Covert Affairs – Recap & Review – Dig for Fire

photo: usa

photo: usa

Covert Affairs
Dig for Fire

Original Air Date: Jul 23, 2013

Brianna – TwoCents Reviewer
We get closer to figuring out what Henry is playing at, and some secrets come out in an episode filled with plenty of delightful twists and turns.

The episode opens on a very familiar scene that put Annie in a somewhat similar situation she found herself in a season ago. Luckily for Annie and for the man who broke in, she recognized him, as Arthur, the intruder, just stands in her kitchen seemingly ready to shed some light on what is going on.

Arthur tells Annie the story of Teo’s mom, who we learn was a woman named Ana Sophia. He met her just as he got out of Annapolis on his first overseas tour. It took a very Romeo and Juliet-esque turn as her parents forbade her to see him but still got to sneak in some time with this family he had, Ana Sophia and Teo. Once she died though, he never saw his son again, only recently trying to make amends in the ways he thought he could help. This story made me feel kind of sorry for Arthur because he’s really just trying to make it okay and build a relationship with his son but, I’m still kind of iffy on the execution of said plan to make it all right.

Annie then meets with Henry and sets the bait, joining what I’m designating as team Arthur, which made for some entertaining sleuthing throughout the episode. She tails him and in what could only be considered a very “Annie” move, follows him into a fairly small subway car. She continues to follow him at an unnervingly small distance into an office of a company called Solstar Oil with a connection to pipeline bombing and Teo. In an attempt to get more information sets out to wiretap Solstar Oil to find out Henry’s connection.

And, hooray for somewhat realistic wiretapping results! Auggie, Annie and Arthur try to find out who the mysterious second voice is on the recording only to find later that it was Seth Newman. Determined to find the files connecting him to Solstar and whatever Henry is planning, Annie breaks in while he’s supposed to be out with Joan at dinner, emphasis on supposed to. A few tense, quiet moments pass with Annie hiding as he comes in, he busts down a closet door and finds her there. After an intense knockout drag out fight between the two that led them all the way to a bridge, Newman meets his watery end, along with the package he had put in his jacket.

Meanwhile, Joan’s secret doesn’t remain that way as she rushes into the same bathroom Annie was in on her way to her polygraph. I loved how the entire episode, it was presumed Joan was in the dark about Arthur’s lie until she just comes right to his hotel room and Bam! She just slaps him. So, obviously Arthur’s plan to keep Joan away from the mess he created failed miserably as she put everything together and finds out the truth about Arthur’s son. As she angrily rushes off to the bathroom to throw up again after he tells her the truth (or what we know of it), she just drops the pregnancy bomb on Arthur.

All the while, we got some simultaneously adorable and steamy Annie/Auggie scenes. “We’re not them. We don’t have to fall into those traps,” Annie said when they talk about Arthur and Joan. Not to mention the fight aftermath scene that had Auggie helping Annie clean up and distract her by sticking tape on her forehead. So absolutely adorable.

I know I shouldn’t have expected a boat load of questions answered but, when Arthur asked Auggie if he was sure he wanted Annie read in on ALL of it, it had me really wondering. What more could there be? Seriously, though.

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