Suits – Recap & Review – Shadow of a Doubt

photo: usa

photo: usa

Shadow of a Doubt

Original Air Date: Aug 13, 2013

Wyner C – Associate Staff Writer

Guys, I don’t know how to play chess or poker – that’s why I cannot read people and can never think a few steps ahead. Basically, I suck at office politics (and maybe life…I’m in a reflecting mood). That’s why Jessica is totes awesome and I’m loving her – I never know if it’s a move or real. She even stumps Specter and he reads people for a living! By the way, I’m keeping it short today because I have a summer cold and my bed is calling my name (not in a creepy way).

Harvey and Harvey-lite tries to take down Pornstache and Tony the Destroyer (dude who is trying to take Ava’s company) at the same time. Too bad the double Harveys partnership turns sour when Lite subpoena Tony’s daughter without real Harvey’s knowledge. Specter turns to Jessica for help. They’re going to make a deal with Tony and Ava – one where both cannot refuse.

Jessica works her magic with Ava – power woman to power woman. Jessica convinces Ava to take the deal – Hessington will sell her shares to Tony who will put Ava as CEO (win/win-ish?). Tony also divulges that Pornstache left him in a room alone with the incriminating Ava video – a no-no. Harvey gets the video thrown out but Pornstache isn’t letting Ava go. Talk about a dog and his bone!

At the end of the day, Jessica goes to Harvey to let him know she wants them to be on the same side. Oh, also, she’s going to add Harvey’s name on the wall – Pearson Darby Specter. Peacock doesn’t seem happy because he’s wondering if it’s a move or if she’s really sincere. I’m wondering too. Do you think Harvey will cease his attempt to dethrone Jessica or will he proceed?

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. Mike met Rachel’s parents after having to fight for it – she didn’t want to lie to her family but after the “loves” they exchanged, she relented. All goes well until Daddy Zane accidentally drops the news to Mike that Rachel may go to Stanford Law School. After a fight, the couple makes up and Rachel will make the decision when the time comes. Anyone hoping Rachel will go to Stanford? I am. Just go.

2. Peacock knows about Harvey-lite and Donna’s relationship. It seems Harvey may not like it but is keeping it to himself if the relationship doesn’t interfere with work. Except it does when the Harveys have a fight and Lite brings Donna into the argument. Donna isn’t happy. The pseudo-couple fight and Lite confesses he wants their short-term arrangement to extend indefinitely. Donna is taking the proposal into advisement. She walks away…and looks back. Girl, you said yes with that “look back”. I would look back too. Especially if the sex gives you a glow.

3. Nigel and Louis have a tiff. Then they find another common ground – Nigel’s cat. Can they just be friends?!! They’re the same person – with different accents! Their love for cats is adorable and I’m happy Louis finds joy in a finicky cat – after cat-sitting for Nigel. I hope he falls in love with another cat and finds his next feline companion. It’s time, no?

4. Do you think Jessica knows about Harvey’s to-be coup so she’s preempting it by putting his name on the wall? Or, she wants an ally and by putting Harvey’s name on the wall, she’ll have more leverage against Darby?

Jessica – playing Harvey or sincere? Isn’t Jessica awesome? She’s smart and conniving and she’s so good, even Harvey can’t fully read her. Will Harvey continue his coup? Pearson Darby Specter sounds great – how is Louis going to react? Rachel – leave or stay? (Go, please go) I’m over Ava and Pornstache’s storyline. Make Pornstache go away, please. Agree? Discuss away!!!

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