Dexter – Recap & Review – Are We There Yet?

photo: showtime

photo: showtime

Are We There Yet?

Original Air Date: Aug 18, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

Has anyone wanted by the police ever hid in plain sight as much as Hannah McKay? No dye job, no wig, not even sunglasses, as she wanders around the marina in the city where she is most-wanted. This goes a long way in confirming that Miami Metro are the Keystone Cops of the new millennium.

Actually, it’s Dexter’s work schedule that floors me more than anything. In the early years of the show, when he was dating Rita and childless, he did most of the killings at night and then worked during the day. Now he isn’t doing as much killing, but he spends hours with Hannah, tracking Zach, and has a nanny whose brother is his boss. How on earth does he account for so much unaccounted for time? It’s becoming quite glaring.

This was a slow hour with a lot of lulls. I’m sure they’re ramping up for a huge blowout as the series nears conclusion, but right now it feels like a lot of treading water. Am I the only one that feels this way?

The episode can be easily be broken into three acts. Dexter suspecting Zach of killing Cassie, Dexter tracking/finding Zach, and the (more interesting) last ten minutes. So let’s get to the breakdown.

At the crime scene, Dexter is still distracted by thoughts of Hannah, but has already made up his mind that Zach probably killed Cassie. He finds some blood under Cassie’s nail and swabs it for a DNA match. Deb shows up at the crime scene and tries to get Dexter to give up more information about what’s going on with Hannah, but he’s not in a sharing mood. The DNA does match Zach, but Dexter wants him for his table, so he hides the info from his colleagues. Since Zach is new to the code, he’s also a little sloppy and using his own credit cards, so Dexter is easily able to track him to the Florida Keys.

He’s also busy trying to get Hannah a new identity so she can leave Miami, but is being pressured by Deb to get rid of her (clearly one way or another). Deb isn’t satisfied with Dexter’s manner of solving the Hannah problem, so she brings Hannah information to Elway, enticing him with reward money. Meanwhile Dexter suggests that Hannah accompany him to the Florida Keys, keeping her out of Miami until her passport is ready. Deb realizes they’re gone, using her hidden GPS to track Dexter’s moves. But Dexter is still oblivious to his sister’s skepticism, instead enjoying lunch with Hannah at a roadside café. They have a moment of pause when they see a sheriff’s squad car, but nobody seems to notice the blonde fugitive besides Dexter.

They arrive at the hotel, easily finding Zach’s room by the plastic sheeting he has hung up on his windows. Dexter is shocked to find the room covered in plastic sheeting and a set of knives similar to his own on the bed. Having explained the whole Zach debacle to Hannah, the two await the teen killer in the hotel room. When Zach arrives, Dexter accosts him, accusing him of murder Cassie. But to Dexter’s surprise, he has a fairly solid alibi: he’s been tracking a killer and has photos with timestamps to prove it. In fact, he’s done more than track the target; he has his rotting corpse in his trunk. He planned to kill him in the hotel room, but things went array. Dexter goes into damage control mode, lecturing Zach on the code mistakes he’s made (gloves, no back-up plan, body in the hot trunk), and helping to dispose of the body. He leaves Hannah to clean up the plastic wrap in the room.

As Hannah finishes the room, she gets a surprise visit from Deb, who’s followed them to Keys. Deb demands that Hannah put cuffs on herself, as Deb wants to make a citizen’s arrest. Hannah balks at the idea, arguing with Deb that she only killed as a method of survival. She points out that she didn’t kill Deb because she loves Dexter, and mentions for good measure that Dexter loves her too. Deb is clearly defeated, and although her presence surprises Dexter (and Zach), she leaves without bringing Hannah to justice.

Dexter brings Zach to Vogel’s, where Vogel insists on having a bizarre family dinner with Zach, Dexter, and Hannah. Vogel acts the matriarch, commenting on Dexter and Hannah’s obvious attraction, drawing blushes from both. Dexter takes advantage of the family dynamic to review the Cassie murder files with the group. It’s surmised that Zach’s blood was planted at the scene, obtained by an injury on his vandalized car door handle. Did we all leap to Quinn as the most likely suspect, given his fixation on bringing Zach to justice?

Dexter brings Hannah to a hotel room, instructing her on how to disappear the next day. He asks her to let him know where she ends up, and responds by kissing him. She weakly tries to tell him to leave, but the two fall naked into a very steamy romp, complete with lots of Michael C. Hall’s posterior. The next day, he asks her to stay, because that’s a practical option. And while Deb has given up on bring Hannah in, and as a P.I. altogether, Elway has recruited a bounty hunter to track her down.

Dexter returns home and, while Mama Cass’s “Make Your Own Kind of Music” plays on his MP3 player, he discovers Zach dead in his desk chair. The back of Zach’s head is removed, a portion of his brain cut out. We see Dexter call Vogel, and while we don’t hear what is said, Vogel is eyeing a chunk of brain in a jar. Being that this is the song that she was playing when Yates grabbed her, are we to assume that Vogel has been the Brain Surgeon all along? Was she just using Dexter to kill her former patients? Or is there some other unexplored explanation?

Elsewhere, Quinn and Jamie have moved in together. Nikki took the job at Miami Metro and is “saging” the office to get rid of the bad murder juju. Captivating stuff, right?

And with that, you have my TwoCents! Share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below!


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5 Responses to Dexter – Recap & Review – Are We There Yet?

  1. Tina says:

    I didn’t catch that was the same song! But I did begin to surmise Vogel is up to no good and probably the brain surgeon. Looks like Dex might take her out next week. I jumped to the Quinn conclusion, too- but that just seems so out of character for him- although he was quite anxious about Dex reporting any DNA from Cassie’s crime scene. It also seemed as though they made that too obvious- maybe to lead us that way only to surprise us later?
    What happened to Miller- Quinn’s competition for Sgt? IMDB lists Quinn as a Sgt.?

  2. maya says:

    I think that the Brain Surgeon Killer is Cassie’s boyfriend (he began dating her just to be closer to Dexter’s home). I think he knew more about Zack than he let Quinn think.

  3. Lyssa says:

    I am probably wrong but I think that the brain surgeon could be Debs boss… I don’t really know why, but I usually like Flannery but in this show he gives me the heebie jeebies.

    It may be Vogel though… at which point I am seriously happy this is the last season… Although I appreciate the fact that they started early… I would have rather had them focus more on story at this point because this is just stupid. Steadily this show has gotten worse and the only reason I am watching now is because it is almost over…

    • karenb says:

      I had a strange thought… what if the Brain Surgeon is Deb. Or even if she’s just Cassie’s killer. It’s completely ludicrous, but remember that season one ended with Dexter sparing her life (when Brian put her on the table). Could the series end with Dexter finally taking her life?

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