HGTV Star– Recap & Review – Finale

photo: hgtv

photo: hgtv


Original Air Date: Jul 21, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley —Sr. Staff Writer

We have a new HGTV Star and I have to say, it was really close between two of the three remaining finalists. But the winner is….

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The finalists had quite a challenge. They had to design a luxury suite in a Palm Springs hotel. They began at about 1,600-square feet (my first house was 1,800!) that was stripped down to the basics (the bedroom was a separate room). They had three days, a carpenter and the help of past contestants from the season. The head of the hotel asked for designs that would appeal to families and conference goers, complete with a living room, dining room, media area and bedroom.

Brooks got Anne and Tylor, Tiffany received assistance from Boris and Tobin and Jeribai’s team consisted of Cris, Jessie and Abby (he had more help because his space was a little bigger).

BROOKS seemed to forget what the hotel wanted and went for a “French Versailles” theme that was over the top and too dark; Lots of saturated colors, crazy pieces (his signature) and gold molding on deep blue walls. There were parts people liked, such as the inviting entrance and stylish bar area, but Vern compared the striped wallpaper in the bedroom, the cluttered rooms and the opulent molding to “a circus gone crazy.” Surprisingly, Brooks practiced for his camera challenge and did fairly well.

TIFFANY’s colors were light and playful to match her almost whimsical styling of the room. She had the carpenter build a faux fireplace that anchored the room very well (the judges called it “very Palm Springs”). She also had two sitting areas, a dining room and an art wall. But she made a mistake we’ve seen time after time on this show: she bought a dining room table too big for the door. Still, by taking it apart, her crew got it in the room. The judges only criticized her generic dining room table and a jute rug in the bedroom. Of course, Tiffany’s camera challenge went well as this is her strength.

JERIBAI freaked out because his space had a huge bookshelf and accessorizing is his weakness. But he selected light, elegant paint and wallpaper in the living area. The dark purple wallpaper in the bedroom might seem a harsh choice, but the way he made it feel cozy and posh. The orange sofa in the living room wouldn’t have worked except the way he made it anchor the space. They liked how he accessorized the bookshelf. He did leave an area in the middle wide open, which felt like a mistake. The judges missed the high energy of his appearance on The View and that may want did him in.

So another season of HGTV Star is done. Did your favorite win? Did you enjoy seeing the other contestants return? Do you think Tiffany will make a good host? Give us your TwoCents….

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