True Blood – Recap & Review – Life Matters

photo: hbo

photo: hbo

True Blood
Life Matters

Original Air Date: Aug 11, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

True Blood has always been about blood. But this week’s visit to Bon Temps had to be the bloodiest, grossest ever. Ever. The body count had to be in the hundreds, but it wasn’t just the deaths, but the dismembering, the bursts of gore and the faces so caked with red you could barely make out any features.

We began the season with everyone thickly covered in blood and here we are with one episode left and everyone is back in the same place. The only reprieve we had was Terry’s funereal and the flashbacks of his journey through life.

Eric is on the rampage and Bill decided he has enough of Warlow’s miracle blood in him, so he follows Eric to the vamp camp. There he finds dismembered body parts all over the place. But that doesn’t compare to Eric ripping off Dr. Overlark’s penis, throwing it on the ground in plain view and watching the evil physician bleed out. Then he released all the vamps and told them to kill the humans, which they do with gusto. He also discovers Ginger, who has three big scream scenes. And boy, they certainly hired the actress based on her scream.

Bill follows and the doctor asks to be killed. When Bill finds out that the doctor harmed Jessica, he agrees, driving his foot into the man’s skull (this might have been worse than the penis — or not).

But there’s still Jessica, Pam, Tara, James, Violet and Steve in the room where they’ll meet the light. Sarah was hiding among the dead and gets up to let the light in. Bill lets all the vamps feed on him until he’s near death, but it saves everyone (with his arms straight out, the Jesus comparisons can’t be far behind) — except for Steve, whom Eric makes sure dies the final death. All the vamps leave Bill behind and the three Liliths start telling Bill he’s going to die, until James and Jessica come back to feed him. Eric gives the psychiatrist to Pam to sink her fangs into.

Jason captures Sarah and threatens to blow off her head. I don’t like Sarah, but by then the idea of more explosive carnage made my stomach flip. Jason chickens out and she zooms off in a truck. She can run but can she really hide?

All the gore was interspersed between scenes from Terry’s funeral. We also saw how Andy brought his cousin back out into civilization after Terry returned from the war and how Terry began working at Merlott’s. Sookie shares that she heard Terry’s thoughts and he loved Arlene from the moment they met. Ahh…

The episode ended on an odd note. Pam tells Eric not to leave her, but he shoots straight in the air to places unknown.

Will Eric return? Will Sarah get her just dues? Did you cry during the funereal scenes? Give us your TwoCents…

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1 Response to True Blood – Recap & Review – Life Matters

  1. Lyssa says:

    This episode was mostly just sad. Granted the gore was horrifying, but all I could focus on was Terry’s funeral and I really did not care about the rest… I mean Eric hearing Ginger scream “I know that scream” That was funny, but the rest all I could focus on was Terry. He has been a character that I have loved from the beginning and him with Arlene… That was just too perfect. Getting teary eyed just writing this. But to see those flash backs was somewhat tough. He was such a lost soul at the beginning and to know how much he progressed… 😥

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