Dexter – Recap & Review – Scar Tissue

photo: showtime

photo: showtime

Scar Tissue

Original Air Date: Jul 21, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

The final season may have the Brain Surgeon as the big bad, but let’s face it, there’s really no story that is having as much impact as the fractured Dexter/Debra relationship. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that anything to do with Miami’s crime rate pales in comparison.

Back in season one, when Deb was a vice cop struggling to prove her merit, her self-image was always wrapped up in Dexter’s perception of her. We’ve watched Deb find, and now lose, her way, but her evolution helped show her how to stand on her own. Until she was sucked into the abyss of her brother’s Dark Passenger, Deb had finally come into her own.

Now, of course, she’s become a PTSD mess. And Vogel has taken it upon herself to right what is wrong in Deb’s psyche. By forcing her to relive LaGuerta’s death in the shipping container, she gets Deb to admit that, even if she had it to do over, she’d do the same thing. Vogel is also housing Deb, keeping her off drink and drugs so she can no longer numb her pain. She’s also trying to teach her manners, as “ass off the table” is an instant classic. Vogel repeatedly reminds Deb that she is a good person, in a horrible situation. To further prove her point, she shows Deb video of Harry talking about Dexter’s urge to kill, setting up a kill room, and how distraught it had made him.

Meanwhile, Dexter is busy tracking another ex-Vogel patient, A.J. Yates (played by Aaron McCusker). Yates was institutionalized at a young age, but is now out and about among society, working as a cable bundler. Dexter follows him and finds out that Yates has a large cranial scar, similar to the dissection of the Brain Surgeon’s victims. He snoops in Yates’ house and comes across a large collection of women’s shoes. He fingerprints them to see if he can find out whom they belong to while calling Vogel to report his findings. He’s almost caught by an eavesdropping Yates, who has a hidden room, video surveillance, and a woman chained to a cage. Apparently all of Vogel’s former patients are total nut jobs.

He’s a bit distracted, because Vogel is keeping him and Deb apart. Vogel insists that he needs Deb to show him his good side, but Deb may not need him in return. Dexter is still processing all of this when he returns to Yates’ home. Yates and his shoes are gone, but Dexter discovers the secret room, mappings of brain surgery, surveillance video, and the formerly chained woman stabbed in a tool chest. He surmises that Yates is the Brain Surgeon. He secretly drops the woman at a hospital and has Vogel meet him back at the house. They’re discussing Yates , when Dexter spies copies of Vogel’s files on his computer. He peruses them and finds that Vogel has been keeping a journal of all of her dealings with Dexter, including the observation that his familial feelings for Deb are delusions. Dexter is enraged, demanding to know if he’s just another case for a book. And he also wonders if keeping Deb away is really just a ruse to keep him isolated so Vogel can manipulate him. He decides that after the case is done, so is his interaction with Vogel. And while we didn’t get conclusive answers to his questions, I applaud him for asking what viewers have been wondering for weeks.

Meanwhile Deb has realized that if Vogel had one video of Harry, there were probably more. She rummages through Vogel’s office, finding another session where Harry is despondent over Dexter having killed and dismembered someone. Harry seemingly cannot live with what he has created. Deb goes to Miami Metro to see Dexter, running into Quinn along the way. Quinn engages her to see if she still has feelings, but after apologizing for her recent behavior, she says she wants him to be happy with Jamie.

Dexter sees her and is elated when she expresses an interest in talking to him. Deb asks to go for a ride, and while Dexter drives, she asks him if he saw Vogel’s videos of Harry. Dexter replies in the affirmative, so Deb queries him to see if Harry killed himself. He tells her the truth (previously learned from Matthews), yes, by an overdose of heart medicine because he couldn’t live with the monster he created. Deb empathizes, saying Harry got it half right… and with that… SHE GRABS THE STEERING WHEEL AND SWERVES THE CAR INTO A NEARBY BODY OF WATER.

Yep, Deb attempted to kill herself and Dexter. A nearby man sees the car go into the water and swims over and rescues Deb before the car submerges. He gets her to land, where she watches the car go under with an unconscious Dexter. I’m not sure what got her conscious going, maybe it was knowing she’d leave Harrison an orphan, or knowing she couldn’t live with killing her brother, but Deb swims out to the submerged car and after a moment, emerges with Dexter, saving her brother’s life. Next week should be really interesting!

Elsewhere, Quinn passed the sergeant’s exam (first time he was ever happy to have a positive test result). He scored in the 85th percentile, but Angie Miller (seriously, I could never remember her name) scored in the 88th. And while it’s Batista’s decision, it’s clear whom Matthews wants him to select for promotion (hint: not Quinn). Jamie continues to be jealous of Quinn’s resurfacing Deb feelings. Masuka learned not to hit on every pretty girl, because Nikki (played by Dora Madison Burge) turns out to be his daughter via sperm donation. And Jamie tries to make a love connection between Dexter and his neighbor from 4B, Cassie. I think Dexter is a little busy to be dating.

And there’s my TwoCents! Share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below!


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3 Responses to Dexter – Recap & Review – Scar Tissue

  1. I am wondering if Harry killed himself,or did Vogel, the Dr, poison him? And if/when Hannah reappears, will Dexter die the same way?

  2. Shar says:

    Next week’s preview has me wondering if Dexter has changed his opinion of Deb. He seems pissed!
    I think Vogel is the brain surgeon, and is manipulating Dexter into killing off her former patients.

  3. I’m back. after rewatching… Masuka and his daughter’s laugh was my fav!

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