Comic-Con 2013 – Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

photo: thetwocents

photo: thetwocents

Comic-Con 2013
Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

One of the fun parts of Comic-Con (and there are WAY too many to name) are the signs. Studios, publishers and presenters try to outdo each other this year for signs that shows the way, are decorative or just advertise.

The signs can be near a room, on a bus, covering one side of a skyscraper (as Helix is on Embassy Suites next to the San Diego Convention Center) or over the toilet. You don’t even keep an eye out for them — they can’t be missed.

HBO has always dominated the hallway overhead signs. After years of True Blood getting the most signage, last year the crown was passed to Game of Thrones. But this year, the vamps are back on top.

photo: thetwocents

photo: thetwocents

My favorite this year are the bathroom signs. Thanks to A&E, the bathrooms signs aren’t for Men and Women, but Normans and Normas.

Only trouble: It’s way too easy to read a sign too fast and walk into the wrong bathroom. So if you’re at Comic-Con, be careful!

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