Top Chef Masters – Recap & Review – Sex, Greed, and Murder

photo: bravo

photo: bravo

Top Chef Masters
Sex, Greed, and Murder

Original Air Date: Aug 7, 2013

Ryan O – Associate Editor

The chefs cook for the cast of Days of Our Lives and have to deal with making dishes that represent those three pillars of soap operas: sex, greed, and murder. Three of them also have to deal with the disadvantage their sous chef earned by finishing in the bottom.

Another thing they have to deal with: leftovers. They have to use leftovers from the sous chef battle to make a dish.

Sous Chef Competition


The chefs must make a dish using the scraps leftover from the sous chef battle where they had to make sausages.

They’ll have 30 minutes.

No one has very much meat left.

Here’s what they made for judges Amelia and Erica, butchers at Lindy and Grundy, a local meat shop.

Neal: Ricotta cavatelli with pork and duck sausage

Douglas: Duck breast with sweet corn, roasted daikon and ponzu

Lynn: Carbonara with arugula, leeks, and mushrooms

Sue: Charred pork with cannellini beans and salsa verde

Bryan: Venison with granola and coffee

David: Pressed prawns with orecchiette, burrata, and asparagus

Sang: Spicy pork larb with cabbage and Thai chiles (larb is a Thai ground meat salad)

Lynn’s carbonara was thought to be a bit one-dimensional. They thought Sue’s pork was very dry.

Neal’s ricotta cavatelli was called well-balanced. (David is somewhere between amused and annoyed since this is a dish from David’s restaurant, where Neal used to work.) They loved Douglas’s duck breast and thought the use of daikon was interesting. Sang’s pork lab gets praised, too, enough praise to get the Quickfire win!

Elimination Challenge

They’re cooking for the cast of Days of Our Lives. They have to cook a dish that best represents one of sex, greed, or murder.

Lynn’s sous chef won the battle, so she has immunity and gets to pick which of the three. She chooses sex.

Sang, Franklin, and Bryan had their sous chefs come in on the bottom. They’ll find out later what their disadvantage is.

There will be a winner and loser from each group. The winners will be up for the overall win and the losers will be facing elimination.

When they get back from shopping, there’s an organist in the kitchen, who is playing DRAMATIC soap opera music, which is awesome.

They start cooking. After a while, the organist plays, Curtis walks in and hand Bryan a script. He has to go to prison for 30 minutes. The organist plays again. Franklin has to spend 30 minutes in a coma. The organist plays for a third time. Sang has to spend 30 minutes at the crime scene where he was the victim of attempted murder.

Sang runs out of time. He doesn’t get his sauce and chicken foot on the plate.

The critics are Gail, Ruth Reichel, and Lesley Sutter, an editor at LA Magazine.

The Murder group.

Jennifer: Seared duck breast and citrus-chile duck sausage with fregola and celery salad

Odette: Mushroom and soft egg yolk-filled raviolo

Sang: Chicken liver, thigh, and meatball with forbidden black rice, and crispy chicken skin

Ruth thinks Jennifer’s take on duck a l’orange is one of most original she’s had. Not much said about Odette’s raviolo. Sang’s chicken is roundly panned as almost inedibly salty.

The Sex group.

Franklin: Salmon; crab, yuzu, and green apple; scallop with fennel and chiles; tuna and avocado

Neal: Scallop ceviche; tai snapper and yuzu kosho; uni and cauliflower egg with creme fraiche and caviar

David: Lobster scramble with XO toast, grains of paradise, and caviar

Lynn: Bacon-wrapped duck breast with carrot puree, grapes, and chocolate port sauce

Franklin’s raw quartet garners a lot of praise. Ruth says Neal’s snapper was overwhelmed by the sauce. Ruth says you wouldn’t get very far with her if you brought her David’s dish for breakfast in bed. Curtis says Lynn’s dish was an interesting concept but was too heavy and rich.

The Greed group.

Bryan: Turbot with mussels, clams, crab broth, and smoked potato

Sue: Alaskan jumbo and dungeness crab with caviar, avocado, carrots, and coconut-lime broth

Douglas: Salem sweet shrimp with DiMera bitter crab

Ruth says Bryan’s dish is very, very salty. Curtis loved the concept of the dish. Gail says all of the flavors in Sue’s are pronounced and you can taste each one. Lesley didn’t like Doug’s dish. She calls the sauce confused. Ruth, on the other, is a fan of the dish. It’s full of complex flavors.

Critics Table

Top: Sue, Jennifer, and Franklin. Curtis tells them that Jennifer is the winning dish.

Bottom: Douglas, Lynn, and Odette. Remember that Lynn has immunity.

Gail says that some diners thought Odette’s dish was missing something and didn’t understand the subtlety of the dish. Lesley says Douglas’s dish was too aggressively seasoned. Gail thought the cardamom was too strong.

The chefs leave. Ruth says Odette’s pasta and egg were both perfectly cooked. Curtis says it lacked flavor. Ruth and Gail both say that Douglas’s dish was the most aggressively spiced of the dishes in that group.

Odette is sent home.

Aww. She was sort of adorable.

What did you find to be tasty in this episode? Did you think anything was overdone? Give us your Two Cents below!

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