True Blood– Recap & Review — Don’t You Feel Me?

photo: hbo

photo: hbo

True Blood
Don’t You Feel Me?

Original Air Date: July 21, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley —Sr. Staff Writer

All season long we’ve been promised the death of a regular and tonight, it finally happened. And, as showrunner Brian Buckner promised at Comic-Con to pare down the cast, we may have a few more this season. The main character wasn’t the only character to kick the bucket in this episode.

We began with Sookie being drowned by her father, who has possessed Lafayette. Bilith feels it (and he acts like he doesn’t love her anymore – right), but sends Barlow to save her as the fairy vamp can go in the light. Bill calls Barlow back, making him vomit, but Sookie takes him to her fairy sanctuary where he’s safe. Very safe. But we’ll get back to these two lovers-haters in a sec.

Remember how the Gov had set Eric and Pam against each other at Camp Vamp? They flew up in the air (cool effect, didn’t know Pam could also fly) and seem to make a plan with their eyes. A few seconds later, they had killed the guards and the Gov gave in, but not for long. Then he rolled Nora to Eric’s cage so he could watch her injected with a yellow liquid that would give her the Hep-V virus, fatal to vamps.

Meanwhile, Jason is trying to get Jessica out and pose as a vamp hater. Sarah finds him in the camp and they act like they don’t know each other, but she’s not happy. To get back at him, she has him watch the sex experiments, but they bring in Jessica. Jason is visibly upset, but can’t blow his cover. In the end, Sarah, like the Gov, gives in and Jessica goes back to her cage.

Eric breaks Nora out of her restraints, gets Willa to help them and goes to rescue Pam, Tara and Jessica. They find a door to the True Blood facility and recognize the yellow liquid being squirted into every bottle.

Bilith gets desperate and has the doctor bleed him to almost true death so he can talk to Litllith, who gives him riddles. When he comes to, he drinks Barlow’s blood so he can walk in the light. He finds the Gov in a garden, gets shot (but of course, doesn’t die) and makes the Gov’s guards shoot each other. (Nice parlor trick). Bilith has just figured out that Jessica is at the camp so his vision is coming true, and the camp is at the True Blood facility. After that, he takes off the Gov’s head. Yikes!

A few stories got wrapped up with the episode. Alcide’s dad realized Sam, Nicole and Emma are in the same hotel, but he waits until after a tryst with a hooker to call his son. Alcide gets the scent, but it’s too late. Sam has given Emma back to her grandmother under the condition they never have anything to do with the pack again. Alcide says Nicole and Sam should leave town and never come back.

Andy and No. 4 get some good time together and she finally gets a name, plus the names they come up for her three dead sisters — Adelynn Braelynn Charlaine Danica. Of course, the Charlaine is an inside joke as Charlaine Harris is the author of the Sookie Stackhouse books.

Then there’s Terry. When he gives a safe deposit key to Lafayette, people worry he may be getting ready to kill himself. But we know that he’s asked a Marine friend to kill him. Arlene finds a vamp to erase the memory of ever being in the Marines, which means Terry is happier, but doesn’t remember that he made the deal with his Marine buddy. So when he goes to empty the trash at Merlotte’s, we’re ready for the sound of the shot. He bleeds out quickly in Arlene’s arms. Sad, sad, sad… but at the same time, we’re happy that storyline is kaput!

Barlow feels night coming and asks Sookie to tie him up. She does more than that, stripping off her clothes and explaining she has some strange attraction to him. He takes some of her blood and she also tastes his. When they have sex, they both glow. Weird.

Should we expect more deaths? What’s in Terry’s safety deposit box? Is Sookie really interested in Barlow or is this another game? Give us your TwoCents…

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