Falling Skies – Recap & Review – Journey to Xibalba

photo: tnt

photo: tnt

Falling Skies
Journey to Xibalba

Original Air Date: Jul 28, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

This week, we got a pause in the season’s fast-paced action. A chance to take a breather. An opportunity to catch up with everyone.

We started with the return of Tom, first spotted by Pope — who did not kill him, even though he had the chance. Interesting, yes? But the matter of trusting Tom is an issue with everyone. He reports Anne’s death as well as the location of the tower in Boston and is told by Weaver that he can’t come on the mission to destroy the tower because he might have a bug. But he argues more and Weaver is on the fence.

Later, Tom gets Pope to agree to shoot him if it looks like he does have a bug. Now wouldn’t that make Pope happier than a Skitter with an unharnessed kid? And with Tom’s permission, too.

Speaking of bug, Lourdes the bug infested mole, has one more trick up her sleeve — and it’s all about murdering Chochise, who is barely alive after the Fish Heads bombed the Volm weapon. Chochise says if he can just rest somewhere, his body will regenerate. She tries to get to him, but is blocked, so she let loose a bomb/plant thing that causes the hospital and lunchroom to implode. She is hurt, but not as much as she plays up. And she gets moved into Chochise’s area…

Maggie and Hal are also trapped in the basement and running out of air. They’ve been avoiding talking about how Hal left her when the Mason men went to find Anne and Alexis but now they have to. Almost dying makes them realize how much they care for each other. Ahh… After they’re rescued by Matt and Ben, they agree to never be separated again.

When Lourdes is injured, she tells Tom that she’s sorry about Anne “ending up where we all began.” It takes Tom a while to make the connection, then he realizes he only told three people that he’d been in Boston. And that makes Lourdes the mole. He finally figures this out just as Lourdes is about to kill Chochise. Talk about good timing.

I don’t know about you, but Chochise is becoming one of my favorite characters and I’m glad he’s still alive. Of course, no one’s really safe on this show (although I’m still betting money that Anne is alive—that baggie thing around her and Alexis was bizarre).

When he heals, Chochise is ready to give up because the engineers who knew how to operate the Volm weapon are dead. But Tom says working together, with help from Dr. Kadar, they might still be able to pull it off. If they don’t, the grid above will kill them all in a few months. (But wait, wasn’t the show renewed for a fourth season? Whew!)

Did you think Chocise would get sliced up like a cucumber by Lourdes? Were you glad to see her (finally) caught? Was anyone really worried that Hal and Maggie might not make up? Give us your TwoCents…

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