Breaking Bad – Recap & Review – Blood Money

photo: amc

photo: amc

Breaking Bad
Blood Money

Original Air Date: Aug 11, 2013

Jules – Senior News Editor

Welcome to the beginning of the end Breaking Bad fans. Just seven more episodes before our favorite drama ends. The mid-season finale left us with Walt and Jesse leaving behind the meth business and Hank finding Walt’s “Leaves of Grass” book with the inscription from Gale.

As the final eight episodes get underway, Walt and Jesse adjust to life outside the meth business – Jesse’s having the harder time, while we learn the aftermath of Hank finding the fated book.

We open with kids skateboarding inside a pool in the backyard of Walt’s old house?! It’s all boarded up. Walt’s looking like he did from the season 5 premiere, full beard and glasses, and yup, there’s that gun in the trunk. So this is the future. Walt breaks into his old house. “Heisenberg” is spray painted on the wall inside. Walt wanders around and then to the bedroom where he unscrews the wall outlet cover to take the ricin out. Yeah, it’s still there where no one ever found it! Before Walt leaves, his old neighbor sees him and is in shock.

Then we’re back to where we were at the mid-season break. Hank finally departs the bathroom, Leaves of Grass in hand. He’s still wrapping his head around what he just discovered. If there was any doubt Hank didn’t figure it out, I think him stashing the book in his bag was the biggest clue. He goes back to the family gathering, feigns illness and heads home. On the drive back home, Hank has an anxiety/panic attack and crashes his car into a front lawn.

After a visit to the hospital, he tells Marie not to tell Skyler about the incident. Hank then heads to the basement to compare the handwriting from the book to copies of Gale’s old notes. It all confirms what he knew: a clear match.

Walt and Skyler head back to their job of running the car wash in matching cream colored outfits. Walt starts talking about air freshener displays, but puts it in there that since they are a successful car wash, they should buy another one, you know, to help cover all that cash he has. Skyler will think about it.

After they talk, Lydia shows up. She rails to Walt that the quality of meth she’s moving is only at 68% and falling. Walt could care less. Skyler’s suspicious of Lydia (who washes a rental car?) and Walt tells her she’s a former business associate who wants me to go back. Skyler then lays the smack down on Lydia asking her to get out and never come back in her best bitch mode. Loved it!

Hank stays home from work, but has some guys bring in evidence materials from his Gus investigations for him to look over. And so it begins, Hank trying to connect the dots.

After 25 minutes in, we finally get a glimpse of Jesse. He’s hanging out with Badger and Skinny Pete, but Jesse’s seen better days. Badger and Skinny Pete discuss Badger’s Star Trek script and theories. “Because he’s a doctor, bitch!” Jesse soon leaves with the two duffel bags of money Walt gave him and heads to Saul’s. He tells Saul to give half of the $5 million to the parents of the boy Todd killed and the other half to Mike’s granddaughter Kaylee. Saul tries to talk Jesse out of giving away the money, but Jesse could care less. Once Jesse leaves, Saul calls Walt, who says he’ll handle it. When the camera pulls back, we see Walt is hooked up to an IV. He’s at chemotherapy. His cancer’s back!

Walt soon shows up at Jesse’s, money bags in hand. Walt questions why Jesse would give away his money that he’s clearly earned. He questions why Kaylee since Mike is capable of taking care of his own granddaughter. Jesse thinks he’s dead and Walt questions Jesse’s thoughts saying it’s not true and that he didn’t kill Mike and that’s he’s doing fine wherever he is. “Jesse, I need you to believe this. It’s not true. It’s just not.” Jesse clearly doesn’t listen and is on the point of a nervous breakdown I think because he later gives a homeless guy a stack of money and then subsequently starts angrily throwing stacks of money out his car while driving down a neighborhood at night.

Hank’s hiding the treatment from his family and when he goes to throw up in the bathroom, he realizes the Walt Whitman book is missing. He’s sure it’ll show up, but after he asks Skyler what’s wrong with Hank and she says it’s a stomach thing that’s kept him out of work all week, Walt is getting suspicious. More so when he later finds a GPS tracker under his car.

Not before long, Walt shows up at Hank’s. Walt sees what Hank is doing and they try to play nice, until Walt pulls out the GPS tracker and asks Hank about it. Hank closes the garage door and then punches Walt in the face! “It was you! All along it was you!” It’s on!

Walt completely denies everything Hank is talking about and then tells him that his cancer is back. “Good. Rot, you son of a bitch,” is Hanks’ reply, adding he has no idea who Walt is. Walt says he’s just a dying man who owns a car wash. Hank then tells Walt to bring Skyler and the kids here and they will talk. Walt says it’s not going to happen. And then in a great Heisenberg style voice, Walt says, “If you don’t know who I am, then maybe your best course would be to tread lightly.”

And there you have it, first episode back and it’s already great. Didn’t think a Hank/Walt confrontation would happen so early, but there it is. I think we’re beyond treading lightly though. What’s Hank’s next movie? What’s Walt’s next move? Will Jesse be OK? What happened to the house? And who is the ricin for? Will Hank tell Skyler about Walt’s cancer? Share you TwoCents below and have an A1 day!

Next week: Buried

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One Response to Breaking Bad – Recap & Review – Blood Money

  1. Lyssa says:

    Just saying, I flippin love that scene with Badger and Skinny Pete. Totally pointless, SURE but those two are just awesome lol.

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