Graceland – Recap & Review – Smoke Alarm

photo: usa

photo: usa

Smoke Alarm

Original Air Date: Aug 15, 2013

Jules – Senior News Editor

Wow. So I think I’ve been saying that after every episode for the past few weeks, but it’s always true and this week is definitely another one of those times. Just when you thought that it couldn’t get crazier, oh boy, does it get crazy this week on Graceland as secrets start to unravel.

Briggs is still recovering from being beat up by an unsuspecting Mike. Paige promises to keep Mike’s recklessness a secret and Charlie’s still suspicious of Briggs, who is less interested in getting Odin and more about getting Jangles.

Speaking of Jangles, he’s arrived! Well we don’t see him, but we see what he’s done. A pair of blood soaked tennis shoes hanging off a wire. Dangling feet is what Briggs calls it. They belonged to Bello’s number one dealer.

Briggs gets a motel room and puts a dummy smoke alarm with a hidden camera, but why? Charlie soon finds a connection to the hotel room being paid for by a Mexican company that has loose ties to Odin. A possible Odin mistake?

Mike goes to meet with Bello at his safe house. Bello’s not scared of the Caza cartel and brings out a case of automatic weapons and wants Mike to train his guys how to use them. Bello’s guys; however, aren’t too happy with Bello just hiding out.

Briggs and Mike chat later. Mike wants to move on Bello now, but Briggs says they can’t because they’re using one monster (Bello) to get bigger monsters (Jangles and Odin). Mike questions Briggs’ motive: vengeance or closure?

Meeting up with Juan, Mike wonders why the FBI haven’t gotten Briggs yet for the addiction. Juan says it’s possible Briggs is reluctant to move on Bello because he wants to sell him out not just as bait to get all the other monsters. The monster comment throws Mike and when he goes home he finds a bug in the photo Juan gave him. So who to trust?

Charlie keeps watch at the motel, but curiosity gets the better of her and she breaks into the room and quickly notices the smoke alarm and the camera bug inside it. Briggs is watching on his computer and sees all this. Not soon after the picture goes dark, a man breaks into the room. His name is Rafael Cortes. Policia federal. In Mexico. He covers the Caza cartel and heard Jangles was coming for Odin. He suggests they can maybe work together to catch Odin? Charlie’s not sure yet as she has her suspicious. She does look him up later. Cortes had distinguished service.

Mike shows Juan the bug he found and demands answers. Juan’s says Briggs is very seductive and wanted to know he could trust Mike. And then Juan tells us about Briggs and how Graceland isn’t the first house of its kind that Briggs was a part of and Juan’s personal connection to this case.

Previously, there was “The Estate” where Briggs and his training officer Roberto lived. Roberto was a close friend of Juan’s. Three years ago on July 2, Briggs was sent off the Caza case mentioned a few episodes back. The next day he goes on supposed vacation. July 20, the Estate house burns down to the ground and all five agents inside die, including Roberto. FBI investigation says it was an electrical fire accelerated by improper storage of propane. On July 25, Briggs returns from so called vacation, learns house burned down, acts devastated, and is given time off. Then the FBI starts a new house and Briggs volunteers to be first inside. Thus the start of Graceland.

Juan’s convinced that Briggs was involved and says the FBI is hiding behind the deaths. Juan’s proof? Nine hours before Briggs supposed return, there was a call from an Arizona border pay phone to the main houseline. One minute later from same pay phone, there was a call to Lisa, an agent in house Briggs was seeing. Mike doesn’t buy it all and says he’s out. Juan personal vendetta anyone?

Briggs tries to talk to Johnny about what is up with Charlie. Johnny eventually caves and tells Briggs that Charlie thinks he and Odin maybe are connected some how. Briggs talks to Johnny about getting Jangles and Johnny says he might have a lead for him from a woman at a bar he met while undercover who tells him about new faces. They head to the bar and Briggs notices one of Bello’s guys selling Bello out to the Caza cartel. So cartel definitely knows where Bello’s safe house is. Can’t be good for Mike.

Mike’s at the house with Bello, who’s not worried that this war he’s started is endangering himself and his guys. But it’s maybe too late. Briggs can’t get to Mike in time and when Mike goes to turn off some sprinklers, he sees a guy dead. The FBI’s surveillance team also dead. By the time Mike makes it back inside the house, Bello’s been caught and OMG, it’s Jangles! In a suit? Wait, are you thinking what I’m thinking? Mike gets stabbed by Jangles and is about to be killed, but Briggs shoots him in the shoulder. Briggs goes after Jangles and Bello is caught by the FBI tac team. To maintain his cover, Mike gets one of the agents to read him his rights when Bello is taken by him. Smart move! But then he passes out!

It’s OK, Mike’s in the hospital and very much alive. Paige is there when he wakes up. She before let Mike know he can trust her and this is when Mike tells Paige that he was placed in Graceland to investigate Briggs. Paige is totally caught off guard, thinks he’s a rat and she runs out. Probably shouldn’t have told her anything!

We see Juan put on Jangles’ face mask with dangling keys in hand. But is he Jangles?

Charlie meets with Cortes for coffee, who already knows they have Bello. Charlie’s excited and hope they can work together to take down Jangles, Odin and Caza. The camera pans back to show a blood stain on his right shoulder. So wait, he IS Jangles or a wanna be? He was the one trying to kill Bello it seems.

At the beach, Briggs drinks through his pain and reminisces about his old flame. Nearby is Juan, who says he’s about to approach Briggs to talk about the house fire, while undercover as Jangles. So he’s not really Jangles. Briggs is drunk and Juan tries to pick a fight with Briggs, even showing his gun, but when he goes to pull it, the two tangle and Juan gets shot dead. Yikes!

Another crazy cliffhanger ending. Even though we got some answers, there are more questions! I knew there was something up with Juan and we might not know for sure, but it seems like he was on a revenge mission. Didn’t expect Mike to tell Paige about his mission, but then again, he thought he could trust her. Will the rest of the house find out Mike’s mission? What will Briggs think when he realizes who he’s killed? Wait, does he even know who Juan is? What will Mike think when he finds out about Juan being killed? What will happen with his mission? There are only three more episodes left, but a lot of stories left to tell. Share your TwoCents below!

Next week: King’s Castle

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2 Responses to Graceland – Recap & Review – Smoke Alarm

  1. debra says:

    this epi just about killed me, let me tell ya! you asked all the right ?’s too, future epi’s should be very good! i have major feelings for briggs, he isn’t such a bad guy, he was just trying to get some revenge on a man who for the most part nearly destroyed his life all those years ago. but once he learns that he didn’t kill the real jangles and learns who he did kill, i think his hell may start over again, because for all intents and purposes, even tho it was a stupid move, juan didn’t deserve to die. and now briggs will think that he’s in the clear, and not have his guard up which means the real jangles can strike…eeek!
    mike is such a trooper, that boy has been thru so much in his first year. i’m rooting for him to make it thru all this stronger but better.
    charlie is a total rock star, she is hustling and is really in the thick of it too, while she may not know that yet.
    cannot wait for next week, each week this show just gets better and better. so impressed with jeff eastin and the whole usa family…great choice…keep it coming we want more graceland!!

    • jules says:

      Will be interesting to see how Charlie and Cortes’ working relationship builds and how that affects everything else.

      Rooting for Mike as well and hoping we get another season of Graceland, although not sure where they can go from here, they’ve done so much in the short time it’s been on air!

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