Comic-Con 2013: “Star-Crossed” is for Teens Only

photo: thetwocents

photo: thetwocents

Comic-Con 2013
Star-Crossed is for Teens Only

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

Imagine Romeo and Juliet with humans and aliens and you’d have the new CW show Star-Crossed. But while it should be popular with younger viewers, this paint-by-the-numbers series probably won’t appeal to adults.

The series begins in 2014 when an alien space ship crash lands on earth. Although the leader walks toward the military with his hands up, he is shot. That kind of “they’re treated so unfairly” manipulation is the backbone of the series. A young alien boy runs and ends up in the shed of Emry, a young girl with cancer. She takes care of him until the military shoots him as well.

Then the events jump 10 years and the boy, Roman, is still alive and one of seven “Atrians” being mainstreamed in a human school. You know he’s going to meet Emry and they’re going to fall in love. There’s even an almost kiss this early on.

Of course the Atrians are ghetto-ized. It’s kind of a “coincidence” that the aliens are completely human looking except for easy to apply splotches on their skin. Because the show is on the CW, you’d think it would focus mostly on the romance, but at Comic-Con Thursday, Producer Josh Applebaum said that’s not been the case (stars Matt Lanter and Aimee Teagarden were also present).

“Actually, CW has asked us to push the mythology,” he said. “That really surprised us.”

The producers promised that that mythology includes alien powers, secrets and the possibility that the crash may not have been an accident.

“We move fast in a good way,” he added. “”We’re starting to give answers right away, but bringing up new questions as well.”

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