Graceland – Recap & Review – Bag Man

photo: usa

photo: usa

Bag Man

Original Air Date: Aug 8, 2013

Jules – Senior News Editor

The tagline for Graceland says it’s a place where nothing is what it seems and everyone has a secret. Really starting last week, at least one of those secrets started to unravel. Learning Briggs was once addicted to heroin is big, but him being Odin? Even bigger. Is it for himself or is it to get to someone even deeper? We don’t know…yet, but I sure hope we find out.

We dig a little deeper into the many secrets that Graceland brings and are taken for quite a ride of an episode tonight, so let’s get to it.

Mike tells Briggs that Bello made a deal with Odin. Briggs brushes it off that Bello made the deal without him and now it’s down to getting Odin. Right, as if Briggs is going to let that happen.

The next morning, Briggs’ alarm goes off and he begins his workout and spiritual ritual. Then he heads to his supposed CI’s house, that is clearly Briggs’ secret apartment and into a crawl space where his stash of heroin lives (evidence marked on it shows that it’s stolen from FBI), along with Odin’s mark. So in case you thought Briggs was lying, he’s not. Briggs stashes the drugs in a gym locker where later Mike makes the money drop and grabs the drugs. After an FBI bag sweep, Mike delivers the drugs to Bello’s lady crew to sort. What an interesting set up.

Later, Mike shows Briggs that forensics pulled DNA off the heroin, and it was Briggs’…and Mike’s Apparently both are making a few mistakes. Briggs started to get worried, but after Mike saying his DNA was on their too, he wasn’t as freaked.

Dale and Johnny are undercover at the gym to see if they can see Odin coming in since he hasn’t picked up the money after the drop. So Briggs is not taking the money, so why is he dealing heroin? Dale isn’t enjoying it as much there, and Johnny’s being annoying to him as he just wants to befriend everyone in the house.

Mike asks Bello about Odin, but Bello gives up nothing saying he made the deal to keep Odin’s anonymity. As they talk, hit men come in and shoot up the abandoned basement! The surveillance team is freaking out (there’s no tac team), as are Mike and Bello. All the girls are shot dead, but Mike and Bello make it out alive. But before the two leave, Bello takes one of the guys with them, the others will be “taken care of.”

Mike calls in. He’s OK, but Bello’s torturing the Caza hit man they snagged. While Charlie begs to get Mike out, according to Briggs, Mike’s got two options. 1. Roll in and arrest Bello and Odin’s gone. 2. Choose to stay under, save the hit man’s life and the case on Odin. Charlie says that it’s not worth it to get Odin, but Mike says he’ll try to keep the guy alive.

Bello’s torturing the hit man, who confirms that their hit was to send a message to Bello to get rid of Odin and come back to the Caza cartel. After some difficult to watch scenes and Bello cutting off the man’s hand, Mike goes in and saves the hand by cauterizing it in the hot lead. The hit man says they are already dead because Jangles is coming for them.

Late night chat between Briggs and Charlie. They argue about having Mike push the limits and was this whole move about getting Caza, Odin or maybe it’s about getting to Jangles?

Elsewhere, Mike continues to lie about still seeing Abby. And after crashing her place after his crazy night, Mike decides to bring Abby back to Graceland. Not sure that’s a good idea, but we shall see.

Charlie’s getting suspicious of Briggs so she takes Johnny out to check on Briggs and his CI’s apartment and he agrees to go along. They don’t find anything in the apartment, but we see that Briggs was there and he’s now hiding in the closet spot where the drugs are.

Back to Mike and he does indeed bring Abby to the house. She’s impressed with the place and wants to see Mike’s room and not before long, Paige, holding a gun, sees Abby. Abby freaks. Mike tries to talk his way out of it, with some help from Paige (who soon leaves to check the rest of the house), but to no avail. It gets worse when Abby agrees to leave, grabs her jacket and sees Mike’s gun that he was trying to hide before. Oops. Abby’s definitely never coming back. Paige appreciates Mike breaking the rules for a change, but he’s gotta know what rules to break.

Mike’s about to do get another drop, but thinking they’ll never get Odin like this, he changes things up and tells Bello that he went to the drop and there was no bag. Briggs’ pissed with the move and questions Odin’s move if he learns of the lie. Ha! Bello isn’t worried and calls Briggs saying he is missing something. So Briggs goes to his house and gathers the rest of the drugs from the apartment and sets up another drop with Bello only.

The team’s now following Bello. Charlie’s on the ground, as is Briggs and Johnny. Mike’s on surveillance. Briggs calls in a fake stolen car and pursues with no help, while Charlie follows Bello into a clothing store. Charlie goes to the change room next to Bello, while Bello sneaks out of the change room to meet with Briggs. Briggs explains the missing drugs because of Caza and gives Bello the key to the apartment with enough heroin to last a few months. Bello’s happy and heads off, not the way he came, (doesn’t like the theatre games) and Briggs is not happy about it.

While this is going on, Charlie goes to look for Bello and realizes there is a hole in the wall. Johnny notices Bello leaving another store with an envelope. Not wanting to let Odin get away from them, Mike heads in back with Johnny and Charlie in pursuit. Briggs notices them all. He’s cornered right?

This is Briggs and he finds a way out. He covers himself by attacking Mike and then lie that he almost shot Odin. Argh!!

Later, back at the house, Mike tells Briggs that you can tell a lot about someone about the way he fights. Mike says he might have broken some of Odin’s ribs. Mike suspects nothing. Briggs is seriously hurt.

Another solid episode from this show. It’s getting better and better and crazier and crazier. How long can Brigg’ secret last? He got so close to being caught! And why is he Odin? Not for the money, but to get Jangles/Caza for making him an addict? And will Charlie continue to suspect anything since she found nothing at the house? Are Mike and Abby over? Will she tell anyone? Share your TwoCents below!

Next week: Smoke Alarm

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2 Responses to Graceland – Recap & Review – Bag Man

  1. Debra says:

    this show! like my hubby said last night, “you picked another winner.” lol! each epi just gets better and better. loved all the plot twists and cover ups last night, i think i may have to watch it again just to make sure i get it all straight before next week.
    loved watching briggs run around god’s creation trying to cover his tracks while keeping bello happy. i honestly think this…
    briggs isn’t in it for the money, he is in it to get revenge on the caza cartel for something personal, could be the heroine addiction or it could be this mystery woman that he touched on before. maybe something happened to her as a result of the cartel or something along those lines?? whatever the reason, it goes deeper than money.
    kind of sorry to see abby go only because i know mike really liked her, but he’s got to realize that relationships like that just aren’t in the books for someone in his position, he can’t be with abby and be undercover, it just wouldn’t work.
    love dj and johnny together, and i liked that dj broke it down for johnny just a bit too. don’t want johnny to lose his fun loving personality, but a bit of a reality check every once in awhile from a friend can’t hurt either.
    charlie….oh charlie…once she finds all this out about briggs, i really fear for what it will do to their relationship. it’s already starting to form some cracks, and i hate to see what will happen when all this comes out, if it ever does.
    i guess that’s my two cents, sorry for the long post, but blame this great show for giving us so much to talk about. 🙂

    • jules says:

      Thank you for your comments Debra. All valid points! I agree about Briggs getting revenge and his way is being a dealer to get to Caza, or even Jangles. We’ve gotten so many reveals and plot twists, I have no idea what this show will have left once we hit the season finale!

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