Suits – Recap & Review – Unfinished Business

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photo: usa

Unfinished Business

Original Air Date: Jul 30, 2013

Wyner C – Associate Staff Writer

I have never equated my job to a knife fight or the people I work with as tigers. If that ever happens, I’m quitting and running the heck outta there. In this world of fictional corporate law – Pearson Darby’s workers’ comp must be through the roof! Every case is a knife fight to the death and every co-worker can bite off your head even if unprovoked. With all the double crosses and trust issues, that sounds about right.

Pornstache is back and I’m disappointed he doesn’t have his own “bow-chicka-bow-wow” soundtrack. Ava Hessington is arrested for conspiracy to commit murder of six anti-pipeline activists in shady African country. She pled guilty to bribing the colonel and Pornstache believes the colonel murdered the activists at Ava’s behest. To tell you the truth, flimsy at best.

It was Harvey that advised Ava to take the deal and now she’s up for murder – rich woman mad, rich woman has a fit. At the bail hearing, the recently reunited Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid turn the tables on Cameron. They present his case as weak (true) and his attack on Ava as a vendetta against Harvey (true). The judge, smart lady, agrees and sets bail at $1 (wow, Ava is going to have a hard time coming up with that kind of moola!!) and demands Pornstache to present evidence or the case will be thrown out.

Cameron finds three witnesses and goes all cocky. Ava wants to…bribe the witnesses. She’s never going to learn!! Her first reaction to a problem is to throw money at it and hope it goes away – that mentality is dangerous because it’s ILLEGAL!!! Ava wants Harvey to do the bribing but Peacock isn’t stupid – Cameron is expecting this bribe and waiting to pounce. Ms. Richy Rich isn’t happy and fires Harvey.

Mike comes up with an idea: the witnesses will sue Ava for emotional stress since she’s responsible for the murders they witnessed. They get the money in a legal way – legal bribes! Pornstache cannot subpoena the three bribe takers because they aren’t US citizens. Ava comes around thanks to The British Harvey – she signs the settlement/legal bribe. Problem solved – legally.

In “taking over the firm” news, Darby has dispatched The British Harvey, Stephen Huntley, to help Peacock. Harvey doesn’t trust The Fixer who is there on the guise of partaking in a “cultural integration” program. The program calls for one week but Huntley is there for two – suspicious to the max! Peacock comes around, just a bit, when Stephen helps rein Ava back. You know who else is warming up to Stephen? Donna. Girl is smitten and I want to see her get some British loving. Oh, also, Mike now knows Harvey is planning to take over the firm – yikes! Sundance Kid takes a gulp of the strong stuff and wonders how this is going to play out.

In other firm news, Louis is pissed off – taking away dairy/non-dairy products and protein bars from Mike; strategically utilizing his quartermaster position. Little victories can help soothe the sting of rejection. Harvey puts the idea of a “rebound associate” into Louis’ head and, in an odd way, it’s very nice of Peacock. Also nice? Peacock gives Louis Ava’s case to take over another company because Louis is good at these things. Flattery can help ease the burn of rejection too.

Louis thinks Katrina wants to be his personal associate when she offers to help but she rejects the idea of being his associate – wrong move! I don’t understand. For someone so smart, her office politics suck. Louis dismisses her and it’s not pretty. Then Katrina tries to weasel her way into Harvey’s good graces but Mike throws her out with Donna’s backing (she’s forgiven Puppy). What’s a smart, twice rejected girl to do?

In one of the oddest, most juvenile things I have seen on this show, and that says a lot, Katrina tapes a conversation with Mike and emails the firm selected snippets of it with Mike’s head on a cartoon baby. Is it supposed to embarrass Mike? Because it doesn’t in my book. It’s embarrassing to Katrina because this is supposed to be a professional setting, not a frat house. Anyway, Katrina tells Louis she’s put herself out there and he’s her only savior. WTF?

Katrina gets a talking to from Harvey who dresses her down for how she got the job and her behavior after entering Pearson Darby. Mike is happy Peacock stood up for him. Katrina is also happy because Louis takes her under his mudding wings. I don’t get it: juvenile = Louis’ associate? Poor Litt.

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. Mike and Rachel are officially boyfriend/girlfriend – barf. Donna and Rachel made up – whatever.

2. Ava wants Harvey to be her number two. She’s willing to lure him with $$ but he declines. She compares his work and her work with knife fighting – “every day is a knife fight in a prison yard” isn’t really a selling point. You can take Michelle Fairley out of “Games of Thrones” but you can’t take Catelyn Stark out of Michelle Fairley.

3. Jessica compared Pearson Darby employees to working with tigers. Dude, are they in a zoo working for convicts or in a jail with animals as guards? Or in a prison rendition of Siegfried and Roy? Doesn’t this seem like a hostile working environment or what?

4. Mike and Harvey both believe Ava is guilty of having the activists murdered. This seems to be a sticking point with Ava but, as the lawyers stress, they will do their jobs so no worries murderer.

5. Origami Festival – I want to go!!! I’ll even go with Louis if he finds me one. I disagree with Harvey’s disdain; I’m a dork through and through.

6. Jessica’s “working with tigers” comment seems foretelling. She knows working with tigers is dangerous – they will take swipes at her but she understands the risk. Sometimes, if they get out of hand, she’ll put them down. Will she have to put Harvey down?

7. Stephen Huntley – hot or Harvey-lite? I’m on the fence. British accent is hot but his ET eyes make him Harvey-lite. I know if he hurts Donna, he’ll be neither hot nor Harvey-lite – he’ll be dog meat fug.

8. It was nice to hear Harold landed on his feet. Mike cashed in that favor by using Harold as the witnesses’ lawyer. Nice blast from the past.

9. Quote(s) of the episode:
“Um, Norma, I just want you, from now on, to just try to wear socks because if you…”
~ Louis, dictating into his recorder. I want him to finish this thought. Really. Why should Norma wear socks? Please continue….

“You write Midnight Train to Georgia, you don’t just sing it once.”
~ Harvey, speaking the truth. I can belt that song out like nobody’s business and will do it anytime, anywhere.

10. Best exchange of the episode:
Donna: I anticipated your needs?
Harvey: You anticipated your needs…and by your needs, I mean…
Donna: Ok, my needs are not the topic of this conversation.
Harvey: All I’m saying is, you went to the trouble of finding out he booked a suite…
Donna: Ahh
Harvey: Save it.
~ Harvey, don’t bust a girl for wanting some British loving. A girl got needs!

Alls fine with Puppy and Peacock (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid). Donna has forgiven Mike too. Ahh, the universe is back on course. Is Stephen Huntley really in the US to help Harvey? Will Katrina betray Louis? Why does she even have a storyline? Does Pornstache need his own porn soundtrack? Now that almost everyone knows Harvey is gunning for Jessica’s job, is this even a secret? Discuss away!!!!

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