Covert Affairs – Recap & Review – Into the White


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Covert Affairs
Into the White

Original Air Date: Jul 30, 2013

Brianna – TwoCents Reviewer

Annie heads back to Colombia and has some super fun times with Calder, Arthur tries to help Teo and Joan comes up against a tough Senator on her path to DCS in this week’s episode of Covert Affairs.

We finally get to hear the truth behind Teo’s mission and why he is where he is as Annie tells Arthur about what Henry wants her to do. Turns out he was an undercover operative at the ALC and that’s why he may be connected to a bombing plot. While dear ol’ dad is defending his son and his cover, Joan isn’t so sure that he hasn’t gone rogue making things just a bit chillier on the Joan/Arthur front.

Meanwhile, Joan goes toe-to-toe with the intelligence committee and gets taken to task by a Senator Pierson, questioning her ability to take up the position of DCS if she didn’t even know her husband was cheating on her. It was one of those moments that just make you squirm and just that much upset. Auggie accidentally adds insult to injury by telling Joan about Seth and what went down.  She decides she has to be the one to do the clean up job.

Annie and Teo meet again! And, he’s not too happy to see her even though she’s just trying to help. So she meets up with her old friend, Calder and asks for his help getting to Teo at an ALC stronghold. And, begrudgingly ends up helping as she offers him the “win”. As they are about to enter the stronghold, Calder shares some words of wisdom “sometimes, you have to recognize when someone is lost.”

Calder ends up taking Teo and hanging him by a hook in an attempt to get information out of him. When he refuses to give him any, Annie steps in and asks for some time alone with Teo. What she does next is  what I’m just going to keep calling the “Annie” thing to do, as she gets too close to a bound Teo and gets a swift kick after his continued refusal to offer any information and just work with her on his exit.

Her mission to get him out quickly turns into a mission to thwart Teo’s next plan and gets Calder to agree to help her out again.

Back in DC, Joan goes to Seth’s apartment and begins cleaning up and finish the job when she finds a hidden safe above his fireplace. What she finds are files that could help her win the DCS spot, in a very dirty way that involves some racy photos of the very tough Senator Pierson. And, it works as she becomes the first female DCS. She gets a gift and a very ill-omened card from Henry Wilcox. So that must mean, GASP, he knows.

Arthur and Auggie are at it again as Auggie takes some issue with how Annie was read in further into the whole Teo situation. Arthur retorts with one of those lines that if you listen closely and read into everything like I do, sounds a little ominous. “If you don’t want to keep secrets, you shouldn’t be dating a spy.”

Annie wants in and kind of offers to become Teo’s partner or handler of some sort as she hands him her untraceable phone with instructions to answer it whenever it rings.

Cute Annie/Auggie moments kind of book-end the episode as she takes his favorite shirt and he agrees so long as she brings it back to him. I just think they are really adorable and their moments are so well placed and not overstated, it’s just great.

Obviously these aren’t the end of the secrets coming out this season. So, at what point will it start to affect Annie and Auggie’s relationship? What is Henry plotting against Joan? And, what’s next for Teo and Annie’s tentative partnership?

That’s my TwoCents. Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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