True Blood – Recap & Review – In the Evening

photo: hbo

photo: hbo

True Blood
In the Evening

Original Air Date: Jul 28, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

There has been some severely gross stuff on this show before, from vamps exploding in blood bursts, decapitations of government officials and Andy’s butt, but nothing like a vamp disintegrating in someone’s arms. Yuck. And, thanks to the moving acting by Alexander Skarsgard, sad.

In fact, we saw some of the most human moments by the vamps in this episode. Well, except from Pam — but Pam is always best at her vampiest vamp. And Kristin Bauer as Pam kills it (OK, yes, that’s a pun).

We begin with Eric getting Nora, who has the Hep-V virus, out of the vamp camp with the help of Willa. He tells Willa about the Hep-V infused True Blood so she can tell Pam, Tara and Jessica. Desperate, he takes Nora to Bilith and begs him to save her. At first Nora refuses Bilith/Lilith’s blood, but they eventually force her. But it does no good. Bill thinks Warlow’s might do it.

But Warlow is in fairyland with Sookie, basking in the glow of their carnal relations. When she hears Arlene sobbing in the graveyard, she leaves him there and goes to her friend. Arlene is crying over Terry’s grave, but he’s only been dead a few hours and if he had been buried, who mature grass already be growing over his grave? Maybe I’m being too picky.

Sookie goes with Arlene to tell the kids about Terry. Lafayette is accosted for calling her about the safety deposit box. So they go find out the secret in the box and it’s a life insurance policy for $2 million taken out two days before his death. Now they know that Terry planned his own death. They go back to Arlene to discover she’s three sheets to the wind, helping her with the grief.

In my least favorite storyline of the season, Sam and Nicole agree to part after he hears about Terry, but have one last shower together to get – em – clean. Then Nicole’s mom comes to pick her up. Alcide goes back to the pack to say Nicole and Sam are dead, but there’s a problem — the pack has captured Nicole and her mother — and it’s Alcide who gets caught in a lie. Looks like being the leader isn’t all what it’s stacked up to be.

Things get sexy at vamp camp. Jason gets to Jessica and she asks him to bring her James, the vamp who refused to have sex with her while being observed. She tells the very hunky James about the True Blood, then begs him to ravage her as she’s never been with her own kind. Things get pretty steamy! And Pam sets out to seduce the psychiatrist, which works — only what she really wants is his blood. So predictable. He should have known it was coming.

Bilith goes to Arlene’s (in the sun!) and apologizes to Andy. I can’t believe Andy forgives him for the death of his three daughters under Bill’s roof. A very civilized and almost human Bilith talks about how his first child died (when he was human, that is). Then he asks Sookie to help him get Warlow as it’s the only way to save the vamps and she finally agrees. So her plan to ride her life of vamps hasn’t even come close to coming true this season (but then, would we even have a show?).

Sarah finds the governor dead and persuades his chief of staff to keep it a secret as the Lt. Governor doesn’t agree with their vamp policies. Back at the vamp camp, she finds Jason, cuts his arm and throws him in with the hungry vamps. Tara tries to defend him, but it’s the alpha female that claims him as her own. But for what purposes?

Back at Bill’s, Eric recalls how he met Nora when she was dying of the plague. He persuaded Godric to turn her and now she’s facing death for real. He cries as he takes her into his arms and she melts away in a sticky, gooey mess. Think melting cheesy, but with blood. Yuck!

Were you sad to see Nora die? Do you think Eric really believes Bilith is god now? Will Pam do away with her therapist or just have a drink? Give us your TwoCents…

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