Graceland – Recap & Review – Goodbye High

photo: usa

photo: usa

Goodbye High

Original Air Date: Jul 25, 2013

Jules – Senior News Editor

Sorry for the lateness, but if there was an episode not to miss, it was this one. I’m pretty sure this show has got us all in pins and needles since it seems to have at least one major reveal every week. But then again, we are still learning about the house and its occupants. And this week we learn a lot more and about how sometimes you have to keep your secrets to yourself.

We pick up with Mike listening to Briggs talk at his narcotics anonymous meeting saying that his whole life is a lie. Ain’t that the truth.

After his talk, Mike notices Briggs’ mystery bag. What’s inside? Apparently a coffee pot for another narc-anon participant. Then Briggs goes ahead and tells Mike how he ended up here, even though Mike said he didn’t have to know.

We learn that Briggs was once in love and in deep with the big Caza drug cartel, as was his training officer – but on the Mexico side. And when Briggs went to Mexico alone to make a special meet, that’s when things went south. An officer dead and Briggs is captured by the cartel. Instead of killing him, they shoot him up with heroin for at least two weeks and then let him go. So Briggs’ heroin addiction was actually forced on him and even though he’s completely innocent, he didn’t go to the FBI because it would have been a huge win for the cartel to reveal that one of the FBI’s best and brightest was now a junkie. And all his cases would be open or thrown out.

So now Mike knows the truth – if we believe all of Briggs’ story – and no one else.

Charlie’s back home at Graceland and promises she will never shoot up again. Dale’s also back, too! Yay!

After the failed torpedo retrieval, Bello’s crew is making their last bit of heroin last by mixing the batch with fentanyl. Mike doesn’t like the idea as its a deadly combination if the drugs are mixed with someone else.

Elsewhere, Charlie goes snooping around to learn more about Odin and if anyone has seen him. She gets no solid intel and is a bit disappointed.

But luckily, there is Briggs, who thinks both Mike and Charlie’s covers can converge. To get Odin to show his face, have Bello buy drugs from him, since Bello’s desperate for some. But Bello won’t just come out for anyone, so let’s get his middle man involved, aka Briggs, since Bello can’t have the cartel thinking he’s looking for a new supplier.

Mike goes to tell Bello the plan, but Bello’s already got a new plan (he listened to Mike!) that involves seizing the cartel by gun point and getting all the drugs for themselves. Mike mentions getting a new supplier and using Odin and Bello gives them 24 hours to set up a meeting, which Briggs is easily able to do.

Later at the house, Charlie and Briggs argue over keeping secrets. Something’s fishy if Briggs won’t get Charlie to apologize to his CI about puking all over his apartment or at least helping to clean up. Charlie then tells the housemates about her shooting up heroin. No one is overly shocked and Mike makes sure she isn’t tempted and then she lies saying she got the heroin from some junkie CI. Briggs is less than happy about her decision. Apparently he’s pissed because Charlie’s now given everyone a burden because they know her secret and have to lie now.

Juan and Mike meet up twice in the episode. The first time, Mike hints to see if Briggs isn’t a criminal and no bait is taken, instead Juan gives Mike a gift, a photo his grandfather shot of a scene. Nice or weird? Later, after Charlie’s reveal, Mike tells Juan about following Briggs to a Narc-anon meeting and that he deserves their help. Juan tells Mike to write it up. It might even mean that Mike’s investigation is done and if it is, Mike gets to head back east.

We’re all ready to see Odin as Briggs and Bello meet up. Of course, mid-way through their meet up, Briggs’ radio goes out, but Charlie’s on the ground (Paige and Johnny on surveillance). But Odin never shows up. Unbeknownst to the team, Briggs reveals to Bello that he is Odin Rossey. Always has been. What?! Briggs assures that no one else knows the truth and the two make a deal. And the team is left in the dark, with Briggs just saying Odin never showed up.

In other news, Dale has a son that he can’t see because of his job. He even goes as far as befriending the mother of his child’s boyfriend at a bar to see a picture of Daniel. Johnny and Paige tell Mike that he has to break up with Abby before it gets too serious as his cover could be blown. Mike doesn’t listen after a heart to heart talk with Dale about what the house means to them. We don’t know what it means to Mike yet, but for Dale, it’s just a house, for Charlie, it’s family and Briggs, it’s his castle. So Mike doesn’t break up with Abby as he might not be in Graceland forever.

Too bad there’s a long break between the next episode because I really want to know how this big reveal affects everything. I mean, I did not see it coming, Briggs is Odin? I thought Briggs being an addict was a big enough reveal. I can’t wait to see what’s next. Will Mike’s reveal to Juan mean his investigation is actually closing? I doubt it. And how will Charlie’s reveal affect her future? And what more is Briggs hiding? I bet that CI’s house is his hide out spot. Share you TwoCents below!

In two weeks: Bag Man

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2 Responses to Graceland – Recap & Review – Goodbye High

  1. Debra says:

    was just as blown away by briggs being odin as you! what a great twist! its storyline like this that make me cross my fingers that this show sticks around for a long time.
    i think mike revealing all that he did to juan will turn out to be a huge mistake on his end, not sure why but i don’t think juan is telling mike the whole story.
    was really happy to see more of dale’s story, i like that character and look forward to learning more about him. i thought his befriending of the boyfriend was pretty slick.
    looking forward to seeing this weeks’ show, can’t wait to see what will go down at the drop site, from the previews we’re really in for a show! 🙂

    • jules says:

      I definitely feel the Juan is up to no good vibe. We never learned anything about him. I hope we get more. and this week looks so good! I can’t wait!

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