MasterChef – Recap & Review – Top 8 Compete

(photo: fox)

(photo: fox)

Top 8 Compete

Original Air Date: July 24, 2013

FK – Sr. Editor

While Gordon was busy crowning his newest executive chef over on Hell’s Kitchen this week, our top eight home cooks were being given two of the hardest tasks. The team challenge was not only physically draining but the twist made it mentally exhausting for some.

The pressure test was difficult for pretty much everyone And it also made me wonder how these “home cooks” know how to make all of these dishes. But I digress…


Since Bri won the Mystery Box challenge last week, her advantage was to be the captain with first cook and Natasha, who was second best, was the other captain.

Bri chose James, Eddie and Luca and they were the red team.
Natasha chose Jordan, Jessie and Krissi were the blue team.

But of course, it wouldn’t MasterChef without some twist. Gordon switches the captains, so right after admitting to Gordon she can’t stand Krissi, Bri is now her captain. Great stuff!

The next perk of being the captain is choosing your food first. The choice is three rabbits or six pigeons. Team Bri chose the rabbits while Team Nat got left with the pigeons. Once they got back to their campsites, the teams started to plan and prep. Thee boxes that included their meat also included their most basic cooking needs, including spices, oil, potatoes and (not sure why) quail eggs.


Team Bri: They want to impress and think outside of the box and Krissi decides to make pasta from scratch. Surprisingly, it worked out. The final outcome was Braised rabbit ragu with sauteed mushroom served over qual egg pasta. While plating, Bri accidentally dropped one plate and they had to quickly rearrange the servings. The feedback on the pasta alone was great, as well as the rabbit being delicious (hard to do in general, let alone in the wild) but it was a tad under-seasoned.
Team Nat: They stayed up well into the night without an idea. Eventually they decided on slow roasted pigeon with risotto and honey glazed baby carrots. They get praised for the pigeon, which was cooked by Eddie.


In another new twist, the opposing team chooses who is safe from elimination. After a lot of deliberation, they choose Krissi, based on the belief they can beat her. She, however, thinks she can kick their butts either way (whatever that means…).

Make six perfect eclairs.

Jessie is technical and methodical, Bri has poor time management (again) and Jordan gets his in the oven too late. Jordan also made a rookie move by dipping them in chocolate first, which makes it messier and harder to deal with. Bri barely makes it but knows that hers aren’t cooked correctly.

Bri: Visually they look flat, barely any creme, undercooked pastry (Gordon); They don’t like the same across the board, falls apart, not consistent (Graham); Can see it is raw without tasting, it’s soggy (Joe).
Jordan: They seems to be all the same size, holds up better than Bri’s, filling is too sweet when mixed with the chocolate (Graham); Was piped when it was too hot and it is too sweet (Gordon).
Jessie: They’re kind of flat and the felling didn’t reach fill the entire pastry which is actually cooked, the filling is bitter (Joe); The filling is only on the sides and the pastry is split down the middle (Gordon).

Jordan was saved first, acknowledged for being the best out of all three. Jessie is told she is now considered a top three contender. Bri is given the usual “keep up the good work, you’re meant to do this” speech.

So what do you think? Is Jessie really a top 3 contender? Did the right person go home? Leave your two cents below!

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