Falling Skies– Recap & Review – Strange Brew

photo: tnt

photo: tnt

Falling Skies
Strange Brew

Original Air Date: Jul 21, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley —Sr. Staff Writer

At Comic-Con, the producers showed a jaw-dropping moment in the show that had everyone in the audience gasping. But they were only fooling us. It wasn’t real. And that was the theme of this heart-breaking episode.

Tom wakes up in his bed, clean shaven with his wife at his side and we immediately know something’s going on. Is it a flashback? He goes to the university, where he sees people from his life, but they’re played by characters from the 2nd Mass. Pope is a philosophy professor, Weaver is a homeless man, Lourdes is his assistant and Maggie is a student in his class.

But they keep referring to a tryst he’s planned with Anne Glass, a name he doesn’t know. They’re going to one of four cities — Jacksonville, Boston, New York or Chicago. He’s asked over and over by the different characters where they’re going. It takes a while, but Tom figures out that this isn’t reality. That’s when he wakes in an alien ship with Karen pressuring him to tell where the Volm weapon is directed.

Then Weaver and the troops break in, Tom gets a gun and shoots Karen in the forehead. It’s the clip from Comic-Con and it’s a shocker. Then Tom wakes back in Charleston after being out two days. He runs to the war room where he’s asked to get the map for the attack and he’s given a choice — Jacksonville, Boston, New York or Chicago. He’s still in a dream. He kills Weaver to vent his anger.

Karen takes him out on a ledge of the ship and Tom grabs the Skitter, pulling them both off the ledge. And Tom is finally free. Karen shows him that they’ve killed Anne and Alexis (they’re in some sort of rubber bubble) and the grid goes operational.

Meanwhile in the real world, the suspicion has turned to Marina. Weaver and Pope wonder if they’ll have to take over, but Marina convinces Weaver that they need to stick together.

Back to Tom’s old life (a dream, a flashback?) where he tells his wife how much he loves her. It’s a sad look at what his life would have been had the Fish Heads not attacked. It’s what this series is really all about. But what, once again, is real and what is not?

Did you think Karen was dead? Is Tom still being held captive or is he free? Are Anne and Alexis dead? Give us your TwoCents…

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