Suits – Recap & Review – Conflict of Interest

photo: usa

photo: usa

Conflict of Interest

Original Air Date: Aug 6, 2013

Wyner C – Associate Staff Writer

The honeymoon period is definitely over. Pearson vs Darby or “49% vs 51%”. After a nasty divorce, a quickie wedding wasn’t going to end well – we all knew that. It’s starting to disintegrate and that 2% is a point of contention. Especially if Darby keeps bringing it up to keep wifey in line.

Pornstache is still pursuing Ava Hessington for murder – with what evidence is a mystery to me. To prevent Ava from digging her own grave, Harvey sabotages an interview Louis set up (Cameron would use her words against her at trial). The Beaver is hoping an interview can help Ava’s public image. I think her problem is being CEO of an oil company, the murder is icing on the hate cake.

Louis and Harvey argue and Jessica acts as arbitrator. She sides with The Beaver because he wants to oust Ava as CEO but keep Hessington Oil as a client – a $14 million customer. Jessica sees the dollar signs and sides with money – I don’t blame her. Harvey’s client is Ava so he’s against this and invokes Darby’s name (more like his 51%). Jessica has to drop this because, if my math is correct, 51% > 49%.

The Beaver secretly requests Jessica for approval to oust Ava but 49% doesn’t want to be underhanded. After Louis provokes Jessica with some harsh words about her not being in charge any more, she flies to Toronto to see Darby. Dude, I want to fly to another country on a whim for work too – I think Italy to do stuff, work stuff, no?

Instead of getting a warm welcome from The Darbster, Jessica gets a cold shoulder. He’s not going to oust Ava – he’s siding with Harvey. Then, to show his extra 2% power, he tells her next time to just call for the “hail-no” instead of spending company money. The look of death from Jessica was awesome! This inflames Jessica to give Louis the go-ahead to kick Ava out as CEO – on the hush hush, though.

After Louis’ plan is set in motion, Harvey and Mike question and record Ava so she can see how she comes off to people. These boys were so wrong about Oil Lady. She convinces them of her innocence! She is very raw and shows she cares about the little people affected by the pipeline. Mike shows Katrina the video of Ava’s testimony and she shows Louis – this convinces even Louis.

The Beaver wants to stop the overthrowing of Ava but Jessica is having none of this – the plan will proceed even if Louis feels bad. The next day, Ava is no longer the CEO and Harvey knows Jessica okayed Ava’s ouster. The Pretty confronts his Managing Partner – he thinks this was personal for her. It was due to Darby – she doesn’t like being number two. It doesn’t help that Darby pays Jessica a visit. He’s livid but she’s fine with her actions – she may have 49% but she has $14 million on her side of the ledger. Also, he can turn the lights off on his way out. Darby just got Litt up!!

Speaking of Litt, Katrina is now Louis’ associate and doing his bidding. She and Mike worked together to stop the takeover of Hessington Oil and they work well together. I think at the end of the day, the two have a professional understanding. Good for them.

Mike told Rachel he loves her – eh. Whatever. The storyline I’m most intrigued by is Donna getting some!! From British Harvey!! If you can’t have the original, a Harvey-lite is the next best thing!! I want to see more of this relationship. The problem? Donna hasn’t told Harvey about her fling. Roh-uh.

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. Love the first scene – the juxtaposition of Harvey and Louis. Harvey runs and looks hot doing it – attracting babes galore. Louis pretending to run and looks odd doing it – attracted to babes who don’t even look at him. Poor Louis but so funny!!!

2. “Forrest Gump” reference!! Love it because I love that stupid movie so much. Life IS like a box of chocolates!! If Mike is Forrest and Harvey is Bubba, who’s the Lieutenant Dan?

3. I thought it was funny when Katrina swiftly whispered that Harvey “got Litt up” when Louis asked what just happened. They are a great pairing, surprisingly.

4. Harvey’s correct, Jessica jumped into this merger and now she has to live with it. She doesn’t like being number two but 49% equals #2. Also, Darby isn’t going to sit and let Jessica walk over him – he’s top dog because he’s ruthless. What’s next for this marriage?

5. I adore Louis and his uncomfortable look when Harvey invoked Darby’s name to squash Jessica’s decision – perfect acting. I would have excused myself – that’s a conversation I want no part of.

6. Best exchange of the episode:
Mike: Shit
Katrina: What?
Mike: We’ve been looking at the wrong place.
Katrina: Shit
Mike: Shit
Katrina: Shitty Shit
Mike: Shiiiiit
~ Mike and Katrina bonding. I never thought I’d like them together.

It seems the marriage of Darby/Pearson is souring fast. Darby realizes Jessica cannot be tamed – why would you want to tame such a fierce woman?!! 51% is going to have his hands full. Will Harvey help Jessica if she wants out of the marriage or will he want to oust Jessica? What did you think of this episode? (Slow but a great set-up for coming plots) Do you like the Donna/British Harvey fling? (Love!) Discuss away!!!

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2 Responses to Suits – Recap & Review – Conflict of Interest

  1. mariatv101 says:

    You missed the Ava Hessington saga, Louis and his girl wonder trying to be smart and failing, you missed Donna getting distracted by the Brit boy and you missed possibly the most awkward and unbelievable declaration of love ever. I’m so torn. I love Jessica but if it comes down to Harvey vs. Jessica I’m on Harvey’s side, especially since Harvey seems to have allied himself with Darby now.

    Harvey is pretty much the only reason I watch this show, but I am addicted to it. Can’t wait to read your thoughts. (sorry for any spoilers)

  2. anony says:

    Entertaining show/great cast. Harv needs to be put in time out & let out only to make the firm more money until he regroups.
    Team Jessica all the way.
    Jessica to Darby: I just put 14 mil on my side of the ledger. Do me a favor & turn the lights off on your way out (that’s a bad girrrrrl)

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