Switched At Birth- Recap & Review – As The Shadows Deepen

photo: abc family

photo: abc family

Switched At Birth
As The Shadows Deepen

Original Air Date: Jul 29, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

As the second part of the second season winds down, certain plots (mostly regarding the teens) are starting to pick up steam. But the best parts of Switched At Birth involve the characters overlapping and interacting, and for the most part there was very little this hour.

Of course, there is one notable exception. I expect there were lots of squeals from a certain couples fan base, as they not only shared screen time, there were definitely moments to hint that they are far from over. Tell me #BEmmett fans, have your hopes for reconciliation risen?

Bay/Ty/Emmett: With business suffering at Maui, Kansas, management decides to close the park two days a week. To drum up business, Bay comes up with “Deaf Days”, including a screening of Deafenstein. She pays Emmett a visit and the two win an Ebay-esque auction for a rare print of the film (for $175) and celebrate with an awkward (for Bay) hug. Unfortunately, the delivered print turns out to be Spankenstein, and is most definitely not a family friendly film. Emmett brings his DVD to screen instead, and in the case is also season one’s “Dawn Of The Deaf.” He and Bay take a moment to watch their history on screen, and unfortunately Ty walks in just as they are viewing their kissing scene.

Ty flips out on Bay, accusing her of either trying to use him to make Emmett jealous or vice versa. Bay denies anything of the sort, but Ty storms off. She goes to the base to track him down and finds out his unit is being redeployed in a month. She is angry, assuming he was just going to leave without telling her or tell her last minute like last time. He, in turn, wonders if she’ll move on with someone else as soon as he’s gone. He eventually calms down, and while Bay wants to go back to having fun and enjoying their time together, he admits that he is in love with her. Bay does voice her concerns that he may not make it back from war. I don’t think Bay would cheat on Ty while they are still together, but those looks that she was shooting in Emmett’s direction also suggest that their chapter isn’t over.

Daphne/Jace: Daphne and Jace are busted making out in her car by a police officer. Jace bluffs their way out of trouble by messing with the cop, claiming to have diplomatic immunity and that Daphne is his cousin. He takes her for dessert at a local bakery, introducing her to his “scone dealer” Carrie. It’s all very casual, until Daphne meets Carrie’s fiancé… Chef Jeff! She plays it off, just acknowledging they used to work together, while Jace plays it up, inviting the two to Maui, Kansas. At Maui, Jace steps up when a hearing customer insults the crowd, commenting he didn’t know it was “Helen Keller Day”. They later find the jerk’s wallet, and while Daphne wants to take his minimal cash and donate it to Carlton (before turning it into lost and found), Jace wants to use his credit card to make more sizeable donations. Daphne is aghast at the suggestion, but really flips on Jace when she learns he told Carrie about her relationship with Jeff. Jace takes it all in casual stride, chalking it up to being a doer, while Daphne is having real issues with his flip demeanor towards blackmail, stealing, and blowing up engagements, all in the name of “truth.” It definitely seems that Jace’s cavalier attitude towards life could come back to bite Daphne in the derriere!

Toby/Nikki: With Toby’s encouragement, Nikki decides to go the prison to meet the man who murdered her father. Since they need someone over 21 to accompany them, they recruit Regina to come with. At the prison, Nikki bails at the sight of the man, so Toby sits down to talk to him. He tells him that he killed Nikki’s dad during a drug deal gone bad, that Nikki’s dad was a drug dealer. Toby is shocked and keeps it from Nikki, but Regina encourages him to tell her before she hears it elsewhere. But when he tells her, Nikki goes into denial, blaming Toby for believing the word of a convicted killer. Could this be the end of their engagement?

-John hires Regina to redesign the car wash. She can clearly tell it’s gratitude for saving his life, but takes the job anyways.
-Lonely Travis strikes out hitting on every girl at Maui, Kansas. So he gets drunk and forges a bond with Mary Beth. He asks her out and she accepts.
-Finding out Toby was wait-listed for college; Kathryn (against John’s wishes) reaches out to his dad to pull some strings. His dad continues to groan about his estrangement with John, Kathryn lectures that one of them has to give in their fractured relationship. He gives the first inch, checking in on John’s medical state and expressing an interest in Daphne.
-We get introduced to deaf karaoke, courtesy of Jace and Natalie’s ASL rendition of Air Supply’s “All Out Of Love.”

Episode Title Art: As The Shadows Deepened by Eyvind Earle

With two episodes left this summer, I’m hoping for more family interaction, as that is the core of the show. But now that you’ve got my TwoCents, share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below!

I’m hoping the


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One Response to Switched At Birth- Recap & Review – As The Shadows Deepen

  1. KP says:

    I can’t hide it any longer – I’m a huge Bemmett fan!

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