True Blood – Recap & Review – Dead Meat

photo: hbo

photo: hbo

True Blood
Dead Meat

Original Air Date: Aug 4, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

We’re in the home stretch of True Blood with just two more episodes to go in the 10-episode season and it’s always the same problem — how the heck are all these storylines going to come together? Add to that this year’s dilemma: do we even want them to?

This week felt more like a bridge to the climax. Last week, we saw the (final) death of Nora, Jason put in with hungry vamps, Sookie and Warlow hooking up and Tru Blood being infused with Hep-V virus. We pick up with Eric mourning the loss of Nora and accusing Bill of not getting Warlow’s life-saving blood because Sookie still controls him. Calling a vampire god p**sy-whipped is NOT a good idea!

As Eric dashes out of Bill house, he spies Sookie emerging from the fairy hideaway where she’s stashed Warlow. That’s not good. Eric tries to get in, but can’t. Until Andy’s remaining fairy daughter is out drinking with Holly’s boys and Eric gets a nip of her.

In two stories we can’t wait to end — Alcide delivers Nicole and her mother to Sam, saying that he’s done with the pack (Rikki and two other women challenged him as pack leader and he beat her, but didn’t kill her — proving what she said, that he doesn’t have the killing instinct). Both make a show of sniffing Nicole’s hair. What’s up with that? Nicole’s mom wants to high tail it out, but Sam convinces her to stay. Turns out they both can tell by her smell that Nicole is preggo with Sam’s cub (after only a few days together!).

Meanwhile, Arlene learns about the $2 million life insurance policy and refuses to take the money, then gets pissed off when the Bellefleur side wants a big fancy wedding. Holly and Andy convince her that she shouldn’t try to get the killer and she should use the money to move on. While it’s nice for Carrie Preston to get some good scenes for once, the whole Terry story was tedious a year ago and it’s time for it (and the character) to get buried.

Back at vamp camp, Violet has claimed Jason as her personal juice box. He begs her not to rape him (really? This horndog?) and she promises he will woo her. Meanwhile James feels sorry for Steve Newlin and tells him not to drink the Tru Blood. Sarah realizes that several vamps aren’t drinking her poison and she goes for the weak link — Steve. And yes, he rats out the very pretty James.

Meanwhile, Ms. Suzuki enters the plant demanding to see the secretly-dead Gov, and asking why she hasn’t gotten her product yet. She challenges Sarah and escapes into vamp camp. Sarah chases her and delivers her death by stiletto heel, staining her perfectly white suit with blood and brain matter, still believing that she’s doing God’s work. I think she’s looking in the wrong direction.

Sookie goes to Warlow to beg him to save her friends. He agrees to help if she lets him turn her and make her his eternal bride, he’ll do it. This is a huge deal for Sookie, and she expects sympathy from Bill, but he has none (maybe’s Eric’s comment cut too deep?). She tries to get advice from Sam, admitting she always thought they’d end up together (a wink to the book readers?) and Sam explodes. Obviously, the timing sucks.

So she goes to tell Bill she’ll do it (after a long scene of primping that was reminiscent of the night she gave up her virginity to him). “Destiny is too much of a bitch to keep fighting,” she tells him and they travel to the fairy spot — to find Warlow with his throat all bloody. Is he dead? Next we see Eric walking in the daylight toward vamp camp.

And one by one, all the vamps we know are herded into the room with the lights and Jessica realizes that they are about to meet the sun…

Is Warlow toast? Will Sookie be turned? Are you happy that Sam’s going to be a daddy? Give us your TwoCents…

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One Response to True Blood – Recap & Review – Dead Meat

  1. I was sad Terry died! I was over the smoke monster drama but he and Arlene are so sweet together. I was also over the wolfpack thing and am glad Alcide is back to normal. The Sarah/Ms. Suzuki battle was gruesome and comical at the same time, classic True Blood. I am very excited to see Eric off the rails, that has promise to be very entertaining. I feel bad for Jason that he put it all on the line for Jessica and as usual she loves someone else by now. She left Hoyt for Jason, now she leaves Jason for James. She doesn’t seem to have much loyalty or long-term love capability.

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