Switched At Birth – Recap & Review – Departure Of Summer

photo: abc family

photo: abc family

Switched At Birth
Departure Of Summer

Original Air Date: Aug 19, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

Weddings! Political scandal! Teen heartbreak! I’m guessing most of you only expected one of those three when you signed up for the summer season of Switched At Birth.

So as we bid adieu to the show until January (will it be season 3 or part 2-C?), let’s take a final look at the storylines that captivated us all summer long. And while I’ll say I wasn’t surprised by anything tonight, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a captivating hour of television!

Bay/Ty: Bay is surprised to learn that Ty’s redeployment is only three days away and vows to make the most of it. Ty has his own surprise when he learns he’ll actually be in the thick of the war in Afghanistan, convoys and ambushes included. Bay doesn’t know this, but she does know that in three months, he’s supposed to be restationed in Germany. Being the ever-impulsive girl she is, Bay decides to try and graduate in December and go to art school in Germany to be near her beau. John and Kathryn are surprised, but compared to what the other kids are up to (see below), this is pretty tame, and they agree to consider it. But when Bay broaches Ty with the idea, he balks, suggesting they more or less take a break from their coupling while he’s gone. Bay goes to his barracks to find out what that means and what is going on, but instead discovers a pair of women’s underwear (not hers) in his laundry. She naturally assumes he cheated with Aida, and Ty doesn’t deny it.

Now, we all knew it wasn’t true. Mostly because we saw his army buddy ask to borrow his room to hook up with his own girlfriend, but also because Ty is a really awkward liar! In fact, it takes a furious Mary Beth all of a minute to realize that Ty didn’t cheat on Bay, but he swears her to secrecy. Bay, meanwhile, is distraught and goes straight to Emmett. She queries him as to why guys cheat; asking what motivated him to cheat with Simone. She admits that she didn’t get it before, but now that she’s had sex she wonders why people don’t realize what a big deal it is. To Emmett’s credit, he covers his discomfort at the sex knowledge, and he chalks cheating up to stupidity and no good excuse, but offers up that Ty is going to be really sorry when he realizes what he lost. And with that sentiment, the exes embrace in a comforting hug, and #BEmmett fans rejoice at the possibility of a future.

Daphne: Senator Coto calls John on the carpet about his interns breaking into his office. He stuns John by revealing the blackmail, and even more so by assuming John put the girls up to it. John confronts Daphne, who is apologetic, but not entirely convinced it wasn’t deserved. John points out she could end up in jail for extortion, and makes it clear to Daphne how disappointed he is. John pledges to handle it from here, and even Regina is on board with the Kennish’s deep pockets handling the situation. Daphne goes to Coto to take responsibility, and he offers to make it go away if John strongly endorses his reelection campaign. John knows this means a payoff, probably around $50,000. But Daphne is feeling guilty about her current station in life and how it conflicts with her East Riverside roots. She publishes a confession on Jace’s Kansas Squealer blog. John is upset, but Daphne tells him that it’s about taking responsibility and exposing Senator Coto’s misdeeds. The fallout is pretty quick, with reporters (and his wife) hounding Coto, Jace being picked up by the police or INS, and Daphne meeting with the Kansas Attorney General to possibly face charges. We hear the content of her post, and it’s fairly powerful and straightforward. She admits she lost herself, hurt people for she believes are the right reasons, and needs to learn from her mistakes and face the consequences. We’re left to wonder if Daphne will (unlikely) spend her senior year of high school in prison.

Toby/Nikki: The wedding plans are in full force, peacocks and all. But at the rehearsal dinner, Toby overhears his father say that he will probably end up paying for a divorce in two years. Toby and Nikki confront their parents, all of whom finally admit that they think the wedding is a bad idea. Bay insists that people who love each other should be together, while Kathryn and Regina are on “the enjoy your youth” kick. Finally Jenice pipes in, saying that if the only reason they’re getting married is to have sex, they should just do it, they won’t go to hell. Nikki and Toby take off for a hotel room, where they opt to follow her mom’s advice and go to bed together. The next morning they wonder what they should do, and we cut to Kathryn getting a text to pack everything up, the wedding is off. But, of course, as the parents all take a deep breath, we see Toby and Nikki, freshly eloped, kissing on the courtroom steps. How long do you think it will be until John pays for the divorce?

Angelo: Angelo is in over his head with Abby, using Adriana as a baby nurse, and calling Leo (adoptive father) in to help when a soothing stuffed animal goes missing. He ponders how anyone does it alone, and Adriana is the voice of reason, pointing out that he needs to hire help. But Angelo wonders if he’s being selfish in raising her, but Adriana wonders if he’s just trying to prove he’s changed since the days he left Regina and Daphne. The words clearly resonate, as he calls Leo back over, and to his surprise, offers up an open adoption, with Leo and Victor having primary custody. Little Abby is going to have three fathers! And now that he isn’t raising a baby, does this reopen up the possibility of a future for Angelo and Regina?

