked from none other than Calder Michaels as he obnoxiously tries to reach out to the FBI and offer “inter agency cooperation” and hands the defective drive to Calder. She tells Henry when she visits his office and gets an anecdote about his time with Jai at Camp Hillcrest.

All of the investigating and the anxiety-inducing leads soon become irrelevant to the FBI as Newman’s credit card is used by Marlon Higgins, a drug addict; A lead that no doubt Henry manufactured and later confirms. Higgins gives chase and Rossabi ends up driving him straight through a balcony railing killing him and still leaving questions about who is really behind this.

We find out that the clock has run out on blocking the DNA results just as Annie comes back to Auggie after the rough Higgins take down and it’s just so maddening to see that it was pretty much an accident and only after finding out that he was Henry’s mole.

As she goes to confess to Rossabi that it was her DNA under Newman’s fingernails, she finds out that he’s been turned. And, the aftermath of his coerced decision, could leave anyone feeling absolutely guilty for how it turned out and sends Annie straight to Henry’s office.

In a very heated argument, Annie finally picks a side and it’s (surprise) not Henry’s which sends Henry over the edge. His revenge fueled agenda intensifies as he continues to be the never ending spring of detrimental information about those that Annie trusts, as he tells her that Auggie has still been talking to his allegedly dead girlfriend.

Oh, boy.

So, what did you guys think? Do you think Annie’s chose the wrong side? When will Henry use this very damaging piece of information against her? And, how will Annie and Auggie deal with the inevitable fallout of what Henry told her?

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One Response to Covert Affairs – Recap & Review – Space (I Believe In)

  1. I thought Joan went in alone as clean up crew at Newman’s house…?

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