Comic-Con 2013 – More Surprises For Falling Skies Fans

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Comic-Con 2013
More Surprises for Falling Skies Fans

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

Last week’s Falling Skies provided a jaw-breaking moment. Tonight’s episode will be no different. Those who attended the Comic-Con Falling Skies panel got a sneak peek and it is amazing.

DO NOT read further if you don’t want to see a big spoiler.

The clip showed a scene with Karen and Tom in some sort of alien environment. Karen has the upper hand, threatening to kill Tom and he’s says: “Then see you in hell.” She whispers back: “This is hell.”

But soon Weaver storms the gate and the humans gain control. Tom puts a gun to Karen’s head and demands to know where Anne and Alexis are. She says she really doesn’t know. “Then you’re no further use to me” he screams and shoots her at point-blank in the head!!!!

Is she really dead? Well, you know TV. It could be a dream sequence or perhaps she can’t be killed or it could be real. We’ll just have to wait and see. And we’re not even at the end of the season. (Two left after today!)

The rest of the panel gave some interesting insights to the show. For instance, a fan asked if Anne’s pregnancy was written because Moon Bloodgood had her own bun in the oven. Producer Remi Aubuchon said they had thought of the idea first, but her pregnancy pushed it up in the timeline. Noah Wylie recalls his feelings during the birth scene, filmed when Bloodgood was still pregnant.

“My line was ‘Push, push,” but in my head I thought, ‘don’t really push,’” he said, laughing. Bloodgood agreed. “I was scared that I really would go into labor. But then I had to disappear by alien kidnapping so I could go on maternity leave.”

Aubuchon said they’re not sure about the baby’s future. “We’re still deciding if it’s full alien, part alien or not a baby at all.” (oooh!)

Speaking of love, moderator Wil Wheaton asked Will Patton about the hinted romance between Mariana and Weaver. Is Weaver even capable of being romantic? “Hell yes!” he answered. “It may take a while. His heart has hardened a bit. He has some armor on him.”

A fan asked the actors to say how they imagined their characters dying. Wylie said he wanted Tom to die as an old man, Bloodgood wants Anne to perish in battle, Patton sees Weaver going after a wild bender, Conner Jessup wants Ben to kick the can in the last episode after saving everyone, and Sarah Connor sees Maggie dying in her man’s arms. Best of all, Doug Jones imagines Chochise, the Volm who has spent his life battling the Fish Heads, going in the throes of passion with Mrs. Chochise. Jessup mentioned that since there is only one Volm costume (not true) that Jones would have to play both Chochise and his lady!

To cap off the panel, a fan complained that the 10-episode season should be expanded to 13 or 15. Aubuchon said what they already produce is grueling. “Ten seems a compact way to tell a story,” he said. “But I wouldn’t say no to it.”

Will we see any more shockers this season? He said he always plans three per season. So two down, one to go.


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