Dexter – Recap & Review – A Little Reflection

photo: showtime

photo: showtime

A Little Reflection

Original Air Date: Aug 4, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

We’re halfway through the final season, but this hour felt like the season premiere. It was slow building hour, but one where the last few moments set us up for the rest of the season to come. The question is, are we still paying attention?

My fingers are crossed that there is still more to the seemingly resolved Brain Surgeon case. That it wasn’t just a five episode arc designed to bring Vogel in to Dexter’s life. Because if that’s all it was, it was about four episodes too many of set up. But hopefully now, with Zach and the surprise visitor at the end of the hour, we are kicked into gear.

Let’s get the “other stuff” out of the way first this week, shall we? Deb is spending more time working with Elway, posing as bait to catch his sister’s cheating boyfriend. But when the guy gets a little handsy with Deb, Elway decks him. She realizes he likes her, but confides to Dexter that her recent history of suicide attempts and murder isn’t exactly relationship starting conversations. Dexter’s relationship status is also still single, despite Jamie’s machinations. He has a date with his neighbor, Cassie, but his inability to express things about himself cause her to bring a different date to Jamie’s birthday party.

Masuka finds out that his daughter is in debt and assumes she’s angling for money. He proactively fives her five thousand dollars, but she’s offended by the gesture. After being pressured by Matthews to make a decision, Batista opts for Miller over Quinn for the sergeant job. Quinn is pissed, but takes the news in a surprisingly calm manner. Jamie flips a lid on her brother for pressuring Quinn to go for the job and not giving it to him.

Dexter catches Harrison in a lie, when Jamie uncovers a missing remote control, broken, under his bed. Deb tells him to read nothing into a four year old’s duplicity. During story time (and sadly “Wee Monkey” doesn’t appear to be a real book), Dexter expresses his disappointment in Harrison for lying, but only to have it turned back on him, when Harrison tells him that he knew Dexter lied about his “lost” stuffed animal. Of course, Dexter through it away because it was covered in a murder victim’s blood, but now he relents and let’s Harrison keep the toy (albeit hidden).

The bulk of the hour was devoted to Dexter trying to figure out if Zach Hamilton killed Norma Rivera so Dexter could then kill him. He notices the young man at multiple crime scenes, taking photographs. In order to get closer, he invites him into a scene, taking note of Zach’s fascination with blood and avoiding being caught. He’s pretty sure Zach is the killer, so he takes to following him… which leads directly to Vogel’s doorstep. Vogel is treating Zach at his father’s request, and she acknowledges he shows signs of being a psychopath. She asks that if Dexter gets proof that he talk to her before putting Zach on his table.

Dexter gets closer to Zach, getting to see his photo lab, which is adorned with photos of blood. Dexter notes that the blood is the focal point of the photographs, with the color red vibrant in saturation. Dexter also notices a photo of a young woman, but Zach discards it, calls it a lens test. Dexter continues to follow Zach, now with Quinn in tow, and they spy him photographing women doing yoga in the park. Naturally Dexter notices that one of the women is the one if the aforementioned photograph. He tracks her down only to learn she works at his family’s yacht club and assume she is Zach’s next victim. He ratchets things up a notch, breaking back into the photo lab, where he discovers irrefutable proof that Zach did kill Norma—photos of the crime scene at the time of death.

He goes to Vogel with his proof, but she already knew the truth. And then she suggests instead of killing Zach, Dexter mentor him in the way of the code, as she sees something in him. Dexter is aghast at the idea, pointing out that Zach already killed an innocent and thus deserves to die. He takes off to track his prey.

He goes to the yacht club after realizing Zach has bought a cheap car, since he Porsche was so notable to Norma’s house. He sees the woman making out with Zach’s father and deduces Zach is going after another one of his father’s mistresses. To his surprise, he actually intercedes (with his handy dandy needle) as Zach is about to kill his father instead. He’s nearly caught by Quinn, but we all know Miami Metro never solves any cases.

Once Zach is on the table, Dexter confront him about wanting to kill his father, and Zach admits that his father’s affairs are killing (via excessive drinking) his mother. Noting that Zach has real emotions about his mother, Dexter delves deeper into Zach’s desire to kill. Zach talks, to our familiarity, about a feeling that built up inside of him for years, and how finally killing was a release. And he offers that Dexter should just kill him, because he won’t be able to stop himself from killing again. Recognizing the monster in Zach, Dexter cuts him free from the plastic, offering to be his mentor, his “Harry”, in the form of a spiritual father.

At the end of the episode, Dexter is kicking back and having dinner with Deb, when Deb begins to feel woozy. As she passes out, Dexter collapses as he goes to check on her. Before he passes out, he glimpses a familiar face in the doorway. “Hello Dexter. Remember me?” purrs Hannah McKay!!!

It was difficult to avoid news that Hannah was returning, but I’m glad to have no clue what she is up to! What’s your speculation (not spoilers)? And have you ever noticed that killers (like Trinity) always like to offer Dexter a formal greeting?

Now you’ve got my TwoCents! Share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below! And answer me this… have you ever had a steak “worth living for”?


About Karen Belgrad

Number cruncher by day, Karen spends way too many hours watching television and reading/writing about what she just watched. When not glued to the television, Karen sings karaoke, checks out live music, and roots for the Chicago Blackhawks and Cubs. Pop culture trivia and the Kevin Bacon game are her useless special talents. Managing Editor for [twitter:karenb0716]
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2 Responses to Dexter – Recap & Review – A Little Reflection

  1. How I wish I cared about this season!! I think the “Brain Surgeon” angle is done, however, I think Dr Vogel is a sociopath, and we shall learn more about her, how she prolly killed, Harry, Mr Vogel, and who knows who else. My head hurts, because even watching it twice.. I lost my brain.

  2. Debra says:

    i agree, i think something is up with the good doctor and she isn’t all she’s cracked up to be.
    love that hannah is back! i actually really liked them together, before things went bad. can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve.
    i can’t help but think that either zack or hannah will be at the center of dexter’s demise one way or another.
    i’m over jamie, can she just fade into the background with quinn, what do they add to the story anyway?
    i like elway with deb, i think if he knew what deb was really like he would still be there for her, i think he senses all is not right with her anyway.
    can’t say that i’ve ever had a steak worth living for. 😉

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