Breaking Bad – Recap & Review – Buried

photo: amc

photo: amc

Breaking Bad

Original Air Date: Aug 18, 2013

Jules – Senior News Editor

Things move relatively quickly after last week’s Hank and Walt confrontation. Walt tries to cover his tracks the best way he can, while Skyler deals with everything’s that happened and everything she knows while Hank is doing everything he can to take down Walt.

Elsewhere, Jesse’s still a giant mess and Lydia deals with her low quality of meth in the only way she knows how.

We open with an elderly man finding the stacks of cash Jesse threw into his neighborhood. His curiosity brings him to Jesse’s car in a playground – car still full of cash – and Jesse laying catatonic on a merry-go-round. And that’s all we see of Jesse until the closing moments of the episode.

Back to Hank and Walt. We soon pick up right after the “tread lightly” moment. As soon as Hank closes the garage door, Walt drives away, but not before he stops to call Skyler at the car wash, but she’s already on the phone with someone. But who? Walt soon figures out that answer when he sees Hank on his phone in the driveway. By the time Walt gets to the car wash, Skyler’s gone (and he’s scared) to meet with Hank at a restaurant. Skyler’s scared out of her wits, but she’s still there.

Hank seems very calm and says to Skyler that it all makes so much sense now, as he assumes Walt’s been forcing her to keep his secrets, saying she’s the victim and wants the kids to stay with him. Hank soon pulls out a voice recorder and wants Skyler to recount everything’s that happened, but she’s very hesitant and not soon later, Hank lets it spill that Walt’s cancer is back. “If what I know is true, he’ll be dead before I can prove it.” This finally gets to Skyler to mutter a few more words, saying she might need a lawyer, which irks Hank, who pleads for Skyler to work with him. But Skyler’s already getting out of his reach as she sees right through Hank for trying to get Walt at all costs. She’s now hysterical, crying out, “Am I under arrest?” Hank tries to reason with her, but Skyler storms out of the restaurant.

Walter’s at Saul’s and the two are in crisis mode. Saul’s guys are at the money storage locker (enjoying the pile as a nice bed to lay on) retrieving the money as that’s the most evidence Skyler has seen. They’re also desperately trying to find Jesse, while Saul’s also advising Walt to avoid all Skyler’s calls in case of being recorded. Saul even insinuates that Walt send Hank “to Belize” AKA, where Mike is. I love when Walt is offended by the idea, saying he’s family. Aww? The guys return with the money in barrels in a van. Saul gets a retainer stash and the rest Walt drives to the desert where he starts digging in a spot very similar to his first cook side in the pilot. Walt digs one of the biggest and deepest holes I’ve ever seen and dumps the barrels of money in there, covers them, and then memorizes the location coordinates. And just in case he forgets, buys a lotto ticket using the numbers.

Skyler’s back at home, trying to call Saul, who’s avoiding his calls, too. Soon Marie and Hank stop by, but all Skyler can do is panic, but eventually does open the door and only allows her sister Marie to come in. Marie asks Skyler if Hank is crazy and if any of it is true, and all Skyler can do is cry. Yup, it’s true Marie. It doesn’t take long for Marie to figure out that Skyler knew about what Walt was up too even before Hank was shot. All Skyler can do is say she’s sorry and that’s when Marie gets up and slaps Skyler in the face! Marie then tries to take Holly with her as she leaves, but it doesn’t go very well as the sisters have a shouting match (with baby crying away) and it takes Hank to step in to tell Marie to give the baby back. When Hank and Marie get back in the car, I love Marie’s “You have to get him.”

Walt returns home from his desert digging. It’s late, but Skyler’s awake and knows he moved the money and buried it. She tells him that she told Hank nothing. As Walt’s undressing to shower, while she questions him, he collapses on the floor. When Walt awakes, Skyler lets Walt know she knows about the cancer being back. Walt: Does that make you happy? Skyler: I can’t remember the last time I was happy. Walt tells Skyler that he can give himself in, as long as Skyler promises to keep the money and never give it up and know that they’ve not done all this for nothing. Skyler doesn’t immediately answer. She does ask Walt how Hank found out and Walt says it was him, he screwed up. And then Skyler shows whose side she’s on when she says Hank’s got his suspicions, but nothing else and that Hank probably doesn’t have all the evidence he needs. “So maybe our best move here is to stay quiet.” So Skyler and Walt are on the same side. Wonder if she’s got a plan?

