Suits – Recap & Review – I Want You to Want Me

photo: usa

photo: usa

I Want You to Want Me

Original Air Date: Jul 23, 2013

Wyner C – Associate Staff Writer

When is it time to forgive (but never forget)? Remember, never forget. In arguments, past indiscretions are powerful ammo (as everyone who is in a successful relationship can tell you, please don’t take my advice!). I use past improprieties like Obama uses drones – watch out. Being truly sorry can help mend relationships but it depends on how forgiving the wronged party feels. Let’s see if Harvey is feeling like a governor and willing to pardon a poor soul.

Harvey’s relationship with Jessica just isn’t the same. He’s planning a coup and she wants to repair their bond. In order to beat Cameron and start the mending process, Jessica is working with Harvey on the Hessington case. It’s good the dream team from Pearson Darby is working for Ava because she’s in deep manure. Pornstache has a video, sans sound, of her bribing an official and that’s never good news. Of course, if there’s no sound, the briefcase of money can be spun, by competent lawyers, into $$ for candy.

Since there are only three people in the video (Ava, Official and Ava’s protégé, Nick), Harvey and Jessica deduces Pornstache has Nick in his pocket. Ava wants to bribe Nick with a promotion and a raise to stop him from testifying. She just doesn’t learn – a leopard cannot change its spots. Good thing Harvey’s there to talk some sense into her. He stops her foolishness.

The Pretty visits Nick and tells him this is a mistake – a decision he’ll regret. Nick obviously cares about Ava but Pornstache has him running scared. At the deposition, Harvey and Jessica hits hard. They make it seem Nick is making up a bribery story because he would benefit from the charges against Ava – he’s next in line to head the company if she goes to jail.

After that performance from The Dream Team, the higher power demands Pornstache to make a deal. It’s essentially the same deal Harvey wanted except instead of pleading “No Contest,” Ava will plead “Guilty”. Geraldo sees this as a victory. Jessica persuades a reluctant Harvey to take the deal – Darby will see this as a win. Oh, and Harvey is still planning to take down Jessica; a decision cemented when she says she wouldn’t do anything differently if she had another chance. No remorse, no Managing Partner for you!!!

In the Harvey/Mike front, Mike is really sorry. He grovels and apologizes but Harvey is a jaded man. Still a hopeful fool? Louis. After losing the associates, Jessica gives him the pick of the litter to mentor. Guess who he wants? Puppy. The Beaver follows associate poaching etiquette by asking Harvey for permission – which Harvey gives.

This leads to Beaver really work it. He and Mike are on an imminent domain case – where lawyers never win because if the government want their grubby hands on your property: too bad so sad. Beaver and Puppy work well together – something Louis points out: he works with his associates, not the associates working for him. Beaver even introduces Puppy to mudding!! Now I know what that entails and am totally grossed out.

They win the case, of course, when they revalue the property to make the government project unworthy. Louis tells Mike that he loves the law while Harvey likes to impose his will onto people. Mike is a mixture of Louis and Harvey – Puppy had time with Peacock and now it’s time to learn from Beaver. I say a pretty compelling argument.

Mike agrees to be Louis’ associate after finding out Harvey okayed it. Puppy is pissed because he’s sorry but after hearing Harvey list all the things he’s done for Mike and then getting betrayed – I understand Harvey’s hurt. Just as Mike announces to Louis his acceptance, Harvey forgives Puppy. The Pretty thought about Ava: she said she’ll miss Nick even though he betrayed her – Harvey understands. Then Donna asks Harvey if it’s time to forgive Mike. I mean, the dude is really sorry.

So, The Pretty and The Puppy solidify their reunion with an ‘up top’ with no ‘down low’ while Louis is, once again, disappointed. So sad but so happy!! I don’t like it when Mike and Harvey fight.

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. I cannot unsee Louis’ mud covered behind. That image is forever seared into my innocent brain….I’ve been scarred!!!

2. Rachel the f-ing trouble maker. She goes to Donna to ask her to ask Harvey to forgive Mike – because it’s not a law firm but high school. Donna, as honest Donna does, tells her no because she doesn’t believe Mike should be forgiven – he betrayed Harvey who put his career on the line again and again for Mike. Rachel then tells Mike who freaks out because why would you want your girlfriend to ask your boss for forgiveness? I mean, totally understandable, no?

