Falling Skies – Recap & Review – Brazil

photo: tnt

photo: tnt

Falling Skies

Original Air Date: Aug 4, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

If you didn’t know that Falling Skies had been picked up for a fourth season, this year’s finale would have felt like a series ender. At least for the first half.

While Weaver and Pope’s troops serve as decoys in Chicago, Tom, Chochise and Dr. Kadar bring the Volm weapon to Boston and smash the Fish Head’s ship to dust. That shuts off the grid and allows the Volm ship to land. Much celebration.

But then Tom is brought before the Volm leader, who is Chochise’s dad, and told that all humans will be relocated to Brazil, out of harm’s way, so they can do what they do best — obliterate the Espheni. “We never let an indigenous species in harm’s way,” he explained. This doesn’t sit well with Tom or any of the humans. Pope says it best: “The Volm did what the Fish Heads couldn’t — they brought us to our knees.”

Two members of the 2nd Mass aren’t doing well. Weaver almost faints and admits he’s been taking heart meds. And Lourdes is being driven crazy by the bugs — so badly, that the rest of thinking of “putting her out of her misery.”

Tom faces the Volm leader and finally convinces them they want to stay and fight. The Volm agree, as long as they keep out of the Volm’s way. Chochise, who had been conflicted by his father’s actions, makes it known that he is still a friend by giving Tom a Volm weapon.

As the 2nd Mass moves away, they meet Karen, a few skitters and two mechs. Karen says that the Volm aren’t what they say they are, then hints she has a gift for Tom. Tom says he has a gift for her and shoots her in the chest. Finally! No fake-out this time. Karen reaches for Hal, who reaches back, then Maggie gives the final shot. Don’t think that’s too good for their already rocky relationship.

Turns out, Karen had brought back Anne and Alexis. But the two-month-old Alexis now appears to be about 6 — and she destroys the bugs in Lourdes. Ooooooh.

Are you looking forward to next season? Were you creeped out by Alexis’ strange growth spurt? Are you celebrating that Karen is finally in her grave? Give us your TwoCents…

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