The Newsroom – Recap & Review – News Night with Will McAvoy

photo: hbo

photo: hbo

The Newsroom
News Night with Will McAvoy

Original Air Date: Aug 11, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

This had to be one of my all time favorite episodes because we got to see how the news worked, but also, we got to watch the characters at their most vulnerable.

We began with Sloan getting chewed out. Seems her recent ex posted pics of her naked on the web and she’s ashamed beyond beliefs. She retreats to Don’s office, to discover he made a joke that another publication picked up to smear a candidate’s name. They commiserate together. I like the slow, slow boil of this relationship.

Will is grappling with two phone calls. One is a tweet that Neal brings to attention that a woman says he snubbed her in a coffee shop — and you know Will won’t let that one alone. He also gets a call from his dad’s cell just before going on air. Turns out his dad has had a heart attack and Mac tries to get him to call to leave a message for his father during a break.

A bomb destroys a building in Syria and the team is scrambling to put the story together. They discover a woman who says her husband is under the building and they speak to him. They also download the 911 tape from George Zimmerman (which takes forever – seems I’m not the only one with a slow connection). Jim really questions Maggie’s ability to work while drinking and she says she’s fine, but she’s not. He’s suspicious when she edits the 911 tape poorly, but she said she had five minutes to edit a four minute tape down to 30 seconds. Don’t think that’s going to go well for her.

Mac is on fire. First, she discovers that the man under the bombed building is really in the US and an imposter. Then she takes a teen to task after he tweets he plans to come out on TV during an interview with Will.

Meanwhile, a Navy man leaks more info on Genoa to Charlie and things are starting to get serious on that story. But remember — the season began with the team being named in a lawsuit over the story months after it finally airs.

Sloan finally stands up to her ex, giving him a bloody nose, and Don backs her up. I might start liking him now. But during the last minutes of the show Will’s dad dies in the hospital. Will can’t speak and the air goes dead for a minute as he collects himself. It’s a poignant moment that shows how these characters’ personal and professional lives sometimes collide messily and Jeff Daniels gives an exquisite performance. This is why he’s up for an Emmy.

Did you wonder why Maggie now has long blonde hair when last week she had short red spikes? Do you want Sloan and Don together? What will happen that makes the Genoa story blow up in their faces? Give us your TwoCents…

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