We finally get a glimpse at Lydia, who’s meeting with Declan, the guy who has taken over the meth cooking business for her. She’s come to visit the cook site underneath a salvage yard. She treks below the surface in her Christian Louboutin shoes and quickly criticizes the small space for being filthy and that her buyer in the Czech Republic doesn’t like the product. She even wants Declan to use Todd, who learned from Walt (he did make the first two batches, but the third he started a fire), but Declan wants to do it all his way.

Soon there’s a problem above ground, and Lydia barely makes a fuss when the cook and Declan leave to handles things leaving Lydia behind. But we soon figure out why. Lydia quickly hides and covers her ears as gunfight ensues above her. When it stops, Todd’s there (!) telling her it’s safe to come out. He and his uncle and crew have taken care of all of Declan’s crew. And Lydia being Lydia, she doesn’t want to see it, so Todd tells her to close her eyes as he navigates her through the carnage.

Back at the Schrader’s, Marie tells Hank to tell the office what he knows, but he’s got no proof. He knows that once he says anything, it’s the last day of his career, but at least he will have caught him. Hank’s got to make the tough choices while Marie’s worried about them catching Walt when Hank knew about it and that he might go to jail, too.

Hank finally goes back to work and quickly tells Gomez to set up a conference call to catch up on things and that’s when Gomez asks Hank about the money thing. Yes, so Jesse’s money tossing endeavor caught the eye of the police and have brought him in for questioning. Hank shows up and asks for a few minutes with Jesse, which he gets, and that’s where we leave it.

Another solid episode. Sad we didn’t see enough Jesse, but wasn’t it nice to see Marie and Skyler have at it? Now that everyone’s basically in the know (minus Walter, Jr of course), what will happen? Will Hank spill the beans and get a full on investigation going? Surprised by Skyler’s loyalty or does she have something else planned? Share your TwoCents below!

Next week: Confessions

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2 Responses to Breaking Bad – Recap & Review – Buried

  1. Lyssa says:

    This episode was just stress… Then the money angels… then back to the stress. Did you also notice that although Aaron Paul had no lines he still had the most telling couple of scenes. He is so broken and it makes me sad. I think that Hank is going to go at this hard within the next episode. He is not going to tread lightly at all.

    My dad actually brought up a good point after the show though. If you are a cop, in someone’s home, you fins a book like that, you don’t take it. You take a picture since almost every phone now has a camera, and match up the writing that way. If he had done that, there would not have been a reason for Walt to look at the car. He would not have confronted him and he would have all the time in the world to make a case without a flight risk. I mean really that was a great point. Hank would have started to put the dots together a long time ago if it hadn’t been for the fact that it is family.

    Something to note too. Skyler says “Is this it?” Something that was a very telling line at the beginning of 6B of Sopranos… Possibly some foreshadowing since we know that this show is already somewhat similar to Godfather and Scarface in ways. I think that may be something to pay attention to in the next couple episodes.

    I have a feeling (not that I mind) but Skyler will be dead before the end of this series. Especially the way that she said things on Talking Bad, it just makes me think that she will not be there at the end.

    • jules says:

      I thought about that same thing about the book and why Hank took it in the first place. It was a mistake for sure. he was probably in shock and didn’t know what to do and I doubt he brought his phone with him to the bathroom.

      And I always suspected at least one main character wouldn’t make it to the end. Skyler is a good prediction from what has happened and how she’s acting. Gunn was so cryptic in Talking Bad that it’s a good assumption, but I just can’t wait to see how this all ends.

      And yes, Paul was amazing tonight despite no lines. I expect Hank to rip him apart, too. not sure what will happen, but probably not too much. He’s in a deep place now and I don’t know if Jesse will get out of it.

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