Switched At Birth – Recap & Review – What Goes Up Must Come Down

photo: abc family

photo: abc family

Switched At Birth
What Goes Up Must Come Down

Original Air Date: Aug 5, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

The summer is winding down and the intensity is ramping up. This hour gave us a variety of emotions, from discomfort to gratitude to fear, and all of the stories are starting to really ramp up in their intensity.

The whole teen set was pushed out of their respective comfort zones. In fact with just the two episodes remaining, it’s intense to see where the season will end up!

Bay and Ty: Their story existed in a silo this hour, but the emotions were completely raw. Bay frets over Ty’s upcoming redeployment, suggesting that he try and get out of it, perhaps using John’s political clout. Ty immediately shuts the idea down, stating he made a commitment to the army. Instead, he suggests the two go camping together. Bay gets Regina’s permission to go, but only after Regina blithely asks her to lie and say she’s going with a group (in case John/Kathryn ask). Bay isn’t too keen on roughing it, but she’s aghast when Ty leads her to a tower, for her to climb. With some goading, she eventually relents, and Ty cheers her on the whole way up. Her elation at reaching the top is quickly dissipated when she learns she has to propel down. She panics on the descent, and ends up landing with her ankle twisted. She blows up at Ty, accusing him of testing her character, and he doesn’t help the situation when he admits he’s worried about Emmett. She storms off, disappearing for two hours. Ty is furious when she returns, but she admits the fear he felt for that short time she will feel every day he’s gone. They make up, and then Ty carries Bay out of the woods so she can get her ankle checked out. After she leaves the hospital on crutches, he agrees to talk to John about possibly get re-stationed somewhere closer.

Toby/Nikki: The couple meets with Nikki’s mother (played by Joey Lauren Adams, of Chasing Amy fame). Nikki immediately queries her to find out if her father was indeed a drug dealer. She tries to deflect the question by lashing out at Toby for bringing her daughter to the prison, but eventually admits that her dad was selling drugs. Nikki’s world is shattered, so her first course of action is to throw away her belief system in favor of premarital sex. Toby gets her to talk, and she admits that she’s feeling disconnected from the church and doesn’t want to get married there. Toby asks Kathryn to move the wedding to their house, and while she looks like she’d rather eat glass, she allows the venue change.

Emmett/Melody/Cameron: Cameron is getting his cochlear implant turned on, and despite his reservations, Emmett is there to support his father. It’s a bit awkward when Melody, who also came for support, meets his girlfriend Debbie. And the awkwardness is compounded when Debbie makes an awful joke about the name Melody being ironic since her name is linked to music. His audiologist, Gabe, is perfectly charming (and a bit flirty) comes in and they begin the process of turning on the implant. It’s a slow go, but Cameron shines when he first hears Debbie’s voice. He visits Emmett and tells him of all the new sounds he is hearing, like air conditioning units, plastic bags, and sipping. Emmett begrudgingly admits it’s pretty cool, and Cameron continues to repair his familial relations by asking his son to drum for him. Melody joins the two, and Cameron passes on Gabe’s phone number to her. Did you notice that Cameron clapped instead of doing the deaf sign for applause?

Regina/John: John is still in a thankful mood for Regina saving his life and doing favors like replacing her tires. After she redecorates the car wash, he visits her office and suggests to Whitney that Regina next tackle his office. He also let’s Whitney know that Regina and Angelo are married, and Whitney is thoroughly embarrassed. Regina apologizes for the lie of omission and Whitney makes up for her actions by giving Regina a fulltime job. Regina thanks John for his business, but tells him that he can stop thanking her now, as they are karma-cally even.

Daphne/Jace: Daphne is still reeling from her fight with Jace (and doing internet searches to see if “minors can be prosecuted for blackmail”), but he’s fairly nonplussed about it. Her anxiety is amped up, when Parker queries her to see if she told anyone about her Coto affair. Daphne denies it, but is further freaked out learning she’s a candidate for Intern Of The Year and has a scheduled meeting with Coto the next day. She tries to play sick to skip work, but Kathryn sees right through it. Kathryn doesn’t lecture her about responsibility, instead suggesting they play hooky together with a spa day. At the spa, they run into Diana Coto, who talks to Kathryn about her suspicions of her husband cheating. Kathryn doesn’t offer up the time Coto hit on her, but does ask Daphne if she’s messing around with the senator (based on her boss-affair history). Daphne is offended.

Daphne eventually goes in for her meeting with Coto, but it’s just a smoke screen so he can try and determine who is blackmailing him. He brings up Daphne’s vocal opposition to the abstinence-only education bill, and once he sees how rattled she is, drops some thinly veiled threats about retaliation and consequences. Daphne is distressed, but upon hearing the news, Jace just wants to send more blackmail texts. She’s horrified and breaks up with him, so he goes ahead and sends the text, since he owes nothing to his “ex-girlfriend”.

Episode Title Art: What Goes Up Must Come Down by David Hatton

And there you have my TwoCents! What do you think will happen in the remaining two episodes? Share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below!


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