Dexter – Recap & Review – Dress Code

photo: showtime

photo: showtime

Dress Code

Original Air Date: Aug 11, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

As the final season eases into its second half, it’s impossible not to start speculating about how it all will end. How will the events we are watching now play into that end?

The most popular theories (with no spoiler knowledge) are that one or both of the Morgan siblings will die or end up in jail. But do you have a different theory after watching tonight? If so, I’m curious to hear it in the comments below.

Sure, we’ve got our minor weekly filler. Masuka is abhorred to find out his cash-strapped daughter is working at a breast-aurant . And since he doesn’t want his own visits to similar establishments marred by the thought of “daughter boobs”, he angles to get her an assistant job at Miami Metro. She’s not really interested though, as she’d make less money. Captivating, right?

Just as captivating, is that Jamie wants to someday move in with Quinn. But when Quinn is ordered by Matthews and Batista to stop following Zach, in retribution, moves up the cohabitation to right away. Yup, thrilling.

The truly interesting parts of the evening , of course, involve Dexter. He wakes up in the middle of nowhere, curious as to why Hannah drugged Deb and him, but didn’t kill them. He calls Deb for a ride home, and she’s already clued into the fact that Hannah was party to their blackouts. He uses traffic cameras to obtain license plate information on her car. And then in turn gets an address and phone number from the car rental place. Here was my first quibble, as why didn’t he immediately look up the address to find out who was the boat’s owner?

He tracks Hannah to a dinner club, having to call in wealthy Zach to procure his entry and act as Robin to his Batman. He spies Hannah, who advises him that she not only now goes by Maggie Castner, but then shocks him by introducing her husband, Miles. Miles is seemingly in the know about Hannah’s past activities, acknowledging Dexter and her relationship upon introduction.

Deb visits, and despite their near matching outfits (see above photo), the two aren’t on the same page regarding Hannah. She accuses her brother of still being in love with Hannah. Dexter claims he just wants to discover Hannah’s angle, but Deb really just wants her gone. She pinpoints asking Dexter to kill Hannah as the moment of her unraveling (despite having earlier helped cover up Travis Marshall’s murder), and calls her a black hole that represents all that is wrong with their lives. Harrison is engrossed, watching Rastamouse, but does perk up at the mention of Hannah’s name.

Dexter’s intrigue is only further piqued when Miles confronts him at a gas station, warning him to stay away from Hannah or he will make his life very difficult. So, in turn, Dexter reaches out to Hannah and the two meet up at her old (now decrepit) greenhouse. Hannah admits that Miles is very controlling and possessive, and she poisoned Dexter so he would come find her. She was planning to ask Dexter to kill Miles for her, thinking he might feel as if he owed it to her after the whole arrest thing. They both admit that their feelings for each other are still all consuming.

But the next day, his concern for her well-being is amped up when Miles has some goons pay him a visit to beat the crap out of him. He takes off for the yacht, where at the same time Miles is confronting Hannah about the greenhouse visit. He angrily accosts her, vowing to possess her and keep her hidden away on his yacht. Dexter boards the yacht, only to find her hovering over Miles dead(and bloody) body. She’s shaken, and he seems to just assume it was self-defense. The two get the body off one boat and onto Dexter’s, where they drop it off the side. The two admit they never really regretted not killing each other, all the while Deb observes them from a distance (more on that in a moment). Then Dexter gets a call that there’s a crime scene… at his apartment building.

Which brings us to the other arc of the episode: Zach. Dexter is in the explaining stages of the code with Zach, but never really gets past the whole “learn to be patient” and “come up with a cover life” aspects. He’s called away and twice blows off preset plans with the hotheaded teenager. Vogel takes pains to remind Dexter that he learned the code at an early age and never killed until he was nineteen. Zach is grown and has already killed. Zach also has a penchant for showing up at Dexter’s apartment door. The first time, Dexter hysterically drags him onto the outside walkway (in plain sight) to tell him they can’t be seen together. The second time is after Dexter has once again blown off Zach. Apparently Dexter doesn’t think it’s important to be considerate and call Zach to reschedule, so it only sets the teen off.

Cassie, the neighbor, interrupts his angry knocking (which, where are Harrison and Jamie?), advising Dexter isn’t home. It doesn’t bode well for her, as when Dexter is called away from Hannah, it’s to Cassie’s apartment, where she has been bludgeoned to death. He immediately notices the similarities to Norma Rivera’s death, wondering if Zach is the killer.

And all the while, Deb has been quietly tracking her brother with some hi-tech GPS equipment she borrowed from Elway. She also told Elway off for being in her business and space, but he still seems smitten. It is a wonder, with how sloppy Dexter has gotten in recent years, that he’s not already in jail. Every season, someone has discovered his secret. And while most end up in his table, currently Deb, Vogel, Zach, and Hannah are all living in Miami, with the knowledge. Heck, even Lumen is out there somewhere with the info.

And there you have my TwoCents! Share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below!


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5 Responses to Dexter – Recap & Review – Dress Code

  1. I almost wonder if Hannah drugged Dexter and Deb to plant the murder weapon or evidence on killing her husband. I feel like I am being robbed of this last season of Dexter. I still think Dr Vogel is evil, and the devil. Besides that, I just feel empty. lol Great review, and great way to try to engage with such little clues!

  2. Janice says:

    Has anyone had the thought that Deb killed Cassie because of that encounter with her by Dexter’s car? She still loves Dexter and was jealous of Cassie because she told her she was interested in him.

    • karenb says:

      Unless Deb is far more unhinged than we’ve been led to believe (and seen), I don’t think so… But if you’re right, I tip my hat to you in advance!

      On Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 11:42 AM, TheTwoCents

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