She gets mad and tells Mike that Harvey gave him away to Louis. When bitch-face finds out Harvey didn’t want her involved in Mike’s lies she takes it as an insult that she’s not trustworthy. Maybe it’s that high horse you’re always on? She all Me-Me-Me!!! Mike, Harvey, Donna and Jessica can get into major trouble if Rachel decides to blab – they’re trying to minimize the number of people knowing – not all about you Rachel. Unfortunately, she makes up with Mike. Rachel was really mean to Donna and needs to get her ass kicked for messing with awesome Donna.

3. I was sad for Louis having to throw away his celebration “Welcome to Team Litt” cake. Poor Louis!! I guess this makes up for having to see him half naked in mud. Dude, mud and Louis and on MY TV. Please, never again. Also, I guess Mike was just not that into Louis….

4. Donna is all for the coup Harvey is planning – she just wants her own office. Word. I want one too.

5. When Louis was giving his farewell speech to the associates, he was the most uncomfortable person evah!! Especially when he pointed to a random dude and said “no more laughter”. Dude was like, what the heck are you talking about? I never laughed with you?!! At you, maybe, with you, no.

6. This had to be the best exchange of the episode:
Louis: It has to be consensual. Not like Sally Jones at senior prom.
Harvey: Wait a second, did you just admit to a crime?
Louis: No, a crime was committed upon me.
Harvey: Ok, I don’t want to but I have to. What crime?
Louis: My mom felt bad for Sally so she forced me to take her.
Harvey: What was so bad about her?
Louis: She had four nipples.
Harvey: Ok, if that date was so bad, how did you find that out?!!
~ Word!! I was wondering the same thing!! Also, these two are great actors – awesome scene, great chemistry. More please!!

So Mike is going back to where he belongs. Doesn’t it all feel better now that they’ve made up and high-fived? I love a forgiving Harvey!! What did you think of the episode? It made me feel sorry for Louis who is a nice guy at heart and it made me happy for Mike/Harvey. Can’t they have a ménage a trois in a non-sexual way?!! They would make a great team!! I wonder if one day it will be Specter Litt! What do you think of the dynamic duo back together? Do you hate Rachel as much as me? We haven’t seen the last of Pornstache, right? Discuss away!!!

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5 Responses to Suits – Recap & Review – I Want You to Want Me

  1. MDY says:

    Thanks for the recap. Yes, I hate Rachel as much (if not more) than you! What a horrible character.

  2. Amonymous says:

    I actually thought the Donna/Rachel relationship was well written in this episode. Loyalty vs. friendship always makes for interesting drama. I can see where both are coming from, but Rachel has a right to be a little bit upset.

    Anyway, another magnificent 40 minutes of Suits this week. I love this show.

  3. I felt so bad for Louis! i seriously shed a tear, I hope this doesn’t send him into revenge mode. I was really hoping Harvey would have to work a little bit to get Mike, but I also was really interested to see the Mike/Louis friendship progress in all its awkwardness. I still like Rachel, she has every right to be upset, although I understand Donna’s loyalties. Glad this season is shaping up nicely so far!

  4. Riamo says:

    I kinda thought they botched what could have been a better ending. Mike never actually told louis he accepted, they had the buddy buddy thing going, and louis ran out before they could confirm the acceptance. I think it would have been better if harvey stopped in front of the door and was able to over hear mike actually reject louis. by telling him how he enjoyed his time with louis but how he had to decline in order to prove to harvey of his loyalty. I kinda hated that mike had to once again stab louis in the heart, harvey had to drop his guard (more than he did in mikes dream) and ask for him back in such a way, and that mikes reaction was a bit ho hum.

    It would have been nicer for mike to endure and reject louis as a means of demonstrating his self sacrifice and loyalty, for harvey to take mike back in a harvey way; by giving him a shit load of work (not telling him he gets the day off to spend with his gf) and when mike complains about it harvey can say something like “im not giving you a ton of work…im trusting you with it mike..” and when harvey leaves the room mike does some fist pump or something acknowledging he understands what just went down.

    Ah well, it was a great episode still, and im sure it was done so louis can become sort of the antagonist to harvey (his associate is probably going to end up being katrina…)

  5. I feel sorry for Louis. He’s a nice guy. I hope Harvey will treat him well.

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