True Blood – Recap & Review – Radioactive

photo: hbo

photo: hbo

True Blood

Original Air Date: Aug 18, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

The True Blood staff prides itself on finding great obscure songs to end episodes, songs that also become the title of the episode. So when the over-used Imagine Dragons song Radioactive came on, I rolled my eyes.

But as a season ender, the rest of the show worked pretty well, complete with a six-month jump into the future (a la Battlestar Galatica). Something nice is happening to Alcide and Sookie at Terry’s funeral, but as they drift closer to Bill’s house, he smells vamps. In the day time. Yep, it’s the fairy-blood high vamps fornicating all over the yard. Even Pam smiles! That’s before she goes looking for Eric and Tara calls her and Eric “the worst makers ever.”

Bill learns that after loosing so much blood, he’s just Bill again. And seeing Sookie off to be a fairy/vamp with Warlow, he knows he didn’t just sacrifice his blood (cue their love theme). Jessica comes in and urges him to make it right and Jason (who seems to enjoying being Violet’s blood slave) joins in.

Sookie goes to Warlow and says she’ll go through on her promise, but she wants to slow down and get to know each other better. He’s furious and the true Warlow comes out as he starts to feed on her in a savage way.

Bill and Jason go to Andy’s begging for Adilyn to help them get to the fairy plane. When Jason says he doesn’t want to lose his sister, she agrees. And they arrive just in time to save Sookie. But as Bill doesn’t have Lilith’s blood anymore, he no longer controls Warlow. He escapes just in time.

Then Bill releases Dr. Takahashi with an altered memory and a huge amount of cash. He really is trying to make everything right. Meanwhile, Eric is reading atop a snowy mountain in the buff (complete frontal!), when the fairy blood vanishes and he starts to burn. For the answer on if he’ll live or die, we have to wait for next season. Urggg!


Everyone is congregating at the church. Alcide and Sookie are now a couple (and he’s cut his shaggy hair). Sam is now the mayor and Nicole is much more pregnant. Bill is an author about the whole vamp camp/ Hep V situation. Arlene now owns Merlotte’s, renamed Bellefeur’s. At the church, Sam and two preachers ask everyone to join them at Bellefleur’s that night for a social. The only way everyone will survive the Hep V crisis is to let a vampire feed from them and in return, the vamp will protect their humans. A lot of people walk out on this.

Jessica offers to protect Andy and his daughter, and says she won’t feed on them, whether or not they want her protection. Tara’s mother offers to feed her daughter for all the time she forgot to feed Tara as a little girl. Bill makes the same offer to Sookie, but Alcide says he can do the protecting. And then we see them — the Hep V vamps making way for the party. Yes sir, next summer is going to be the season of the zombie!

Oh, and Jason is bemoaning the fact that he’s “pleasured” Violet every night for six months, yet he’s never gotten any. Poor boy…

Do you think Eric really is toast? Do you think Bill still loves Sookie? Or should she be with Alcide? Give us your TwoCents…

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