The Newsroom – Recap & Review – The Genoa Tip & Willie Pete

photo: hbo

photo: hbo

The Newsroom
The Genoa Tip & Willie Pete

Original Air Date: Jul 21 & 28, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

The Genoa Tip episode had more of the blend of personal and personal that makes a good series. But best of all, it showed a real passion for the news by the characters — the very thing that makes this series special.

Did you know that Will was a lawyer? I didn’t know that. It seems that until 9/11, he was the network’s on-air legal consultant. When the planes hit the tower, he was the only on in the newsroom and that coverage made him a star. But now he has to turn the 9/11 anniversary coverage he wrote over to Sloan and Elliot an it’s eating him up.

Maggie uses Foursquare to locate the blogger who posted her Sex and the City break video. The blogger agrees to pull the video, but only after Sloan tweets an endorsement of her blog. It still blows up in Maggie’s face.

Jerry tells Mac about Cyrus West’s tip, that U.S. soldiers used sarin gas on civilians. Mac is skeptical, but Jerry locates the name West gave him: Gunnery Sergeant Eric Sweeney. Over the phone, Sweeney confirms that the black op called Genoa happened and that he was there.

Maggie gets approval to travel to Kampala, but hides that there was a deadly protest there recently. She calls Jim to tell him she’s leaving, but he ignores the call. Mac wants Will to take a stand on the fatal drone attack on an American Al Qaeda leader named Anwar Al-Aklaki was killed in a U.S. drone strike, but Will has already decided to do so. She still throws a drink in his face.

Don tries everything to stop the execution of convicted killer Troy Davis, even though most of the witnesses have recanted their testimonies. But it’s too late, he’s executed.

In the episode Willie Pete (the code name for white gas), Mac and Jerry meet in person with Sweeney and he gives them names to collaborate his story, but they’re having trouble contacting these people. So they go in search of natives who might have tweeted about the event. It doesn’t help that the translator is very slow and will only work by fax.

Mac is on a vendetta to find out the rest of the message that Will left her that began, “I’m not jut saying this because I was high…” Meanwhile, Nina Howard has found out that Will wasn’t sick the night of the 9/11 remembrance broadcast. He meets with her and because he’s honest, she agrees to kill the story. She also turns down his invite for a date.

Jim is still meeting a brick wall with the Romney campaign, with all the reporters just reporting the campaign’s daily bullet points. He calls for a mutiny, which Hallie and another agree to – but they’re left by the side of the road by the campaign bus. It’s pretty obvious that Sorkin HATES Romney and is finally getting a national soapbox to shout it from.

Sloan thinks she might be the leak on Will’s “flu” story, but it turns out it was Reese. He didn’t like being blackmailed and promises to play hardball now.

Mac calls Nina to find out the rest of the message. Even though Nina had encouraged Will to tell Mac the truth, now she doesn’t. Why? Because she and Will have just slept together. How long do you think that will be a secret?

As episode closes, Mac pulls the plug on the Genoa story — but just then (why is it always like that?) a translation of a tweet comes in that’s extremely incriminating. Looks like the story is back on.

Are you hooked on the Genoa story and how it will lead to a criminal case? Will Nina and Will really become an item? Will Jim and Hallie? Give us your TwoCents…

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