Episode Title Art: Departure of Summer by Man Ray

And as the summer season comes to a close, share your wish list for what you’d like to see come January! Do you envision Daphne in jail or doing community service? Will Ty perish overseas? Will Bay and Emmett reunite? Will Angelo and Regina find their way back to one another? How will Toby and Nikki fare as newlyweds? And what should happen with the John and Kathryn? Any ideas?

You’ve got my TwoCents! Now share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below!


About Karen Belgrad

Number cruncher by day, Karen spends way too many hours watching television and reading/writing about what she just watched. When not glued to the television, Karen sings karaoke, checks out live music, and roots for the Chicago Blackhawks and Cubs. Pop culture trivia and the Kevin Bacon game are her useless special talents. Managing Editor for TwoCentsTV.com [twitter:karenb0716]
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2 Responses to Switched At Birth – Recap & Review – Departure Of Summer

  1. flychick86 says:

    I knew Toby and Nikki would go throught with a wedding! =)

  2. oddlittlerants says:

    I really liked this episode.
    Angelo: I have never been an Angelo fan. For the first time, I respected him. It took a lot of courage, introspection, honesty, and maturity to admit to himself that he’s not cut out to fully be a father, and that (at Regina’s mom’s subtle prompting) he was going into this for the wrong reasons – for himself, not because he truly wanted the kid. I have much more respect for Angelo now.

    Daphne really rose to maturity here as well. It has been so long since Riverside and the show really has almost forgotten that potential conflict/juxtaposition to be mined, which it now banked on. Even if appreciating that amount of money from an impoverished perspective was taken off the table, I completely agree that Daphne not only made the moral choice and the mature choice, but the completely practical one. She, really Nikki, left a message on a machine that was erased, so no technical threat. There was the blackmail text, which Jace, not Daphne, sent. I don’t think there’d be much for a felony case. You could get her and Nikki on trespassing, and then Daphne and Jace for blackmail. But she, I think, would also be tried as a juvenile. Ultimately, the consequences are far worse for the senator – which is why he was pressuring so hard to keep her quiet, and she called his bluff. If a trial proves he was pressuring her, especially as a minor, that might also soften her case. I think, at least for fictional TV, the court would go easy on her. and Coto would catch all the blame. sexual harassment, statutory, blackmail…not to mention losing his political career and wife.

    Nikki and Toby: In previous episodes, I just wasn’t buying the chemistry between the couple, nor thought their relationship was all that deep or mature. not to mention beset with some major issues, namely religious differences and her not supporting his music. Like Emmett, I changed my mind when we saw Toby tell Nikki about the STD and Nikki warmly hug him. and this was also why I liked this episode. In a hard to swallow twist, where the young kids are displaying conservative Christian values and the white collar Republican parents are telling them to play it loose, sow your oats, don’t legally commit, it was the kids showing maturity here. oh and how Nikkie took in stride, rather than getting upset, the WashU thing. and I loved their cute post-sex scene. I thought it was handled like adults in a real relationship – not two kids who just wanted to have sex or in the throes of puppy love. I figured, if I were them, I’d elope – if they want to get married, get married, don’t cave to what everybody else thinks. and do it on your own terms. If they’d gotten married at the Kennish house, it would have been miserable for everybody – Toby and Nikki were trying to throw everyone else a bone, Nikki even softening, I think, on what she wanted to appease her mom and the Kennishes. good on them for sticking to it.

    the only immature person this episode was Bay, though she can be forgiven – especially for her youth, and having been cheated on before. I would imagine that if I were her, given that she supposedly loves Ty and that he could be dead soon – she doesn’t know the extremes, but still knows he’s going to Afghanistan – I think I might be above cheating at that point…sex is sex, he could die soon, it doesn’t matter. I’d rather him leave with me (her) loving him, knowing that he’s loved and wanted back, rather than leave with things badly. that fooling around is inconsequential next to impending war. though I can see why Ty didn’t correct her assumption. but, then again, I am older, have lived through much more than Bay. so she can be forgiven for her youth, her lack of maturity. just hoped she would have risen to it, rather than huffed off. and to her ex, no less. Bay has a real issue with hopping from boy to boy. (although, from the exchanged glances at the pre-wedding, were we meant to assume that Ty, moving past his jealousy, saw a real connection between Bay and Emmett and might suspect that Bay is denying affection for Emmett to be loyal to him only because he’s in the military?…although I think Ty’s too jealous for that.)

    Beth is perceptive, obviously. and we get the sense she’s quite a bit more mature than Bay. Although I don’t appreciate Ty holding Beth’s brother over her as a means to hold his secret, that’s a little underhanded.

    The adults, except for Angelo, played foil characters in this episode. particularly Regina. but I think that’s ok for this episode.

    I’d like to see more in depth about Beth in the future, as well as major changes in Nikki and Toby’s life.

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