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photo: usa

photo: usa

Covert Affairs
Rock A My Soul

Original Air Date: August 6, 2013

Brianna – TwoCents Reviewer

Annie and Auggie try to fight the norm of withholding secrets, while Henry continues to run amuck with his agenda to basically ruin everyone.

They try to come up with a good story to tell Henry about how it all went down in Colombia as she let Teo go.  Teo continues to be a sore spot for the pair and we finally get to find out why. And, let me tell you, it was unexpected.

Meanwhile, Joan is dealing with her own problems as Henry continues to muddle up her run as DCS and Arthur is struggling to prove to her that he is serious in wanting to be there for the baby and her and wanting to come home. He admits that he made a mess of things when he came out with the extramarital affair and that should have thought of something better to take the heat off of Teo. But, she won’t budge for most of the episode and justifiably so. It’s only after a tragic incident later on that causes her to ask him back home.

Auggie gets promoted as Joan’s replacement and it’s really awesome and (mostly) everyone’s really happy…for about the three days he had it.  His first directive as interim head of the DPD was to send Annie out on surveillance on the Chens. Teo’s intel on the Chens proves useful and leads them to some interesting information about what Henry has been up to.

The Chens were working with Henry, Annie discovers as she follows them to a night meeting with the man where he confirms he set up the attack and put up the money for it.

Annie proposes to turn Wendy but, her plan is met with reluctance from her handler/interim head of the DPD which causes Annie to change her story and kind of go off the rails when she meets up with Henry, telling him the truth that she let him go. Henry, the oh so informed one, simultaneously tells her and threatens with the information about the six months that are unaccounted for in Auggie’s service record when he set up the account for Arthur in 2006.

This obviously brings up questions that Annie needs answers to and, refreshingly I might add, confronts him in the hopes of getting an answer directly from the source but, sadly is only met with silence which filled me with all kinds of anxiety. What could he possibly be hiding that is so bad that he can’t tell Annie?

His silence also doesn’t help their desire not to turn out like Joan and Arthur. There were some tense moments when the awkwardness of the situation of dating your boss is acknowledged and you think it’s only going to get worse, especially when Auggie tells her she “get used to” him keeping things that pertain to the job from her.

Auggie meets up with Teo in D.C. and we get a big fat nothing out of the exchange except for the fact that they have a long standing history and that they don’t see eye to eye on how this situation is going, leaving you wondering if you’re going to get any more insight into that tense relationship this episode.

Then there is the reveal, when Auggie tells Annie what happened. So, what was Auggie hiding and what was he doing those six months that were unaccounted for? Turns out he was training Teo. Not for a mission but, so that he would be able to go after the man who killed his mother. Auggie also comes clean about a cover marriage that became more than a cover that ended badly when Teo gave them bad intel and got his wife killed. It’s easy to see now why he was reluctant to follow his intel this time around.

Henry continues to be a jerk as he threatens Arthur and his family, telling him “that was just the overture. The opera’s about to begin.”

Now that doesn’t sound ominous at all, does it?  Only time (and the next few episodes) will tell what this “opera” will be. And, that was an interesting choice of fine art.

And, when the bodies of the Chens along with those protecting them are found at the safe house Auggie personally set up for them, he’s “relieved” of his position, which is sad because that would have been interesting to see throughout the rest of the season. But, who should replace him none other than…Calder!

Can’t wait to see how that will play out with him in D.C. and his two favorite people on a team he’s in charge of.

So, what do you think? When will the “opera” begin? And, how far does Calder’s involvement go as far Henry?

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